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Year of Rites: January

So when I first started this challenge I was thinking that I’d do a post after every rite but I realized pretty quickly that I can only say so much before its redundant so I decided that I’m going to start doing monthly recaps unless a rite is particularly involved or has a lot of commentary attached to it.

Rite for Geb

Satsekhem mentioned that she had a holiday for Geb pop up on her calendar, and made a rite for people to follow if they wanted to participate. It was last minute, but I knew I wanted to try and fit it in because I’m a try-hard, and so I worked to try and get everything done in preparation for it. I had been working for the better part of a day trying to get everything written down and all of the offerings in order, and I was about ready to get started when I had a funny image of Geb enter my mind, and I knew I needed to draw him an icon before I started.

(The expression was all him)

This brings me to the fact that it feels weird to do rituals to specific NTR with the generalized “NTRW” icon that I’ve got going. In some cases, when I am struck with the “inspiration”, I may start to make flat icons to use for rituals moving forward. Thereby adding another offering to the offering pile. Plus it means I’ll have an icon for the next time I want to honor them through ritual.

The rite went off without a hitch and there was nothing else of note that happened.

Propitiation of Sekhmet

I had learned from my previous weeks and decided to actually get a fair amount of offerings for this ritual. Because the propitiation of Sekhmet seems to heavily rely on offerings, I felt it made sense to put more effort into the offerings for this situation. This was the rite that felt the weirdest for the lack of proper icon. I had attempted to make one, but I didn’t like how it came out when I painted it, so I need to remake it.

I had originally wanted to dance for her and play music and stuff, but life got in the way and I could only read the rubric and call it a day. Hopefully next month I will be able to add in all of the other elements for a more rounded rite.

Festival of Ptah

Then Sat talked about this week-long festival for Ptah and, of course, I had to jump on board with it. Performing this ritual day after day really cemented for me that I could be more consistent with rituals at this stage in my life, and that I don’t mind doing them regularly. All in all, I’ve been feeling the urge to do rituals every day, and after doing this daily for a week (with the exception of the rite on Sunday, the 27th, because life got too busy and I had nothing to offer by the time I got home,) it feels really weird not to do something at the shrine every day.

I also attempted to make an icon for Ptah, but I hate it. I tried to make a different image, but I disliked that one more, so I returned to the original icon and fussed with it to see if it would ever come around to a state that I prefer, and it has yet to.

For whatever reason, I found myself having the urge to offer Ptah fresh greens from outside, so I did spend a fair amount of days offering him London Rock and Mallow, since both are in full force outside right now. I messed up my potassium in the process, but yolo or something, right?


I put off writing the execration rubric way too long. By this point in the month, depression and exhaustion were high, and this was the first point when I really went “I don’t want to do this today.”

But then I did it anyways.

Petitions were written the morning of the ritual and I folded them into snakes because I had no idea what else to do.

I wasn’t even sure how I was going to destroy these things up until I just up and did it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take them outside to set them on fire (ideal, because I didn’t want smoke in my room) or if I should put them in my brass urn and burn them elsewhere. I didn’t know if I should put the petitions on the shrine’s offering “table”, if I should open the shrine before starting or leave it closed, or whether I should do the initial execration away from the “holy space” that is the shrine.

I started without really having any of these specifics figured out, and it showed. I opted to just do my basic ritual at the shrine, because I didn’t know where else to do it, and I decided halfway through my rite that I would use my brass urn instead of flushing it or just leaving it in the compost bin, etc. So I had to pause in the middle of my rite and un-bury the urn and clean it out just to use it.  And then I just…. opted to just burn it in my room because I’m antisocial and didn’t want to deal with an audience if I decided to burn things in a more public space.

And so my room smelled of smoke for days.

And as you can see, my offering game is still rubbish. As my depression has set in, its become increasingly difficult to force myself to eat, and so its become very hard to figure out what to offer to the gods. Currently, offerings are still the biggest sticking point, and I’m determined to not resort to votive offerings, but its incredibly hard for me (never get disordered eating, kids! it’ll wreck your life!)

He Goes Forth

I was really looking forward to this rite, but it ended up not panning out as well as I had wanted. My schedule this week has been completely upended several ways, and so I didn’t prep for this ritual as much as I would have hoped. But it still went smoothly and I was able to give Wpwt several petitions to listen to. I can only hope my weak offering game won’t be a problem.

