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Devo Magix: Ninja Magix

Almost everyone that I know has spent at least some time living with people who don’t appreciate or understand any religious practices outside of Christianity. And with today’s economy being what it is, it’s more and more common that many of us have to rely upon others for financial assistance and living arrangements. However, just because you moved back in with your parents doesn’t mean that things quit happening, and you can just turn off all of your religious practices or that spiritual crises can’t still happen. It’s not like some angry spirit gives a care about where you’re living, or the fact that you can’t burn incense while in your parent’s house.

So what is one to do?

The short answer is to get creative! There are many ways that you can protect yourself and perform simple forms of magix while living under someone’s roof. To really grok ninja magix, you will need to really get and understand the core concepts of magix- what makes something work or tick, so that you can deconstruct it to it’s most basic components. You then take these components and alter them so that they can be done discreetly.

To better illustrate my point, let’s take a look at a few examples of magix that are right out in the open for everyone to see.

Take a look at this wall hanging. It doesn’t look like anything special. I got this coin from my therapist actually. When she moved offices, she let a lot of her clients take stuff home that she no longer needed. I thought nothing of the coin- it fit in with her Asian decor and it all made sense to me. But then I got home, and I took a look at the back of it, and this is what I found:

That, my friends, is magix. She might not call it magix, but that’s what it is. It’s financial magix to be more specific. Take a look around the home you’re in- are there things on the wall? Could there be things on the wall that you could hide magix on the back of? Get creative! You don’t always need to write directly on the back of something to make magix work.

For example, I have this IKEA frame by my front door- it contains cards that me and SO have exchanged. Inside each of these cards contains love magix and happy home magix.

Or how about this for magix: I have a hollow cat that my mother gave me many years ago. It looks pretty non-descript, especially considering my crazy-cat-items fetish. However, when you open it up…

You’ll see that it’s filled with stones, shells and dried flowers- as protective magix.

Yet, if I would have never told you about these things, no one would ever be the wiser 🙂 Here are some more examples:

In Feng Shui, it’s good to have bells on the front door, in numbers of 3 or 5 (odds = luckier). These bells help to bring good chi (energy) into the house. When I lived at my mother’s house, I asked to put bells on the door. I didn’t tell her it was for magix, I told her it was because I would like to know when people enter the house- she agreed, as she is paranoid about breaking and entering. She actually still has the bells on her door, despite my moving away.

If you would like to have protection outside of your house, or at your doorway, but don’t want people to see it or know about it, try using your welcome mat as a means to protect. You could easily write sigils or protective seals on the bottom of your mat. If you want to be even more secret, you could write it in a market of the same color as your mat (for my house, that would be black) and then it will be even harder to see.

You could even put protective items or markings on the bottom of furniture pieces (chairs, tables, desks, etc). Even places like a fish tank or toilet tank could contain protective items (no joke, I moved into an apartment once with a cross in the toilet tank).

That’s all good an well for items that are around your house- things you can leave out. But what about things like cleansings? You have to cleanse regularly, and you would stick out quite a bit walking around with a smudge stick- so what do you do?

These types of situations can be difficult, but they can be worked around. Here are some ideas about how to cleanse while out in the open:

  • Light candles in various parts of your house. My mother loved candles. When I needed the energy to move around, I’d light candles all over her house, in every room of her house and let them do the cleansing for me.
  • Go to a sink and wash your hands. Instead of drying your hands off, leave them wet. You can enter any room that needs some extra cleaning, and mark the walls or doors. If you want to really play it up, you could walk around and just smack the walls (the added BAM of hitting the wall gives extra oomph, imo, due to the disturbed sound waves). People might look at you like you’re crazy, but I’ve found that playing up the odd can really throw people for such a loop that they don’t ask. Either way, you can use wet hands and mark things to cleanse.
  • I have “accidentally” dropped salt before- to cleanse an area. You could accidentally drop water, too.
  • If you wanted to cleanse an area with bells, you could wear bells as jewelry and walk around your house. Jewelry in general makes for good protective amulets- to wear on your person, and to use in your home.
  • Wind chimes also make good vibrational cleansers. My family loves wind chimes, so when I was in hiding, I had tons of them out on the porch to help with negativity that always built up in my house.
  • As mentioned in the Cleansings post- plants can cleanse an area. So try putting some potted plants in various areas to stir up the energy. We like to put gnomes in our potted plants, which also is for protection. You could potentially do the same with other decorations.

