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FK Journal: Mystery

This is a journal entry relating to an FK article which can be found here.

This article was really short. Like, crazy short. So it doesn’t leave a lot for me to write on, I’m afraid. Out of the article, this paragraph stands out the most:

We have stripped the mystical out of our world, leaving everything just the physical. We see the trees, but we don’t see them with spirits anymore. And while populating the world with many spirits all out to hurt us (a common view in old mythology) isn’t necessarily a bad thing to leave behind, removing all the spirit from our lives isn’t good either.

I would agree that the mystical has been stripped out of our world. To mirror a video I saw recently, all of our right brain has been stripped out. Leaving an empty hollow shell. It’s sad. I think that’s part of why Shinto brings me such joy- it still has life in it. There are spirits around us. There is still mystery in our world.


How do you see the mystery in life around you?

Mystery is everywhere. There is so much power in the world around us. So much we can’t explain- it’s crazy. And it can really boggle the mind when you sit and think about it. We like to think that we are awesome. That we are like gods- yet with all of our modern marvels, there is so much that we can’t recreate or explain. It’s very humbling.

What in your life is mystery? Do you celebrate it or try to avoid it?

Everything has mystery. I may not always acknowledge it or see it- but I know there is mystery in all that I am, do and experience. I try to celebrate it. It’s part of what makes life interesting and awesome. Life is like some gigantic riddle that we’re all stuck in.

Imagine life without mystery. Is it better or worse than life with it?

It would be boring. It would be simpler (a lot less pondering, a lot less “what if”), but I think it would be boring. I’m not sure if that is better or worse. I imagine it depends on what you like in life. When I’m beat down and frustrated, it probably would be easier to have no mystery. But I’m not really one for ‘easier’.


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