I have a very old icon that was given to me by someone. It was originally for Anup, but I’ve always associated it with Wpwt, so I opted to use that, since I wasn’t having an inspiration about any art. And while I feel like Wpwt was listening, he never said anything that I could catch, so I have very little to report on that front.

Upcoming February Rites

I wanted to have a small section where I talk about how February’s Year of Rites is going to go. As everyone knows, I’ve made rubrics for all of the basic rites that we’ll come across throughout the year, and I’ve been on the fence about whether each ritual for each month should be different, or if there would be benefit to repeating a ritual rubric several times throughout the year. Currently, I’ve decided that I’ll be reusing most of the rites from Jan for Feb. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Monthly Ma’at: This rite will be the same, but I will also be crafting my own version of this over here. I’ll be inserting it into the middle of the rite, right after “She exists before you forever”
  • Akhu: The same rite will be performed as January, with additional parts that are specifically tailored to my grandmother.
  • Propitiation: Same rite as January.
  • Execration: I need to make a new rite that doesn’t include Ptah, technically. More to come on this front.

See what others are doing:


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A Shrine for Traveling

I love boxes. Boxes are so useful for holding things ever-so-nicely, and they look nice when they’re all stacked up neatly. I have so many decorative boxes laying around my house just waiting for the right stuff to be placed in them. Some might say that I have a problem, but seriously. I love boxes.

I have been holding onto a box for a long time now. For those of you have been hanging around TTR for a while probably recognize this box. It appeared in my Wep Ronpet 2014 photos, and that’s just how long I’ve been holding onto this box, waiting to give it its purpose.


Unlike a lot of my other boxes, I knew exactly what stuff I wanted to put inside of it, but I was waiting for the spoons to make it happen. As soon as my SO had removed his headphones from this Beats box, I knew that I wanted to turn it into a travel shrine due to its size and obscurity. I just needed to find the energy to put it together.

Originally, I wanted to make a custom image to go inside of this box. I was going to create a scene where these shrine boxes would be painted on the back of the interior, and then I was going to have offering tables on either side of each god’s shrine, and then possibly cap everything off with images of stars, the sky, and the Nun. As pretty and nice as it sounded, two years in waiting, I never once managed to sit down and make it happen.

A few weeks ago I was at a craft store for something else, and I noticed this really nice geometric paper. It looked pretty and struck me as something that could go inside of my travel shrine box. Since I wasn’t getting around to actually making the art that was supposed to go inside, and I couldn’t tell when I’d actually have the energy or desire to make said art, I thought that this paper might be a nice work around. It’s shiny and pretty and looks expensive, so it’ll totally work, right?


I’m actually fairly happy that I didn’t do the artwork that I wanted for this shrine piece. Originally, I had wanted to orient the box to be on it’s side, so that the “wing” you see hanging out on the left in the picture above would actually have been laying flat on the ground, with the drawer being beneath the gods, as opposed to being on the left side. However, I ended up making the drawer a little too tall, and Osiris’ statue didn’t fit in ideally in the original orientation, so I decided to flip things on their side (literally). If I had put all of the effort into the artwork, it would have been a very sad day when I went to put the statues in, and found that they didn’t fit.

The gold back plate is made of nothing but paper that has been cut down to the proper size, and formed into a box. I haven’t permanently adhered it to the interior of the box, as it seems to stay in place fairly well all on its own. The drawer is made similarly- of paper that has been cut down to the proper size and shaped into a box. Originally, this box had a divider that was fairly central, but I trimmed down the edges in order to create the space that you see for the drawer. If I wanted, I could have removed the divider entirely, and utilized the entirety of the interior of the box.


When you first open this travel shrine, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like much of anything. I kept the original headphone holder as a sort of “cap” to place on top of the shrine before I close it. That way, all of the contents are very secure inside, and if someone gets nosy and opens it, they might get disinterested and not bother to look beneath the cap.

Once you remove the cap, you can see that I have fabric in place to keep my statues safe during transit. On the left, I have placed a portable offering tray and ritual rubric inside of the black sleeve. I also have enough room that I could easily put a book of matches, incense, amulets, or other relatively narrow items inside.


Shrine when it’s set up.

To the left of the gods’ naos, I have a drawer where I have stored incense, natron, and some votive offerings. It’s very likely that when I’m out traveling, I’m going to offer actual food and water on actual dishes, but I thought it would be nice to have votive offerings to keep the gods fed while the shrine isn’t in use. Plus, if I ever happen to be in a situation where I don’t have access to these things, I will have backups in place. You can also see in the picture above the small rubric that I’ve made.

