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FK Journal: Dancing with the Universe

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When there is something we need, we can petition the Divine, for we are only petitioning ourselves. Everything is part of one thing, and one piece can affect another. This is not to say that you will be answered, of course. There are many parts, and sometimes what they want conflicts with each other. But as part of the Divine we have the right to ask and be answered.

This is a touchy topic for me. Asking for things. Requests. Prayer. There was a time when I refused to ask the gods for anything. I felt that if they felt I needed it, they would send it my way. And that anything that I truly wanted, I needed to get off of my own ass and do it. This mentality also fueled my lack of magic workings. When I started into Wicca, most of the books out there talked about magic. Circle casting. Herbs. Stones. Whatever you needed to create spells to make stuff happen for you. However, any time that I worked on getting things to happen for me, it seemed that nothing ever happened. Life moved as it should. Things came to me when they were supposed to come to me- and that my magic had no effect on the gears of life. Because of this, I fell out of the practice of magic, and I never really caught on to praying or asking the gods/powers that be for the same reasons.

I felt that my ‘magic’ was me doing things my own way. Working hard to make stuff happen, and letting my mental ‘can do’ attitude be what makes things happen for me. And overall, this has worked for me. I need something- I go out and make it happen. I’ve only really asked for help when I was seriously at the end of my rope (and my version of at the end of my rope and Set’s version of at the end of my rope don’t always line up). All in all, this is still the system that I use.


What is worth asking for? Why?

As stated above, I only ask for things that I really feel I need. I don’t waste the gods’ or my time asking for trivial stuff. I feel it belittles my abilities and the gods’ good graces. So I only ask for what is really really important. Or when I seriously feel I can’t take anymore.

What does it mean to petition the Divine for aid?

There are many methods. You could sit down and chat with the Divine and hope that if you drop hints, the universe will respond. You could directly ask. Magic is another method. Getting up and doing mundane things to help your crisis is another method. Any of these could apply as a definition for petitioning the Divine for aid.

In short, doing whatever you feel is best to reach your end goals. Whether it’s relying upon yourself, or others to reach those goals.

How does interconnectedness apply to requests for aid? What does it mean here to be all one thing as well as individuals?

I think it means that we can rely on others. And that responses to requests for aid can come from any portion of  ‘the whole’. You might ask one portion for help, and receive that help from a totally different ‘section’ of the divine. There are no hard set rules. It also can mean that everything is connected, and requesting for help can affect other areas of the divine in ways that you didn’t anticipate. So that you should ask for help with caution.

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