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How to Build a Heart: Creating a Base

If there’s one thing I can say about this entire process that I’ve gone through, it’s that you can’t and shouldn’t underestimate the power that physical items can have on the Unseen. I usually felt like a lot of physical items were there to mainly help myself visually make connections with what I was doing. But that ultimately, a lot of the power was coming entirely from me. However, as I’ve gone through the process of trying to heal Father-Lover, and upon failing that, pushing Father-Lover out of my life, I’ve found that items can definitely do a lot more than I had originally given them credit.

The more I looked through comparisons between what was going on astrally and the items that laid around my house that were connected to astral people, I found that moving items in the house could have an effect on what was going on Over There. So as I began to move forward with rebuilding myself, I knew that I needed to be particularly careful about what I did with the items that I was attaching to myself and to my purpose/goal. To treat the items carelessly could very well undo a lot of the work we were undertaking.

When I first decided that I was going to rebuild my heart, I was pretty excited. I thought the notion of being able to rebuild myself into whoever or whatever I wanted to be was pretty cool, and I looked forward to tailoring who I was into someone more like what I wanted to be. However, I found very fast that this is an incredibly daunting task, and once my health tanked a month after starting this project, I found myself bitterly hating even coming up with this thing.

The first thing that I did was work to establish my ib jar in some capacity. Since it still smelled of weird cherries, I decided that the scent was the first part I needed to work on. Smells are important in Kemeticism, after all. The fine scent of incense is what draws the gods close to us, and I felt that having a nice-smelling heart might help to attract my inner divinity back in.

So first I placed a bunch of coffee beans in the bottom. I was hopeful that they would help to neutralize any remaining cherry smell that was in the jar. I then ground up several flavors of incense and placed them in the bottom of the jar as my base. On top of that, I added some salt for purity purposes, and some of my MMJ tea to help keep myself calm on all levels. I let this steep for a week or so and eventually added another kind of tea that reminds me of my family and considered the scent portion good.

I also added a ma’at feather, to keep myself balanced, and I placed my Ptah pendant in the bottom. I felt that both of these items could help to keep myself more balanced, and to help drive myself to become better at handling my various moods and emotions.

But then I was stuck.

On the astral, we had run into hiccups with my healing. There were several reasons for this, most of which are irrelevant, but the main takeaway was that I should have either woken up and “resurfaced” into my body by this point. Or I should have been able to create an interior space for myself where I could begin to heal. I was still sitting in a black void, though, which meant something wasn’t quite right.

I was urged to embody myself in some capacity. Take a form (whatever I’d like!); create a space to call my own (it can look like whatever you want!); or make some sort of item that reminded me of myself (any shape! any size!). But in every attempt to do these things, I found that I couldn’t. The more I tried to figure out who or what I was “supposed” to be, the more upset I got. The notion of trying to create a space that was all to myself sent me into a panicked frenzy, and it got to a point that even bringing it up made my chest tighten. For someone who knows themself so well on the physical, I apparently don’t know much about myself on the astral. Trying to recreate myself after eons of being merged with someone else was causing me a lot of mental hell.

And I stayed in that hell until the middle of May.

I got so frustrated with my project that I had to put my ib jar away for a while. The simple act of looking at it would make me so upset that I couldn’t stand it. So I thought that some space would be helpful. I still couldn’t see anyone in the Unseen, either, and that was not helping. Usually when I get stuck, I go and talk with the gods or converse with one of my menz or contacts to see what they’d suggest on the matter. But I was still locked in the darkness with everything cut off from me. I would have to figure it out on my own somehow.

Some how.

I would love to tell you that I pushed myself until I really got a deep understanding of who I was or what I wanted to be, but that’s not really how everything went down. It happened very suddenly one day without a whole lot of explanation, when I was kicking around ideas about how to proceed with all of this. At first, I was telling myself that creating my own space wasn’t really that bad, and that I should look at it like being moved from a cubicle jungle to my own office. It’s really not that scary, and nothing says that I have to spend the rest of my time alone because I’ve made my own space (a huge fear I seemed to carry was that I’d be all alone). So think of it like a new office! I just need to figure out what I want my desk to look like.