Close-up of drawer and its contents

Close-up of drawer and its contents

Originally I had wanted to write the offering formula on the drawer, so that way it would relate to the offerings inside. However, I wasn’t sure about the translations that I was finding, and I was doubly not sure about being able to fit an entire offering formula on the front of such a small drawer. So instead I decided to place ma’at feathers on the front. That way the gods are getting their daily dose of ma’at as well.

Some of the other perks of this setup is that I can easily remove the golden back plate and swap it out for something else if I felt like it. That means that one day, I could actually make the art in the correct proportions, and put that in place if I ever got the spoons to do so. I could also write heka and place it behind the back plate, if I wanted. I could also decorate the outside of the box to include more protective heka, but in this case I’d rather leave the box unassuming in appearance. That way no one gets the inkling to explore its contents. I think that this setup could easily work for a full time shrine on the DL, if you wanted. It would be small, but it would be very discreet.


I’m super happy to finally have a travel shrine that is more formal than what I’ve used in the past. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting to make, but I think it’s turned out nice all the same.


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Worshiping the Whole

One of the great things about Kemeticism is that our gods are kinda squishy. This allows us a lot of wiggle room when it comes to deity interpretation as well as deity worship. Because of the nature of our gods, as well as the religious structures set up in antiquity, we are capable of working with a single NTR, multiple NTRW (whether while separate or merged into one) or all of the NTRW all at once. There are many posts out there about how to work with one or a few gods, but I haven’t seen anything that goes in-depth for honoring all of the gods all at once.

Why honor the NTRW as a whole?

The most well-known instance of people worshiping NTRW as a whole probably comes from Kemetic Orthodoxy. KO recommends that anyone who is new to the temple take a step back from any gods that they are currently venerating, and to consider venerating all of the gods as a whole for a short period of time during the beginners class. This is done to help the devotee open up to the possibility of other NTRW coming forward and forming relationships with the newcomer.

However, there are a lot of other reasons one might choose to worship the NTRW as a whole. The first might be that you may not have a particular deity that you want to venerate. Sometimes people will come into Kemeticism and never hear from the gods. When this happens, they may decide that it’s easier to worship all of the gods at once as opposed to picking a deity out of a hat. Alternatively, someone may want to try and give veneration that benefits all of the gods at once, and worshiping in this fashion would allow for that.

And of course, just like worshiping multiple deities at the same time, you are able to worship specific NTR while also having a space for all of the NTRW as a whole. Just because you choose to create a space for all of NTRW in their entirety doesn’t mean you can’t still venerate specific gods as well.

How is worshiping all of the NTRW at once okay? Isn’t that disrespectful?

You will probably get different answers from different Kemetics in regards to this, but it is my personal opinion that it is not disrespectful to approach the NTRW as a whole. In antiquity, Egypt’s ideas about the gods varied from hard polytheism down to henotheism, which would have all of the gods being facets of a larger god. If it was okay in the temples in antiquity, it should be more than okay to approach the gods in this fashion in the here and now.

As with everything of this nature, if you begin to worship the NTRW as a whole and you start to feel like someone is displeased with it, you may wish to look into the matter and find out if there is a particular reason why the gods don’t want you honoring them in this fashion. But to my knowledge, there hasn’t been anyone who has gotten in trouble for honoring the gods as a whole.

How do we worship all of the NTRW at once?

Luckily for us, it’s not that complicated to set up a shrine space for the gods as a whole. Unlike a lot of other religious traditions, our gods all tend to have a bunch of offerings and ritual structures that they all like, so it makes it easier to perform rites and give offerings that won’t upset any of the gods.

I think the hardest part for people who are attempting to honor all of the NTRW is trying to figure out what to use as a focal point on their shrine. Many of us have icons and statues of the gods that allow us to focus our attention on them and visualize them better. However, NTRW are this kind of nebulous, intangible concept that doesn’t really fit well into a single statue, image, or icon. Luckily, there are a few symbols that represent the NTRW as a whole, as well as symbols that are vague enough that will work for the purposes of an icon or statue.