And lastly, I’d like to cover concepts and ideas that you could even work on your own person. We often forget that our own bodies can be vehicles for magix- but there is a lot of potential for body based magix that is hidden in plain sight. Here are some basic ideas:

  • Knot magic using your hair, jewelry, or shoelaces. Knots can be good for protection, or bringing anything manifest into your life. For every knot or twist in a braid that you create, you would repeat what you want to bring to fruition. If you were to do this over a course of days or weeks, imagine the heka that could build up.
  • Jewelry magix- you could have amulets and sigils hiding in common jewelry.
  • Makeup magix- I know of a couple of people who like to use makeup for rituals. But the same could be done for daily magix as well. Different colors to symbolize different things. Or to speak magix into the makeup itself- and so when you wear it, the properties transfer to you. Alternatively, you could put purifiers (such as natron or oils) into your lotions and wear them to obtain the properties.
  • Permanent or semi-permanent tattooing- now this may or may not be very ‘ninja’ for some people, but you could create magix into henna or a tattoo. When I’ve needed quick protection, I have been known to quickly draw in marker- a sigil on my person (usually my hand). Be careful which markers you use, as some are not recommended for the skin.
  • Nail magix- painting your nails with symbols or colors to bring for protection, wealth, or whatever you want. It’s almost like nail amulets. See some examples here.

These are just a few ideas to get your brain thinking about ways you can perform magix while in plain sight. The more you work with the concepts I’ve laid out in previous magix posts and the better you get with focus and visualizing, the easier it’ll be to perform magix in any setting- with minimal tools. The more you experiment, the easier it will be to get creative in the application of magix to every day items and situations!

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Devo Magix: Barriers, Shields and Warding; Part 1

During my time in Kemetic groups and forums, I’ve realized that very little is ever shared or discussed about basic ‘magix’. No one really talks about cleansing items or your house. Making amulets or sigils are almost never discussed. And there has never been discussion about warding or barrier creation. I personally think this is a shame, as you never know when things could go wrong, or when you might need extra protection in a situation.

To help with this, I have decided that I will create a series of blog posts relating to these exact things. I want to discuss my methods and means to cleanse, create and protect in a more ‘magical’ sense. My methods are by NO MEANS the only methods. They just happen to be what works for me.

If you enjoy this series, or want me to discuss different aspects or topics of a similar nature, please feel free to post your ideas in the comments section. If there is anything that you would like clarification on, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need/would like 🙂
This week, I would like to talk about warding and protection. I saved this topic for last because to become really good at warding, you will likely need to utilize a lot of the other concepts that I’ve discussed prior to this point. Barriers are very free flowing and creative in nature, and there are many things you can use to enhance your warding skills or the strength of your wards. I highly recommend that you learn to layer your wards and that you experiment with different creation methods and techniques so that you can find a style that works best for you.

(as a side note, I will be using the words wards, barriers and shields interchangeably).

Protective magix of this type come in three styles, in my opinion. Those styles are:

  • Warding yourself- just your person
  • Warding a location- your house, a room.
  • Warding an item (or another person)- pick an item, any item.

Each of these styles requires a different approach to the warding process. For example, you will need more energy to create a ward the size of a person than a ward for a small statue; and you will need more energy to ward a house than a room or a single person. Determining what types of needs you have first will help save your trouble later!

So what can I use to create a barrier?

Much like with cleansings, there are ‘ingredients’ you can use to create wards. Here are some basic ideas of what you can use to create wards:

  • Energy around you (such as from the earth, stones, rocks, etc)
  • Energy from within yourself
  • Charged items (such as amulets, sigils and witches bottles)
  • Energy donated from other parties (such as deities, fae, other people, etc)

For the ward to hold up the best, I recommend a mixture of these things.

Determining which of these things you need is a bit tricky. Like with almost everything I do, I feel that knowing what you’re going to be warding is the first step. If you are only protecting yourself, you won’t be able to have a whole lot of charged items on you- so you might need to rely more on your own energy. Conversely, due to the size of a house, perhaps it is best to use some items to help strengthen your wards, as opposed to relying solely on your own energy.

So let’s break down the most common forms of shielding, and discuss the steps I use to create a ward for that particular situation.

Warding yourself (and only yourself):

This is one of the easiest places to start, in my opinion. Because it is only yourself, it is easy to feel the energies and practice without a lot of notice. I also recommend with starting with shielding yourself because it is one of the best ways to protect yourself in any situation. Once you get good enough at creating barriers and shields, you should be able to set up a barrier around yourself in a matter of seconds- in any situation. Mind you, these things take time to build up- but because the capacity for that level of protection is there, this style of warding shouldn’t be overlooked.

