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Shrine Beautiful

A friend of mine has created a new website, and I wanted to share it with all of you! It’s called ShrineBeautiful.



Shrine Beautiful is all about beautiful shrines and more. The goal of the website is to become a resource for people- you can go there to get inspiration from the pictures, or you can go to learn about the meaning behind the shrines- why are those items on the altar? What do they mean? If I’m just starting out, what types of things should I include on my shrine? Or as the website itself states:

There are many ‘show off your shrine’ threads on the web, but most of them are path-specific and don’t give you any context- the how and why. What separates this shrine or altar from an interesting pile of knickknacks?

It’s the goal of ShrineBeautiful to expand our horizons, experiencing the breadth of the pagan world through the lens of personal sacred spaces.

Shrine Beautiful is just getting off the ground, and needs more submissions and ideas. If you have a shrine, altar or a shrine implement that you’d like to have featured or would like to share information on, you should stop on by! You can learn more about getting your shrine featured here.


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