First is the seated NTR hieroglyph:


From Wilkinson’s Reading AE Art

The second might be to use the “flag” hieroglyph:

NTR_FlagWhen it comes to the flag symbol, you would usually want to have three flags in a row to represent all of the gods. So while you can have a singular flag for the focal point, I would recommend drawing three flags if possible.

In addition to the signs above, you could also use something basic like an ankh or the ma’at feather. Since the gods are often equated to both of these (and are sustained by ma’at), they should be good enough to use as images in place of all of the NTRW. And of course, if you don’t want to have a focal icon or image, you technically don’t have to.

Just like with any other shrine, you could easily decorate it with whatever you are drawn to. In many ways, the shrines and temples in antiquity often had a lot of the same elements, regardless of who was being housed in the shrine. Things such as libation bowls, offering plates, incense holders, jewelry, flowers, and fine cloth would have all been common things to find on a shrine. Any of these would likely work for any shrine setup you’d be making here and now.

Here is an example of what a NTRW shrine could look like:


Image reposted with permission. Please click to see the original tumblr post.


For offerings, anything that you find on this list is safe for any of the NTRW- including NTRW as a whole. When in doubt, water, bread and beer are almost always safe offerings to give to the gods.

In regards to ritual structure, the basic outline that is listed here is perfectly fine for this type of shrine setup as well. The basic system of approaching the shrine, leaving offerings, stating any words of power, singing songs, playing music, or dancing before reverting the offerings is always a good mixture to use. You can always add other elements to the ritual, if you’re prefer. Adding things such as lighting incense, lighting a lamp or candle, embracing the icon that you are using (ka embrace), etc. will also work well for this shrine setup. Pretty much anything you’d use for a typical shrine setup will work here.

I know that this shrine setup is not very common within out community, but if you do end up setting up a shrine to all of the gods, I’d love to hear how it works out for you!

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Worshiping Yourself

It sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? “Worshiping yourself.” I can hear people thinking already, “what kind of actual well adjusted person worships themselves? Only narcissists and greedy jerks think of themselves as gods needing worship!”

But I am here to challenge that notion.

As you surf through the Pagan-sphere you’ll see a lot of shadow work going on, and if you stop to read some of that shadow work, you’ll see that a lot of it stems from a lack of self love and self worth. We as a society (especially women and minority groups, imo) are taught that we are not worthy of our own love. We are taught that we need to put literally every. single. person. on the planet. before ourselves. And in turn, we neglect our own needs, our own wants and desires, and that can lead to some self-destructive tendencies. When I wrote about unconditional love a few years ago, I mentioned that unconditional love also included loving yourself, and that includes making yourself a priority in your own life. In order to help facilitate loving ourselves more, I decided to explore the idea of creating a shrine for yourself.

Or as the title of this post states: creating a shrine where you can worship yourself.

How do we create a shrine to ourselves?

It may seem really confusing at first- figuring out how one makes a shrine to yourself. However, I can say at least this: there are no rules on what a proper shrine to yourself would include! Unlike trying to please a deity or religious obligations and rules in typical shrine creation, you are completely in control of what goes on your own shrine. You get to make the rules, and only put things on your shrine that help you to move closer to self acceptance and love. I know that this is really generic sounding, so to help you get your creative juices flowing, here are some ideas for you!

To start off, here is a list of things that you could start with:

  • Pictures of yourself
  • Pictures of things that you love, or things that make you happy
  • Mantras and affirming statements (for ideas on these, see here, here and here)
  • Workbooks and tools to help with your goals
  • Journals
  • Jewelry or other finery that you like to wear. Things that make you feel good and look good.
  • Nice smelling things such as perfume, candles or incense

As stated above, you could include anything on your shrine. Nothing is off limits. It can be large, or small. Something you wear on your person, an image you keep in your wallet, or be a huge shelf in your living room. It’s all about what helps you to be happy. For example, I tend to include stuff that reminds me of my astral family because they make me happy. I also like to include images of my gods because they have played a key role in a lot of my shadow work over the years.

Use whatever makes your shrine yours.

I’ve got my shrine set up, but what do I do with it?

With all of the small spaces that I have set up for myself, I spend most of my time in those spaces being happy and calm. I use my own personal shrines to reflect upon myself and where I am going. I think about where my life is heading, and if I need to adjust anything to reflect where I want to be. I also use these spaces to talk with entities, the same way you might with a deity at their shrine. However, the conversations in my own personal shrine space are either regarding my own personal self work, or are lighter in nature. I don’t go to my personal spaces to talk about other business.