Often times, I use a mixture of my own energy and the energy around me for protection. If I’m feeling lazy, I also like to add the benefit of having an amulet on my person to create an extra layer of protection. Whether I need a ton of layers or not really does depend on where I’m going. For an average day, I don’t need a whole lot. If I’m going to be mixing with a bunch of people in a small space, I will probably do all three.

The amulet is a gimme. You can read about amulet creation here.

For pulling my own energy for protection, I will visualize liquid or color pouring out of my person and forming an oval or sphere around myself. Many times, I will have the energy spawn from my wrists and wrap around myself. For pulling energy from the area around me, I visualize the source coming from the floor- usually in a circle around my feet. This energy then makes it’s way up over my head to form a sphere around my person.

Unfortunately, this is difficult to explain- my best advice is to work with it yourself and through practice, it should make more sense or become easier. This is one of those situations where you often have to ‘do’ to get it.

Warding a room or location:

If you have the ability, you should try to cleanse your area first- pushing all of the negativity out, and bringing good stuff in. Barriers don’t do a whole lot of good if you’ve got negativity inside- it just traps it in there with you. You can see my cleansing post for ideas on that.

When warding a room or house for the first time, I always recommend using other items to assist you. I feel it helps the visualization process and helps you to learn where the edges of your barrier are, how they feel, etc. It also helps to clog up any holes. Here is a list of some items that I have used in the past for helping wards:

  • Tarot cards
  • rocks/stones
  • statuary (particularly relating to gods)
  • jewelry
  • oils (you would place a dab on the walls and/or windows)
  • paintings/pictures
  • pre-charged amulets and talismans
  • sigils
  • salt/sand

Much like with cleansings, you can use multiple layers of items if you want. When setting up items, I like to use crosshairs in my rooms- one item on each wall. If you wanted more protection, you could use more items, perhaps doing two cross hairs in a room. Here is an example of a few ways you could set up items in your house for various levels of protection:

As you can see, by the end- things are a little crazy looking. However, if you wanted to get that complex- you can. Creating little spheres of protection for each room, and then leaving items outside to create an even larger area of protection for the whole house.

If I plan on using items to help my warding, I will charge and set them in their proper places before I begin the actual warding process. Here is a generalized step by step format of how I ward a house (a room is just a miniature version of this):

  1. Cleanse your area (if you have time).
  2. Select and set up any items you wish to help with the warding process.
  3. Start at the entrance to the room or house- ask any other entities (deities, etc) that you would like assistance from for their help before you begin.
  4. Move clockwise through the room you are in- touch or focus on each item you are using in the process. Mentally draw a line of energy in your mind connecting all of the walls together. (You can use something like incense or a flame to help draw the energy while you move around the room, if you need help visualizing).
  5. Once you have come full circle in the room- move to the center of the room.
  6. Focus on all of these items creating big sphere around the room you are in. Bring this energy up (along with your own person energy, the earth’s energy, etc) towards the roof (the shape is your choice- pyramid, sphere, square, whatever). You want to see all of this energy touch and become seamless.
  7. Once you have finished this room, you may move to the next room and follow the same process.
  8. If you are enclosing the whole house in a sphere, and not doing the room by room format, I recommend you go to the center of the house and continue with step 6- focusing on the energies in the area coming up over the house, enclosing it, embracing it- and protecting it.

Visuals to hopefully help:

Steps 1-3 for warding a room

Warding an Item:

First off- why would you want to ward an item? Well, there are a couple of reasons, the biggest being you don’t want that item’s joo-joo leaking out into your space. Say someone who doesn’t like you gives you something that has some sort of nasty ickiness in it- and you can’t properly cleanse the item for a couple of days. While you wait for the time to cleanse said item, you could easily ward it up into a safe zone so that it can’t affect the nearby areas.

Warding an item isn’t too difficult. Once of the easiest ways to ward an item is to place it on top of a sigil, or in a box lined with sigils. You can also place other items around it, if you need to, to keep it contained (much like how you would do with a room). I’ve also found that placing items in a black leather or black velvet bag is useful for trapping or containing energies inside. I also like to use black mirrors for this (placing it on top of a black mirror, or in a box lined with black mirrors). If you are good with energy manipulation, you could create a mini-energy sphere (or whatever shape) around the item to keep it locked up.

