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The SistrumThe name Kemetic comes from ancient Egypt’s name for itself- Kemet, which is often translated as “Black Land” or “Black Hills”. It’s commonly believed that this refers to the black life giving silt that the Nile would deposit every year into Egypt’s fields.

Kemeticism is, more or less, a movement to revive the religions of ancient Egypt- with the gods of ancient Egypt being the main focus. There are various flavors of Kemeticism- some which rely solely upon ancient practices, and others that use virtually nothing from the past. But in the end, the main connecting point for the different sects is the focus on Netjer- the gods.

I personally feel that the main focus of Kemeticism is to live your life within ma’at- which is commonly translated as truth, justice, honor or balance. Ma’at is both a concept, and a goddess. As a goddess, She weighs your heart in the Hall of Two Truths against her feather. If it balances out, it means you get a happy afterlife, more or less. And if it doesn’t, well your heart gets fed to Ammut and you cease to exist. As a concept, ma’at is a lot less tangible. More often than not, it is used as honesty and justice, but to many it’s a lot more obscure. In the end, ma’at means something different for everyone and gets applied differently in each situation or circumstance. While worshiping the gods is important, I feel the main focus for Kemetics is to live a good life. To make a positive impact on the world around you while you’re alive.

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