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Devo Magix: Execrations

Most Kemetics know about execration, or at least, we know of them. Execrations are highly misunderstood within the Kemetic community, and in some ways, they are generally feared. I wanted to clear up some ideas about execrations, and how you can bring them into your practice- whether you’re Kemetic or not.

Execrations Then:

Back in antiquity, execrations were a daily practice in the temples. It’s considered that they might have occurred multiple times daily, even. Execrations were considered integral to keeping the kingdom and all of the Created world safe. Execrations were generally exacted against agents of a/pep and all enemies of the king and/or ma’at.These rituals weren’t optional- they were mandatory. Ma’at, and all of creation, was always at risk to being undone. To quote Meeks:

From the moment of its creation, the world was threatened by the Forces of the uncreated, forces that the mere existence of a world drove back toward its periphery. There was no escaping these forces, even if they were pushed further and further back as the domain of the Created expanded. Because they had not been brought into being by the act of creation, they could not be definitively destroyed. They could only be defeated periodically; their repeated onslaughts made it necessary to wage unending battle to maintain the integrity and equilibrium of creation. (quote taken from Eternal Egypt).

Creation was not something to take for granted. And it’s still not. In our modern world we forget that things aren’t certain or guaranteed. The gods still fight a/pep daily. They still work to maintain order even though the majority of humanity has fallen deaf to the need or the call. Just because our lives feel more secure doesn’t mean that Creation is any more secure than it was before. The Egyptians fully appreciated the precarious nature of Creation. The wrong flood levels, a bad cycle of crops, invaders, plague- any of that could deal massive damage to the nation and its people. Creation needed everyone’s help to survive- and this is where execrations came into play.

Execrations Now:

Execrations almost seem non-existent in the modern Kemetic’s practice. Most Kemetics have a mindset that execrations are bad- that performing an execration will cause negativity to come back upon you (reminiscent of the Threefold Rule that really has no place in Kemetic mindset or practice). This is a crying shame, in my opinion. Execrations have so many uses and potential for creating happier, healthier people. I really think that everyone should consider making some form of execration a part of their regular practice. Most people consider execrations to be nothing more than a ritual against a/pep, but they can be used for so much more than that. Execrations are good for letting go, for moving on, for destroying bad habits, or for getting negative things out of your life. Anything and everything that could eat away at the happiness in your life could be counter acted with an execration.

Don’t like that you’re broke? Execrate anything and everything that is in your way (you could use a ‘foes of Ra’ approach to this). Don’t like that you’re overweight? Execrate your bad eating habits, laziness, or other factors that could be holding you back. Heavy shadow work that you’re trying to work through? Blast that stuff away with a strong execration. Anything and everything can really be enhanced via execration. Execrations are there to demolish things that are blocking your path.

So how do you do an execration?

Traditional execrations can be pretty extravagant. The more complex execration rituals in Eternal Egypt include an ‘ingredients list’ of: water, natron, incense, candle or oil-lamp, a wax figure of a/pep, sheets of papyrus, green ink, copper pan, wood or charcoal, herbs (dragon’s blood, nettle, etc), iron knife or nail, black thread, flint blade, red clay pot, sand and a lid for said pot.

That’s a lot of stuff! But execrations don’t need to be that complicated (and in Reidy’s defense, there are execration rites in Eternal Egypt that require little to no supplies to perform). Most execrations have elements that are similar, despite the technique being different. Here are the basic elements of any execration:

  • Creation and identification of an item with a/pep and the things you wish to execrate (in this post, the item would have been the red pot).
  • Defiling this item via stabbing, spitting, trampling, or other destructive means.
  • Burying, flushing, or disposing of said item.

The steps are pretty simple and straight forward. I have found that a lot of what makes an execration effective is the emotion you put behind it. There is some sort of release in ripping apart a piece of paper, stabbing a figure, smashing a pot, etc. It allows your emotions to be let out in a safe manner that helps you to move forward and eradicates things that hold you back.

While using an ‘old school’ execration rite from antiquity is awesome, sometimes we don’t have the ability or desire to use something from ‘back in the day’. But no worries, you can easier come up with your own rites and methods to execrate the unwanted or unneeded. To create your own execration, you’ll first need to determine what you wish to execrate. You could try to execrate anything and everything in one go, but I recommend taking a few things at a time and doing multiple, smaller execrations. Once you have decided what you might wish to get rid of, you’ll want to determine what item will best work for your means. You could go the traditional method and use red pots or wax figures. You could use fresh paper. You could build a sand castle or use a mug that you can’t stand. You could create a pillow and stuff it with things that you want to destroy- let your creativity and specific situation guide you.