Or you could use multiple formats of these.

Taking it to the next level:

The best way to make your wards better is to practice. Learning how the energies feel and how they work for you BEFORE shit hits fan is a good thing. That way, when something major happens, you’ll be able to act accordingly. You won’t be scrambling to keep yourself safe.

The second best thing you can do is experiment. Try making your barriers into different shapes such as squares or pyramids. Try making them look like a golf ball. Experiment with color or texture (I know someone who makes theirs like cobweb. Another like water. Another like mirrors). The sky is the limit, and you can create as many layers of energy as you need to keep yourself safe (when I was at my worst, I was making 8 layered spheres- each with their own properties- and an inner sphere attached to me). You’ll never know what works best for you until you try!

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Devo Magix: Sigils

During my time in Kemetic groups and forums, I’ve realized that very little is ever shared or discussed about basic ‘magix’. No one really talks about cleansing items or your house. Making amulets or sigils are almost never discussed. And there has never been discussion about warding or barrier creation. I personally think this is a shame, as you never know when things could go wrong, or when you might need extra protection in a situation.

To help with this, I have decided that I will create a series of blog posts relating to these exact things. I want to discuss my methods and means to cleanse, create and protect in a more ‘magical’ sense. My methods are by NO MEANS the only methods. They just happen to be what works for me.

If you enjoy this series, or want me to discuss different aspects or topics of a similar nature, please feel free to post your ideas in the comments section. If there is anything that you would like clarification on, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need/would like 🙂

This time I will be discussing sigils. I find sigils to be funny because almost every single sigil I’ve ever seen looks like this:


And almost every single sigil I’ve seen is tied to something demonic or Christian in nature- neither of which appeals to me. However, a sigil is more than this. The simplest definition of a sigil is:

A sign or an image considered magical

Well that seems pretty simple. Much like an amulet, a sigil can be anything you want it to be. It could be a picture of a deity, a thumbprint or a banana. Sigils can be written on paper, painted onto items, etched into items, drawn on the skin… they can pretty much be put anywhere! The beauty of a sigil is that you can put it on an item, charge it, and wash it away- leaving behind the protective properties without any sign that the item has ever been touched (which can be useful when you have prying eyes or parents that don’t understand what it is you’re doing).

As an example of what sigils can look like, here are a couple of the sigils I’ve used in the past:

As you can see, I prefer simpler designs.

Shinto gofu.

And as a special treat, here are some sigils that two awesome bloggers have used in the past (please support them by clicking the images and giving their blogs a look-through):

Sigils used by the Rose Bell (click image to view blog)

Sigil used by the Dusken Path (click image to view blog)

Sigil used by the Dusken Path (click image to visit blog)

As you can see, sigils can be anything and everything you can imagine.

So how you do make a sigil?

Technically, there is a traditional way to make a sigil. You can read about that here, here and here if you like. However, I was not taught using this traditional method. The methods I was taught with are very similar to creating an amulet, honestly. So for those of you who have already read that post, this might have a bit of cross over.

The steps I use to create a sigil:

  1. Determine what I want the sigil to do.
  2. Determine what symbols would suit this need best.
  3. Design said sigil.
  4. Apply the sigil to appropriate item.
  5. Charge and use the sigil.

The first step, again, is to determine what you want this sigil to do. This step is particularly important because it can determine what types of symbols you use in the sigil and how complex you need it to be. For example, if I wanted to use a sigil for my protection, I would opt for a simple symbol that I can focus on in times of crisis. The same could be said of a sigil that I want to use for creating serenity or clarity in my life. When times are stressful, the mind often short circuits, and simpler symbols are easier to recall. However, if I wanted to protect an item (as an example), I would opt for something more complex. In this situation, the sigil is acting as a lock, and you want that lock to have some complexity to it (generally speaking).

Another consideration for your sigil design would be where you are placing the sigil and what you are creating the sigil out of. For example if you are placing a sigil on an item that is the size of a quarter (such as… a pet’s name tag), you might want to make your symbols simple. Or, if you’re planning to draw your sigil out in sand on the floor, you might opt for a design that is simple- so that you don’t pull your hair out trying to get it right!

A final consideration to make in what you want your sigil to be is how confident you are in your sigils, and how much power you need them to have. If you are unsure about your abilities, you are short on time, or you want something that has been charged by lots of people, you might opt to pick a sigil that has already been created and used by others, such as these or these.

