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Devo Magix: Focusing and Visualization

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of my Magix techniques involve a lot of focusing on stuff. I know that many people have issues with focusing well, as most of us have tons of little voices running around in our heads reminding us about what we need to do for dinner, about that dry cleaning we missed, the tv shows that will be on tonight, or that project we’re shluffing off to go watch tv. All of these little voices can make it a challenge to focus on a clean house or blocking out bad stuff. So how does one combat this?

Now, I have no clue how to defeat the mind goblins forever. Making your mind perfectly still at any time or for all time is not something I can do myself, let alone teach someone else. However, I want this guide to be helpful for while you are doing your magix. Being able to still your mind or get your mind to focus on what is going on right now, or what you need your magix to do is key. Hopefully some of the ideas presented here will help you to create stronger magix.

One of the easiest ways to get myself to focus is to give my brain something to chew on. If I don’t have enough ability to think something repeatedly (Bring me more money, bring me more money), I will say it out loud (“BRING ME MORE MONEY. BRING ME MORE MONEY”). If saying it out loud doesn’t help, perhaps listening to a song about your situation will help you to keep focus (Money? How about this one? Or this one?). Music is extremely powerful. It can evoke emotions, times, memories, thoughts- don’t underestimate the usefulness music can have in magix.

But what if you need to be quiet? Or you can’t hear well? What if you can’t find a song that fits your needs, or you want to include more senses in the mix? How about using your eyeballs? Can’t visualize an energy ball around you? How about staring at these while you work on barrier creation:

If you’re not good at visualizing money (heh), then you could do a google search for money, and maybe stare at those images while you create your magix:

There is a whole section of magix called “dream boarding” that does nothing but involve you cutting out images of things you want, and pasting them to a board. You then look at this board daily, and through it’s magical powers, it brings those items to you. So technically, by printing out or using images to help you visualize and focus while doing your magix, you are technically making an even stronger spell or desire.

And don’t forget to get creative in your visualizing. Barriers involve safety. So you could go the “I’m in a sphere” route, or you could pull up images of locks (locking bad stuff out), spikes (death to things that try to enter), someone being calm (being safe usually means calmness), or one of those commercials for ADT or something. The more levels you can evoke, the stronger the visualization and the magix become.

But Devo! What if I can’t get to the internetz when I’m trying to visualize these things? What then!?

It happens to all of us. Shit hits the fan at 1am, and we don’t want to drag out the laptop. Or we’re in the middle of an emergency, and there is no way or time to pull up pictures to help us with our magix. So what then? Well, I say use what’s around you! If you need a verbal or auditory cue, chanting and speaking or singing your favorite song can help. Rely on your mp3 player or your memory for some music to help you focus. If you need a visual cue, get creative! Here are some examples that come to mind:

For all of the following examples, this owl is me (or you):


So let’s say you’re having issues visualizing that barrier. Well let’s use some simple household items to see ourselves in said barrier:

Me in a barrier.

That works. But maybe you want something more protective, like 2 barriers with differing shapes. What then?

That’s better…

See how this works? Well what if you decide that clear is too, well, see through. And you feel vulnerable. No worries! Just find something else that suits your needs:


Maybe you’re worried about things coming up from the ground? We can solve that.

Reflections :3

Okay, so maybe you are more worried about your house. Here is a basic visual to help with that:

No “yo momma so fat” jokes.

And here is me in my house with a barrier over the top:

I know the bowl isn’t see through. That can be good or bad.

And here is me in my house with a barrier on top and a barrier underneath (for when you live on the second floor):

There is a plate under there, I promise.

All of these things can help visualization. All of these things could technically help be representations of the barriers or magix you create- and you could leave them set up in extremely difficult situations, if you needed.

Now, to show some other magix ideas. Say you want some money your way? Or maybe some happies? Well how about this:

Money and happies.

Or when money and happy would both be helpful:

Both, please.

I know it looks hokey at first- but building up visualization is something that takes time. And I firmly believe that any sort of visual or auditory cues that you can come up with will help your magix become stronger and more effective. And if you are able to layer the different forms of focusing and visualization, it will help even more. Eventually, you’ll get used to seeing these visualizations that it will be easy to picture what you want without the physical cues.

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