I also treat my personal shrine space as a safe place. I go there to unwind or reduce stress. I have a lot of small spaces in my house where I will stop for just a few seconds as a means to remind myself to breath and calm down. If your space is large enough, you could meditate in front of your shrine, or listen to music that helps you to relax.

Essentially, it is a space that is designed to help you grown and become a better person through whatever methods help with that.

And to help bring it all together, here are some examples for you to look at!

This is my main “me” shrine. It sits by my bedside and is changed regularly as my needs and wants change. This particular version of the shrine has a focus on heart-based magix and has been set up to help my heart heal after what I had experienced during this years Mysteries.

This shrine features a lot of items that I relate to my astral family, including multiple necklaces that my menz have claimed as well as the brass candle holder that my partner has claimed. I keep keys on the shrine to help me remember that I have keys to moving forward. I keep spoons on this shrine to remind myself that I need to keep my spoons and manage my spoons better. I also keep a small icon of Set and Osiris on this shrine because they are trying to help me become more balanced.

Balancing is a primary focus of this shrine, hence the fairly even distribution of items and the symmetry that is present here.


This is a very small shrine that sits in my closet. This is one of those shrines that I see daily while I get ready in the morning, and I use it as a small reminder to make time for myself and to remember that I am worth pampering. I keep very bright, expensive (ish) looking items in the glass case. I use items that remind me to dress well and focus on keeping up with my appearances (because it helps my mental health). The pin for sewing reminds me of the changes I’m making through my clothing. The pocket watch reminds me that my time is valuable. And all of the items in this case remind me of my astral family and the positive things that my family Over There has brought into my life.


This shrine features a star jar, which I use star jars for heka purposes and fulfillment of wishes. Each of the stars in the jar have been imbued with desire and purpose for where I want to go in life. I’ve also placed a picture on this shrine that has a pair of owls on it- which reminds me of my physical partner and helps me to remember to focus on my life here as well. I have a large quartz (I think?) sphere on this shrine that I roll around in my hands when I’m thinking and mulling.


I wanted to show this idea as a concept for everyone because I want people to see that your shrine doesn’t necessarily need to be big or fancy. This type of shrine setup could easily blend into the rest of your house and no one would be the wiser. In this case, the aim is to make yourself a cup or pot of tea. You sit down with your cup of tea and while you drink it, you work on any shadow work or self-work that you need to get done. You could drink your tea and write down affirmations in the book. You could use the book to jot down things you got done today (see: done lists). You could use the journal for doodling or brainstorming. Again, its about whatever helps you to move forward towards a better you.

Hopefully this post has helped to give you some ideas about ways that you can help better yourself. If you guys create shrines for yourself, I’d love to hear about it!


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KRT: Shrine Basics

Shrines are a big deal within the Pagan community at large. There are long threads filled with pictures of shrines, and there are websites dedicated to pictures of shrines. But what exactly does a Kemetic shrine entail?

This answer can be somewhat difficult to answer because there were two different types of shrines in antiquity. You had the inner-shrine of temples and you had shrines that were in regular people’s houses. It is a combination of both of these shrines (what little we know about both) that tends to influence how Kemetics set up shrines in their modern practices.

Shrines Then

Temple shrines in antiquity were typically located in the very back of the temples, in a very dark room. The idea behind temple setup in ancient times was that you were moving from profane to sacred time. As you would go further into the temple, there would be less and less light, and often times the floor would drop down in levels as well. Finally, in the room where the shrine was located, there would be a box with doors that rested on a raised area in the floor. This raised area represented the ben-ben, or primordial mound that occurred during zep tepi (the first time). The same way that the Creator deity would rise out of the waters of Nun to create all life, this shrine that encases the open deity icon is too rising out of the Nun to bring forth creation.

It’s basically heka in action.

Inside of the closed off box (which I often call a kar shrine) would be the deity’s open icon. If what I’ve read can be trusted, usually this room didn’t have a whole lot in it. The deity would be given offerings of incense, clothing, jewels, flowers, etc. And while the offerings would be in there for a time, once everything was reverted, the main items in the room was the kar shrine and perhaps a table.

So all in all, it was very sparse.

Its more difficult to ascertain what types of shrines average people have because there aren’t many ‘average Joe’ types of houses left for us to learn from. Most of what I’ve read indicates that most shrines were inset into the wall where people would leave small offerings and have a few small deity icons. Mind you, the more wealthy the person, the more elaborate the shrine would likely be. It’s also likely that many people had murals or motifs on the wall to represent their gods as well- which could also be a type of shrine in its own way.