You will then need to imbue that item with whatever you’re trying to get rid of. You can write these items or attributes on the item (in the case of paper or pots), you can state or visualize what you’re wanting to execrate as you create the item (as with the sand castle). You could do both, technically (I tend to). Once you have your item ready, you will take this item and beat the crap out of it. Yell at it, stab it (or draw knifes in it), scribble on it, maim it, stomp on it, spit on it- whatever. Destroy it as much as you can. Put all of your energy into it until you are completely spent.

Then, you will take what is left of your item, and get rid of the remains. A lot of times I flush things down the toilet. However, you can’t do that with, say, pot shards. In those cases, I throw them in a dumpster or bury what is left. If you went the sand castle route that I mentioned before, you might want to smooth out the sand to the point that you can’t tell anything transpired. You more or less want to remove and eradicate any and all remains of the execration.

How often you want to repeat this process (and how complicated you want the process to be) is entirely up to you. Most Kemetics I know only perform one execration per year- at Wep Ronpet. However, in the month and a bit since Wep Ronpet occurred, I have found that I have done 3 or 4 execration rites of some capacity- and I have found that doing them has helped me progress a lot faster in my shadow work lately. Whether you need to perform them daily, monthly, yearly- etc. is going to be dependent upon your particular situation and what you are working on currently. Don’t be afraid to do them regularly, though. Especially if you feel the urge!

I believe execrations deserve to have a more prominent place in modern practice. They have such a variety of uses and purposes, and I would love to see more people give them a shot!

Do you perform execrations? What are your thoughts and experiences with them?

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Devo Magix: Barriers, Shields and Warding; Part 1

During my time in Kemetic groups and forums, I’ve realized that very little is ever shared or discussed about basic ‘magix’. No one really talks about cleansing items or your house. Making amulets or sigils are almost never discussed. And there has never been discussion about warding or barrier creation. I personally think this is a shame, as you never know when things could go wrong, or when you might need extra protection in a situation.

To help with this, I have decided that I will create a series of blog posts relating to these exact things. I want to discuss my methods and means to cleanse, create and protect in a more ‘magical’ sense. My methods are by NO MEANS the only methods. They just happen to be what works for me.

If you enjoy this series, or want me to discuss different aspects or topics of a similar nature, please feel free to post your ideas in the comments section. If there is anything that you would like clarification on, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need/would like 🙂
This week, I would like to talk about warding and protection. I saved this topic for last because to become really good at warding, you will likely need to utilize a lot of the other concepts that I’ve discussed prior to this point. Barriers are very free flowing and creative in nature, and there are many things you can use to enhance your warding skills or the strength of your wards. I highly recommend that you learn to layer your wards and that you experiment with different creation methods and techniques so that you can find a style that works best for you.

(as a side note, I will be using the words wards, barriers and shields interchangeably).

Protective magix of this type come in three styles, in my opinion. Those styles are:

  • Warding yourself- just your person
  • Warding a location- your house, a room.
  • Warding an item (or another person)- pick an item, any item.

Each of these styles requires a different approach to the warding process. For example, you will need more energy to create a ward the size of a person than a ward for a small statue; and you will need more energy to ward a house than a room or a single person. Determining what types of needs you have first will help save your trouble later!

So what can I use to create a barrier?

Much like with cleansings, there are ‘ingredients’ you can use to create wards. Here are some basic ideas of what you can use to create wards:

  • Energy around you (such as from the earth, stones, rocks, etc)
  • Energy from within yourself
  • Charged items (such as amulets, sigils and witches bottles)
  • Energy donated from other parties (such as deities, fae, other people, etc)

For the ward to hold up the best, I recommend a mixture of these things.

Determining which of these things you need is a bit tricky. Like with almost everything I do, I feel that knowing what you’re going to be warding is the first step. If you are only protecting yourself, you won’t be able to have a whole lot of charged items on you- so you might need to rely more on your own energy. Conversely, due to the size of a house, perhaps it is best to use some items to help strengthen your wards, as opposed to relying solely on your own energy.

So let’s break down the most common forms of shielding, and discuss the steps I use to create a ward for that particular situation.

Warding yourself (and only yourself):

This is one of the easiest places to start, in my opinion. Because it is only yourself, it is easy to feel the energies and practice without a lot of notice. I also recommend with starting with shielding yourself because it is one of the best ways to protect yourself in any situation. Once you get good enough at creating barriers and shields, you should be able to set up a barrier around yourself in a matter of seconds- in any situation. Mind you, these things take time to build up- but because the capacity for that level of protection is there, this style of warding shouldn’t be overlooked.

Often times, I use a mixture of my own energy and the energy around me for protection. If I’m feeling lazy, I also like to add the benefit of having an amulet on my person to create an extra layer of protection. Whether I need a ton of layers or not really does depend on where I’m going. For an average day, I don’t need a whole lot. If I’m going to be mixing with a bunch of people in a small space, I will probably do all three.

