Kemetic FAQ

There are a lot of questions that get asked frequently in the community. I have tried to gather relevant posts related to the questions that I see pop up most often. If you see any questions that are missed, or know of a good post that should be added, please let me know!

Kemetic Basics:

Falling off of the Kemetic Wagon:

Kemetic Calendars, Holidays, Rites and Rituals:

Offerings in Kemeticism:

Shrines, Altars and Devotional Spaces:

Working with the Gods, Developing Deity Communication:

Syncretization and Squishy Polytheism:

Heka and Execrations:

A/pep, Isfet and Ma’at:

Akhu & Blessed Dead:

Kemeticism, Duat and the Afterlife:

Egyptian Ideas Regarding Soul Structure:

Books and Reading Recommendation Lists:

Books and Resources for Learning About Various NTRW:

Egyptian Mythology Recommendations: 

Book Recommendations for Learning Hieroglyphics:

Free Online Reading:

Terminology, Linguistics and Pronunciation:

Astral and Unseen Relations (both gods and spirits):


Shadow Work Information Posts:

Other Kemetic Resource Lists:


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