Shrines Today

Kemetic shrines in the modern era run the gamut. Stylistics and needed items for setting up a shrine are largely influenced by the type of Kemeticism you practice (KO vs independent vs recon etc), the resources and space available to you, and personal taste. Some shrines are indoors, some are outdoors, some are very orderly, some are very chaotic and spontaneous. It is largely a situation of “anything goes”.

However, there are a few common denominators in a lot of shrines that you might want to consider in making your own shrine:

  • Libation bowl
  • Offering plate (for food offerings
  • Image of deity you can focus on (can be a printed off picture or a 3D statue)

That’s really it. These are the most common items that are used or ‘necessary’ in a shrine. You will usually have a focal point, such as a deity statue or perhaps an icon of ma’at. And then you will have dishes that you can place offerings and libations in or on.

Here are some examples of a variety of shrines that will help to illustrate the wide variety that is out there (for shrines that are not mine, you can click the images to visit the original location of the images used).

Old Shrine to Hatmehyt

Current shrine

But so many of the shrines I see have so much more stuff on them!

That is because, at its core, a shrine is a place of devotion to a deity or a path. Therefore, lots of people like to put items on their shrines that the gods specifically like or request to have placed on there. Many people like to keep things such as stones, sacred jewelry, candles and other items on their shrines because it helps them to focus on their deity, because their deity requested it, or because it makes them happy.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shrine layout and contents to figure out what works best for you. I often cycle through multiple items throughout the year to keep the shrine layout varied and interesting. There is nothing wrong with switching things up regularly.

Also, don’t let fancy or large shrines scare you from creating your own! Shrines don’t have to be big or expensive to be awesome. Some of my best shrines were simply fabric covered boxes with a statue and a cup sitting on top of them. This isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’. It’s about celebrating your gods and showing your devotion to them.

Travel and Wearable Shrines

Many people like to create travel shrines as well- mini-shrines that they can take with them while traveling so that they can continue with daily rites or devotion to their deities. Another possibility would be to use devotional jewelry that you wear as a form of a portable shrine. Devotional jewelry is great because you can hide it away easily, but yet can be taken just about everywhere with you. You can use devotional jewelry in the same fashion as a normal shrine- you can hold the item and say your prayers into the jewelry, you can transfer your life force or ka into the jewelry by holding onto it as well. If you’re interested in giving offerings via the jewelry, you can technically offer your meals to the gods while you wear the jewelry, or you could set the jewelry on the table and place offerings in front of it the same way you would a deity icon.

Devotional necklace for Set and Osiris

Travel shrine for Aset

Beginnings of a devotional piece for Herishef (click the image to see the original source)

A new alternative to the traditional shrine – the e-shrine

A new trend in shrine creation is the use of the Internet to house your shrine. This trend is largely seen on Tumblr, where many devotees will collect images and snippets of various things that remind them of their god or path. I think this is a great way to show the many aspects that a deity can have through photos, music, words, and other items that may not necessarily come through in various knick knacks or traditional iconography. Additionally, this style of shrine is very low cost and can be maintained by just about anyone.

I personally consider my WP and my Tumblr accounts as a form of online devotion to my gods, and therefore shrines in some respects. I use them both to help spread knowledge and help others who are new to the Kemetic path- which to me, is about as devotional as it gets. So don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and explore other ways that you can utilize new and interesting methods and modalities as shrine spaces.

Why should we have shrines?

While not necessary in the least bit, shrines are very useful at bringing us closer to the gods and our faith. Shrines allow us to have a sacred, personal meeting space for our gods, and can help to foster relationship growth within our practice and religion. It’s my personal belief that you shouldn’t feel pressured to have a shrine, as it isn’t necessarily the focus of Kemeticism, however I would recommend exploring the idea at some point along your religious path.

See the master list for this KRT topic by clicking here.


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Shrine Beautiful

A friend of mine has created a new website, and I wanted to share it with all of you! It’s called ShrineBeautiful.



Shrine Beautiful is all about beautiful shrines and more. The goal of the website is to become a resource for people- you can go there to get inspiration from the pictures, or you can go to learn about the meaning behind the shrines- why are those items on the altar? What do they mean? If I’m just starting out, what types of things should I include on my shrine? Or as the website itself states:

There are many ‘show off your shrine’ threads on the web, but most of them are path-specific and don’t give you any context- the how and why. What separates this shrine or altar from an interesting pile of knickknacks?

