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FK Journal: Divine Relations

The next topic we are covering in FK is Divine Relations.

Our relationship with the Divine is complex. All that we are is of the Divine, as the Divine is the entire Universe. However, our own ego and masks block us from the Divine, leaving it a thread that runs through us but not our entire personality.

I would agree with most of this. I agree that the divine is complex, and that it’s all around us. I personally believe that both Shinto and Kemeticism teach this- Shinto being more obvious in it’s methods. Everything comes from that initial spark. Whatever it is that caused all of this to come into being- it’s in all of us. In everything around us. So we’re all divine.

We put faces on the Divine to separate ourselves from it, to relieve ourselves of the responsibility of recognizing that we are faces of the Universe. And we relate with those other faces as though they are separate beings, not a part of ourselves. While there is nothing wrong with relating with the Divine in this way, it is a fallacy and it does need to be recognized as such. We are the Divine, we are the Universe, and we cannot neglect this reality for the comfort of distance.

I think this depends on the person, and their opinion on the nature of divinity, and the gods. I personally believe that there are entities that are outside of me that are also divine. So I am removed from them- yes. But I’m not relying upon them to do all of the work, either. I’m not relieving myself of anything. If anything, I’m taking on as much responsibility as I can to help make the world a better place, or at least my corner of the world better. I think one can see the divine within and without all at the same time.

As for the rest of the article, I agree with what has been said. There are no good ways to describe the divine. There are no ways to box it. It is in everything, and ultimately, there is no way to completely know it in it’s entirety. It’s too big. You can’t know everything about everyone that has ever been. You just can’t.


How do you see the Divine? Do you feel words are accurate, or do they fall short?

I see the divine as being within and without. Divinity includes ourselves, everything in our house, the earth, the animals, the trash in your garbage. Everything. I think it also includes a set of entities that do not exist primarily in this plane that most people would call “gods”. With that, I would say that it encompasses any and all entities that might exist in planes that are not our own. I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting. Basically, it’s everything. And of course, the words fall short.

What do you wish you could hide from the Divine? What does it mean that you can’t?

I personally don’t understand why you would want to hide from the Divine, or why you would think that you could. It makes no sense to me. No, instead I would rather reach out towards it, and try to become more in alignment with it (both within and without). I think that this could help me make my halves whole, and help to fill the hole that I have been experiencing all these years. And with the can’t, I believe that has to do with the divine already being in everything. It already knows all that you know. There is no way to hide from yourself.

What do you think is an appropriate relationship between yourself and the Divine? Why?

It depends on what form of divinity you’re referring to. I think the best way to approach anything of divine nature is to be balanced and whole- which means knowing yourself. Often times other outside divine forces have to step in to help make you whole, complete, and therefore balanced. Being open to these changes, to growth and learning all can help you to approach the divine and form a relationship with it. Why? Because you’re simply open to the idea, open to the change that the divine requires of you to reach your potential.

What does it mean to mess that relationship up?

I personally don’t think there is a way to entirely mess up a relationship with the divine. I think there is always a way to go back to the beginning, and start anew with yourself or the gods. That there isn’t anything so horrible that you could do to completely screw yourself out of it. However, if you did get very very close to that point, I imagine it would mean that there is a lot of hard hard work ahead of you. It’s a case of digging yourself out of a hole that is of your own creation. That is not easy and it’s also humiliating (imo).

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