The amulet is a gimme. You can read about amulet creation here.

For pulling my own energy for protection, I will visualize liquid or color pouring out of my person and forming an oval or sphere around myself. Many times, I will have the energy spawn from my wrists and wrap around myself. For pulling energy from the area around me, I visualize the source coming from the floor- usually in a circle around my feet. This energy then makes it’s way up over my head to form a sphere around my person.

Unfortunately, this is difficult to explain- my best advice is to work with it yourself and through practice, it should make more sense or become easier. This is one of those situations where you often have to ‘do’ to get it.

Warding a room or location:

If you have the ability, you should try to cleanse your area first- pushing all of the negativity out, and bringing good stuff in. Barriers don’t do a whole lot of good if you’ve got negativity inside- it just traps it in there with you. You can see my cleansing post for ideas on that.

When warding a room or house for the first time, I always recommend using other items to assist you. I feel it helps the visualization process and helps you to learn where the edges of your barrier are, how they feel, etc. It also helps to clog up any holes. Here is a list of some items that I have used in the past for helping wards:

  • Tarot cards
  • rocks/stones
  • statuary (particularly relating to gods)
  • jewelry
  • oils (you would place a dab on the walls and/or windows)
  • paintings/pictures
  • pre-charged amulets and talismans
  • sigils
  • salt/sand

Much like with cleansings, you can use multiple layers of items if you want. When setting up items, I like to use crosshairs in my rooms- one item on each wall. If you wanted more protection, you could use more items, perhaps doing two cross hairs in a room. Here is an example of a few ways you could set up items in your house for various levels of protection:

As you can see, by the end- things are a little crazy looking. However, if you wanted to get that complex- you can. Creating little spheres of protection for each room, and then leaving items outside to create an even larger area of protection for the whole house.

If I plan on using items to help my warding, I will charge and set them in their proper places before I begin the actual warding process. Here is a generalized step by step format of how I ward a house (a room is just a miniature version of this):

  1. Cleanse your area (if you have time).
  2. Select and set up any items you wish to help with the warding process.
  3. Start at the entrance to the room or house- ask any other entities (deities, etc) that you would like assistance from for their help before you begin.
  4. Move clockwise through the room you are in- touch or focus on each item you are using in the process. Mentally draw a line of energy in your mind connecting all of the walls together. (You can use something like incense or a flame to help draw the energy while you move around the room, if you need help visualizing).
  5. Once you have come full circle in the room- move to the center of the room.
  6. Focus on all of these items creating big sphere around the room you are in. Bring this energy up (along with your own person energy, the earth’s energy, etc) towards the roof (the shape is your choice- pyramid, sphere, square, whatever). You want to see all of this energy touch and become seamless.
  7. Once you have finished this room, you may move to the next room and follow the same process.
  8. If you are enclosing the whole house in a sphere, and not doing the room by room format, I recommend you go to the center of the house and continue with step 6- focusing on the energies in the area coming up over the house, enclosing it, embracing it- and protecting it.

Visuals to hopefully help:

Steps 1-3 for warding a room

Warding an Item:

First off- why would you want to ward an item? Well, there are a couple of reasons, the biggest being you don’t want that item’s joo-joo leaking out into your space. Say someone who doesn’t like you gives you something that has some sort of nasty ickiness in it- and you can’t properly cleanse the item for a couple of days. While you wait for the time to cleanse said item, you could easily ward it up into a safe zone so that it can’t affect the nearby areas.

Warding an item isn’t too difficult. Once of the easiest ways to ward an item is to place it on top of a sigil, or in a box lined with sigils. You can also place other items around it, if you need to, to keep it contained (much like how you would do with a room). I’ve also found that placing items in a black leather or black velvet bag is useful for trapping or containing energies inside. I also like to use black mirrors for this (placing it on top of a black mirror, or in a box lined with black mirrors). If you are good with energy manipulation, you could create a mini-energy sphere (or whatever shape) around the item to keep it locked up.

Or you could use multiple formats of these.

Taking it to the next level:

The best way to make your wards better is to practice. Learning how the energies feel and how they work for you BEFORE shit hits fan is a good thing. That way, when something major happens, you’ll be able to act accordingly. You won’t be scrambling to keep yourself safe.

The second best thing you can do is experiment. Try making your barriers into different shapes such as squares or pyramids. Try making them look like a golf ball. Experiment with color or texture (I know someone who makes theirs like cobweb. Another like water. Another like mirrors). The sky is the limit, and you can create as many layers of energy as you need to keep yourself safe (when I was at my worst, I was making 8 layered spheres- each with their own properties- and an inner sphere attached to me). You’ll never know what works best for you until you try!

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