It’s the goal of ShrineBeautiful to expand our horizons, experiencing the breadth of the pagan world through the lens of personal sacred spaces.

Shrine Beautiful is just getting off the ground, and needs more submissions and ideas. If you have a shrine, altar or a shrine implement that you’d like to have featured or would like to share information on, you should stop on by! You can learn more about getting your shrine featured here.


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Filling the Storehouse of the Gods

As many of you know, I have been using Re-Ment to supplement what I offer to the gods (an idea I took from this person). Due to my stomach issues and my fritzy schedule, I’ve been adding these miniatures to my routine- allowing the gods not to starve and me not to get so stressed over what to offer at 5 in the morning.

Up until recently, I only had a few pieces of Re-Ment to my name. Two cakes, 4 rolls, and 6 plates of food. While that sounds like quite a bit, I’m sure Set and O were getting tired of the same rotation day after day. So my SO set out to get me as much Re-Ment as he could. He ended up getting a lot batch of the stuff… which is a lot. Here are some pictures of the new stuff!

And overall shot of all of the stuff set out, as per what the pictures in the box look like.

There are muffins, tea sets, hot pots, pizza… you name it. Chocolate. Fruit. Ice cream. Crepes. Bagels. Rare beef. Beer. Cookies… a little bit of everything.

I particularly like some of the trays that come with these sets. It makes a nice setup for arranging the food for the gods. Sometimes each god gets their own tray. Other days, I make mass trays with tons of different foods on them, and let the gods duke out who gets what.

Most of these pieces have a lot of detail work to them. Pouches for chopsticks… individual grains for rice. Different types of coloration for the soups and drinks. It does look good enough to eat!

I love these cat eggs.

Now in some ways, this created a huge logistics/storage problem for me. I don’t have a lot of space for shrine implements right now. So I racked my brains for a few days (almost a week, really) trying to figure out where I was going to store all of this awesomeness. It would need to be organized somehow. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how or where to find different food bits, and it would create issues in the morning. After a lot of thinking, I decided I would try and store them in the bottom drawer of my shrine case (an old silverware box). In order to keep things organized, I created boxes out of scrapbook paper.


So there you have it. Lots and lots of Re-Ment. I think the gods will have more than enough variety for a while now 🙂 If any of you see anything you OMG WANT, let me know. I might be willing to part with it, as there is more here than I will probably need, and I have a feeling that some pieces the gods may not like.


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Waves and Dreams

Last night, I had a dream. I was by the ocean. Next to the ocean was a shrine (or so I told myself in my dream). It was an odd shape. It was tall, like 5 stories tall. It was round, and almost conical shape. There were hundreds of stairs leading from the beach to the top. They were made of a black stone. Everywhere else on this cone was this light grey stone. At the top, there was a shrine made of wood. Beneath the shrine, and above all of the rock, there was sand. I remember sitting on the wooden floor, and dangling my feet over (something I would never do in real life. Too scared of heights). The guy who ran the place told me not to touch the sand. AKA not to destroy or mess up his sand.

I don’t really remember what the shrine itself was like. It, too, was circular. I think it had something in the middle- maybe a bell. There was a canopy of some kind, to protect from the elements, perhaps. After I had been there for a while, the Main Guy, an assistant and I were walking around back- away from the ocean. I turn to look over, and the sun is blazing- sunset. The waves start to crest up. The water was higher than where the sun was- you could see the light through the waves. It was such a vivid appearance. There was a plane that was coming our direction, some little puddle jumper. The wave nearly clipped it- but the plane did make it through, coming right over us and continuing on. I continued to watch these waves. They got larger and larger. Rivaling where we were in height. I remember as this was going on, that I needed to remember this dream. As the waves got even higher, I was thinking something… repeating something. But I can’t remember what. Suddenly, the light goes out, the waves crash over us, and I completely black out.

Next thing I see, I’m sitting in this shrine, floating on the water. I look out to see the conical base sans the wood topper on the beach. There are people looking for us.

