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Wep Ronpet 2012

This past weekend my household celebrated Wep Ronpet. Although KO’s calendar stated it would be on the third, for some reason, I kept thinking the fourth. So, I decided to just go with it. At least this way I’d be able to celebrate on the weekend, instead of while at work.

The day was filled with lots of cleaning. I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I cleaned my shrines, my statues… just about anything I could get my hands on. Clean clean clean.

I then decided to do some execrations via red pots.

Supplies for red pot execrations

Home Depot carries some small terra cotta pots for about .98 a piece. I didn’t want to search for red specifically, so we opted to paint ours with some acrylics laying around the house. We decided to take red sharpies and write all of the things we wanted to execrate onto the pot. Then, I decided to scribble over everything I wrote- just letting my anger and frustration out, along with any negative emotions I had stored up. We then painted our pots red and spat in them.

After the pots have been filled with negativity.

And after that, we smashed them. I stepped on mine until they were tiny tiny tiny little pieces. I had placed mine in a bag- but managed to tear the bag quite a bit. However, it felt really good. And truth be told, I could have gone for smashing 10 or so more pots.

I also finished up my work with my amulet that had been charging all week. I don’t currently have a chain for it (it’s in the mail) so for now, it’s sitting safely in the bottom drawer of my shrine.

After we did all of that, we went out to eat and enjoyed a nice meal together. Pretty much every holiday needs a good meal.

The gods got a large meal, too.

The day after Wep Ronpet we decided to go the bath route (as per what I’ve seen Tamara Siuda say in the past- the day after WR is good for baths, I believe? You can see some of the bath mixes that she sells here), for more purifications. So we got a bath bomb from Lush and soaked in the wonderful aroma that it created.

It’s called Twilight. Not related to vampires.

We are now ready to tackle the new year 🙂

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