Once you’ve decided the purpose and complexity of the sigil, you will need to design the sigil. Sigils can be just about anything- they can contain pictures, lines, things that we recognize (ankhs, crosses, birds, trees), or contain absolutely nothing that is familiar. What types of symbols you choose to use are entirely up to you. I used to like to use runes for my sigil making because I preferred the aesthetics, and I could fit tons of symbols into one sigil (click here for some examples of runic sigils). As I’ve gotten more into Kemetic stuff, I much prefer using simplified forms of Egyptian symbols (djed pillars, ankhs, etc). I always recommend you use symbols that contain what you are trying to achieve. When I was looking for a job a couple of years ago, I used Tyr as a sigil. I put that thing on everything I could. I felt it worked in multiple ways- it is a rune of strength and courage, but also- it’s shape is of a sword to me. So essentially, I tacked on additional personal meanings of cutting through obstacles and bad situations. Tyr contained elements that I needed and wanted from my situation, and I used that to my advantage when creating my sigils. When picking your signs, I recommend that you do similarly.

After you have designed your sigil, you will need to draw it out and to charge it. When choosing what you draw the symbol out with, there are some things to consider:

  • How long does the sigil need to last? If you will be wearing the sigil, perhaps etching or permanent marker is better suited.
  • What is the purpose of the sigil? What you use to draw the sigil can layer extra meaning into the practice. For example, salt and sand are purifying and if I wanted to create an erasable sigil to cleanse my house, I might consider using either. If I wanted a sigil for execration, I might choose red ink due to it’s uses in heka, etc.
  • How complicated is the sigil? If your sigil is rather complex, you might want to sketch it out with a pencil before doing a final, more permanent version (in, say… permanent marker).

As I draw my sigil out, I focus my mind on what I want it to do. If the sigil is for protection, I will envision myself in an impenetrable fortress. If the sigil is for communication, I might envision myself talking openly and freely with others. Get creative. While I am drawing, I visualize my energy coming through my arm, into the media I am using to create the sigil (marker, pen, etc) and into the drawing itself. You can visualize this energy however you want.

Once the sigil has been drawn out, I charge it a little bit more, just for good measure. In many of my magix, I recommend that you can leave these things out for gods and other entities, but usually with sigils- I charge it up by myself. I hold onto the item, paper, etc. and I flow as much energy as I can through my body and into the item. As I do this, I will continue to visualize what it is I want this sigil to do. You could even add words of power to this to make it even more potent.

I have my sigil. What now?

That depends entirely upon what the sigil is made to do. If you are using the sigil to protect, you could wear it, place it in the area that needs protection, or hide it in a safe location (shrine box, witch bottle, box of rocks, in a book, etc). If it is for banishing things or execration, burning, flushing or destroying the sigil might be ideal. If the sigil is for a pet, you could place it on their collar and recharge it as needed. Once a sigil is created, it can be used very similarly to an amulet.

Taking it to the next level.

These are just the basics of sigil making. There is a lot more than can be done within sigil creation, such as layering multiple sigils into one larger sigil (you dawg, we heard you like sigils, so we put a sigil in your sigil so you can sigil while you sigil) for extra protection and security. There are so many ways to use sigils beyond what has been discussed here. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods, symbols, and applications. Your imagination is the only limit on how these can be used!

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Devo Magix: Amulets, Talismans and Protective Items

During my time in Kemetic groups and forums, I’ve realized that very little is ever shared or discussed about basic ‘magix’. No one really talks about cleansing items or your house. Making amulets or sigils are almost never discussed. And there has never been discussion about warding or barrier creation. I personally think this is a shame, as you never know when things could go wrong, or when you might need extra protection in a situation.

To help with this, I have decided that I will create a series of blog posts relating to these exact things. I want to discuss my methods and means to cleanse, create and protect in a more ‘magical’ sense. My methods are by NO MEANS the only methods. They just happen to be what works for me.

If you enjoy this series, or want me to discuss different aspects or topics of a similar nature, please feel free to post your ideas in the comments section. If there is anything that you would like clarification on, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need/would like 🙂

For this post I am discussing Amulets, Talismans and Protective Items. I consider these terms to be interchangeable, and loosely define each of them as an item that is laced with intent and joo-joo (if you want a more proper definition, there is one here). Amulets can be made from anything and everything, and to some degree even sigils could be classified as an amulet. I personally find that items made of metal or stone to work the best for me- but you could make an amulet of whatever strikes your fancy.