I’m not really sure what this dream means. It reminds me of another dream I had- where I was in a dated house, from the 20’s or so. I was with a black family, we lived in the middle of farmland. Suddenly, waves over took us, and we were holding onto the house to survive. It’s very similar to that. The waves in both dreams were very very vivid. But this time, the coloration was different. I usually take waves and water to be emotions. So that emotions are overtaking me (and perhaps those around me). The sand is interesting, because it’s a purifier. Normally, they say not to build things on sand (because of it’s unstable nature), however in this case- it’s possible that the sand saved us. Had the shrine been attached to the base, we would have all been sucked out of the structure and drug out to sea. The fact that it’s a shrine also seems important somehow, though I’m not sure what.

As always, any thoughts or ideas is welcome.

I hope you guys don’t mind me talking about my health, but I wanted to have a place to post my hypnotherapy stuff. I want to keep track of my progress somewhere, and here is as good a place as any.

Some of you may remember me discussing my health issues a year back. Well, they’re still around, and I’ve been working with non-conventional ways to get rid of them (read: not a Western medicine doctor). My current doctor feels that acupuncture isn’t working, and recommended that I try the hypnotherapy for a bit. So here I am. Today I had my first session and I really really feel that this is in line with what O would want me to do. I almost feel that his work is almost too much for me to do by myself- and that working through this stuff with a helper is my best bet. So that is what I’m aiming to do.

Today we discussed a plethora of things. My relationship, my lack of social life, my religious practices, my food problems. And of course, my stress. I apparently need to learn to love myself more and I need to change my perceptions of my life and how others view me. I always feel out of place, like no one likes me. I always feel like I’m the square peg in the round hole. If what I’m understanding from her, it’s just that I’ve met round people, not square people (for the most part). That there is nothing wrong with me for being me, and that I need to accept that somehow.

I imagine this will take a lot of work, but I’m willing to go the long haul if it helps me overall. I need to figure this stuff out, because it’s not going to go away on its own. So I look forward to whatever this might bring.

Today’s hypnosis dealt with self love. In the hypnosis, she talked about seeing my inner love, my inner self. And giving this inner love and self… useless stuff, bad stuff- and letting my inner loving me purify it (you’re not supposed to focus heavily on what she says… so it’s a bit furry). I remember standing across from a me… I remember me having hakama on, of all things; along with a sword and a high pony tail (I would have sworn I fell out of Kenshin). The other me had long, blonde hair. There was glowing light, and I couldn’t see much. I remember giving her.. stuff. I remember one of my things was wrapped like a present. After I’d give her things, she’d have me flip my hands over, she’d hold onto them, and I’d glow. It was really weird.

So yes, that’s it for now. I’ll try and post these visits as I have them, so that I have a record of them. They’ll be getting their own Hypnosis tag.


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The month finally came to an end. After so many nights keeping O’s statue hidden, I was finally able to unveil him. To bring him out of hiding and back into the light. Words can’t express how happy I am to have him uncovered again. To be able to look at him and not see him all wrapped up in his blue cloth. And his statue feels different, too. When I place my hands on both statues, O’s seems to be teaming with energy. It’s pretty crazy. So who knows, maybe wrapping the statue rejuvenates it as well. Either way, I’m happy to have him back again.

Coinciding with his unveiling is the hanging of my new shrine cabinet. Many many moons ago, Set sent me out to find a shrine cabinet for him (later to become ‘them’). He wanted something that was simple, but made of real wood. He was absolutely stubborn about the wood. No veneer for him! The more I sat with him, the more an image appeared in my mind as to what he wanted, and I slowly set out to find something that fit the bill. It only took me 6 months, but I finally found something that suited what I needed. The case is made of teak wood and is probably a foot tall. I love how simple it is. I also like the smoothness of the wood.

Originally, the box was intended to be a jewelry box. There were hooks hanging on the inside for necklaces. There were boxes hanging on the inside of the doors that you could put your trinkets in. I didn’t need either of these, so we set out to strip/gut the insides. From there, we treated the wood. Giving it nourishment to help protect the wood and bring out it’s nature colors/beauty. Afterwards, I left the box to sit while I waited for the Mysteries to end. I treated it with incense and left it at that. Now that O has been let out of his wrappings, I feel comfortable using the box.

I’m slowly starting to rebuild my practice. I’ve started off simply. Right now I’m only giving the ka embrace, swapping out beverages every morning and changing up their offerings. I figure that as I move further along, I’ll start fleshing out my rituals. But for now, I feel it’s best to start simply. The shrine still isn’t complete. I’ll update as I add more things to it.


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