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Dream Journal: Gunshot in the Chamber

I had a dream a few nights ago. I was debating if I should put it up here or not, as I wasn’t sure if it was important at all. Well, it’s still bothering me, so I’m putting it up here for my records.

windows like this.

I was in a room… a very very large room. It was long and rectangular, and probably as large as my apartment in some ways. I was standing towards the back of the room, and you could see a grouping of large windows to my right. They had a type of metal lattice on them. Directly across from me, at the far end of the room was a door. You could see railing outside- so there must have been stairs, and a lower level beneath that. So a very large building with two floors.

There were two men in the room with me. The main character of this dream had shoulder length brown hair. It had a slight curl to it. He was in his underwear… of some earlier period or another. He was talking with some other guy. The man, who I didn’t see, was giving the main character information… stuff that he had promised to give to someone else, or information that someone else was demanding and he was refusing to comply. Something with information being given… when it might not be safe to do so. The main character takes these documents and places them in some sort of holster or belt that wraps around his thigh. Apparently, this would be hidden while he was dressed. I remember he was in the process of putting waist area garments on.. belts and such. There is one piece that sticks out to me. It was almost like an elastic belt with a ruffle on it… or gathered satin on it. It was golden. My SO theorizes it could have been a part of a codpiece. I have no idea.

Ruffled ribbon was kinda like this.

Apparently, the first guy had left. I’m still standing back in my corner/area. I think that the room was divided a bit, and I was standing at the division. Behind me, it seemed as though it was dark, perhaps a bed was back there, maybe something else all together. I remember I was wearing a dress of some kind. Floor length. Long sleeves that were tight to my forearms. Some type of pointed boot with laces. I don’t remember the dress being overly full at the hips… and it seems there were some layers of lace or other fabric beneath.

Next, there is a knock at the main character’s door. Someone enters, or forces his way in. Suddenly, he has shot our main character- possibly for the information swapped before. I remember at this time I was hiding in the division that was the room. I would look out briefly, and then tuck back in so that I wouldn’t be seen. I don’t know where the assailant went after shooting our guy (in the torso somewhere), but I soon ran out to the doorway and yelled for help. It would seem that the person who wanted the information was down there with a group of people (some trusted, some not), so I was busy trying to get one of the trusted people in before the enemy came up. I remember letting one man in, and shutting and locking the door behind us. We ran over to the body and were trying to get the papers from him before others came in. I still don’t know if he lived or not.

And there it ended. I’m not sure what to make of it, but it sticks out for sure.

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