And odds are, you already have amulets around your home that you don’t even realize are helping you out. I do believe it’s possible for amulets to sort of ‘create’ themselves. Many of us have items that we love dearly, or wear frequently, these items can slowly pick up our energies and vibrations while near them or while wearing them. Over time, this can create something similar to an amulet. It’s almost like having a ‘lucky tie’ or a ‘lucky pair of socks’. You could even say the same of a ‘power suit’ or other similar items. Everything you touch has the capacity to pick up your energies and be morphed into something else (energetically). When creating an amulet, you’re doing this intentionally.

Some items I have used as amulets.

So how does one create an amulet?

There are a few steps to creating an amulet:

  1. Determine your purpose or intent
  2. Select the item that you wish to use
  3. Cleanse the item (if necessary)
  4. Joo-joo the crap out of it
  5. Put said item to use

Start off by figuring out what it is you want your amulet to do. What is it’s purpose? General protection? To attract money? Maybe to attract a lover? To give you a boost of energy? For me, the most important aspect of amulet creation is to determine what it is you want the amulet to do. Once you have figured that out, you will want to select an item that works best for your intention. Each person has their own set of symbols, colors and ideas that connect concepts to images. So if you want protection and you are Kemetic, you might want the Eye of Heru… or maybe you find that the Sa is a better choice for you. I personally find that feathers and fish are protective for me- so I might choose to use something with either depicted on it for my own protection. The same goes with confidence. You might use ‘balls’ (as in grow a pair), or the djed (for being strong of spine), or maybe a mini-Sekhmet is more suiting for your tastes. Perhaps a solid rock is better. Maybe a pyramid is well suited- as it’s base is well grounded. As you can see- it’s all about what works for you and what symbolism really suits you.

When deciding what you want the amulet to be made out of, be sure to consider how often the item will be used. If you will be wearing this amulet daily, you will want to make sure that the materials will be able to stand up to daily use. If you only plan to use the amulet once a year, or the item is going to sit on a shelf in your house, then you can pick materials that are less sturdy.

Some AE amulets to give you ideas

More AE amulets to give you ideas.

And here are even more AE amulets to fawn over.

Once you’ve decided your intent and have gotten the item or items that you wish to use as an amulet (or amulets- there are cases of multiple amulets being strung together as a necklace) you will want to cleanse the item. To learn about cleansing items, go here. As mentioned in my cleansing post, you will want to be considerate of what the item is made of in regards to how it is cleansed.

Once you have cleansed your item, it’s a matter of filling it with ‘go juice’ to make sure it runs. You’re essentially charging it with intent and energy. There are a number of methods to do this. You can…

  • Leave it on a shrine for a couple of days – many Kemetics like to do 4 days, as 4 = completion for them. However, I find that 4 = death, and I prefer to leave things for a moon cycle in the shrine.
  • Place it in sunshine, moonlight, outdoors, in a place of energy (such as forest, trees, etc) that can feed the amulet.
  • Leave the amulet outside for the fae or other local spirits to work with (be sure to leave offerings).
  • Place it in a box, or among other items of power (such as a box of rocks).
  • Focus your intent while holding said item, and transfer your magical joo-joo into the item (my personal favorite).
  • Any combination of these above.

Depending on how much energy you need the item to have, I would do a blend. Many times I will focus my thoughts and energy into the item, then I will place it on the shrine for the gods to magic up (usually with offerings, words of power, etc) and then after they’ve had a whack at it, I’ll put more of my own energy in it again.

Usually, when directing energy into an item, I will hold the item in my hands and visualize my energy flowing into the item. The energy can be visualized as light, water, arrows – whatever works best for you. Many times, I will feel a tingling in my hands as this is being done, though that might not be the case for everyone. While doing this, you can also see visions of what it is you want the amulet to do. So if I want an amulet to bring me money, I will envision stacks of money and gold bars while charging the amulet.

Once you feel like the amulet has enough energy, you are free to wear it or use it as needed.

Amulet Upkeep

Just like any charged item, an amulet can lose some of it’s joo-joo after a while. The item may start to feel empty or look like the color has drained (I’ve noted this mainly in stones). If so, you will want to cleanse the item. If a simple cleansing hasn’t worked, or you feel like the item still isn’t as ‘good as new’, recharge the item using one of the processes above. For items that I really want to keep strong (usually only for periodic wear), I will keep them in my shrine permanently until I need to utilize the item.

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