I continued to kick this idea around until I could suddenly find myself standing in the darkness. Once there, I almost forced myself to envision what I thought my core might look like, and I fine tuned it until I could at least tolerate what I was looking at. And when I finished, I was pulled into that item into an interior space. It wasn’t much, but it was a start.

I also got very lucky while out shopping one day, in that I found a piece of jewelry that screamed “this is it” to me. And by this is it, I mean: this is the piece that will represent yourself. I wasn’t sure if it was correct, and I worried and stressed that I was picking up the wrong thing. However, I was pushed to get it anyways, and so I did. While I still wasn’t sure what exactly I was doing, I at least had enough to get going.

And so the building actually began.

For this project, I decided to take a multi-pronged approach to rebuilding myself. First was to create a sort of “trap” jar that would capture anything harmful that was coming after me. I was in a period of instability, and I wanted to make sure that I protected myself during this time. This involved taking a black jar and filling it with grounding materials and a magnet, and then placing an item inside of the jar that is “like me, but isn’t me”. I then placed it in a safe spot to attract all of the negativity away from me. This way, I wouldn’t have to worry about dodging punches while I healed.

I then made another container that allowed me to let go of some of the negative stuff that was happening around me and stressing me out. I used some of the basic ideas in the post that I got the idea from, but modified it a bit. I chose to use salt and rice as my base, as I consider both to be soothing. This would hopefully allow me to stay calm while I worked on letting go. I used hematite beads that I had laying around in a craft bin, and then I wrote things that I wanted to let go of on paper strips. This included things like the names of people whose negative words needed to leave my mind, bad anon-hate, negative things I tell myself, doubts I had, etc. I left this out in an open place so that I could shake it whenever I felt these things taking hold of me.


Through making both of these items, I felt like I had made a level base to get started on the real work at hand.

I took out my ib jar and added several more things to my scent and ma’at base. I added in pieces of paper that had phrases and sayings on them that I wanted to keep in mind as I moved forward. Things like “You exist beyond someone’s perception of you” or “I am able to connect with myself and those around me”. Things that I felt would help keep the negative self-talk down, and allow me to better exist in the world around me. I also added origami stars to my jar that had dreams and things I’d like to achieve written on them. And for a final touch, I added in a small (fake) fish to eat any negativity that happened to slip in.

I then created a shrine for the jar to rest upon. Everyone needs a place to rest and to recover, and that’s what the shrine was meant to embody. As such, I was careful in what I chose to place in the area, trying to keep in mind that everything here could have some sort of unforeseen effect on the work I was doing.

And with that, the first phase of recreating my heart had begun. But how far would it actually carry me?


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Devo Magix: Spoon Heka

Ever since I learned about Spoon Theory, I have had a thing for spoons. I think this is because it gave me an image to latch on to that represented so much of what I was going through, and in the process, I have collected quite a number of spoons.


Most of these spoons sit in a special cup on my personal shrine at home. Because there is no discreet or easy way to carry spoons with me, I am forced to leave my spoons at home in their cup and go on with my day without them. It has always been my hope that I could find spoons that I could hang on a necklace, or put on a key chain or spoons that would be small enough to carry on my person. It just so happens that I finally found some.

My partner found a set of teapot spoons online, and decided to get them for me on a whim. They suit me in a lot of ways- I love tea and the rhinestone on the handle is really up my alley. And the best part about these spoons is that they are small and have a loop in the handle, which can be strung up on a necklace.

My original intent was to get some thin satin cording, however my attempts at finding a color that suited my needs was proving difficult. I could find a ton of rainbow colors, as well as a bunch of really boring, washed out colors. But there wasn’t anything that really worked for me.

In my despair, I meandered around the Micheal’s and tried find something else that would work for my needs. I came across this really nice “yarn” that I felt I could use. And I was in luck because it was on sale, and there were two sets of colors that suited the gods I worked with- the red reminding me of Set, and the blue cording reminded me waaaay too much of the River and Big O. I felt like it was a win-win for me all around.


So I sat down with all of my supplies and decided what to do with the spoons. Due to the thickness of the cording, I could no longer string beads onto the necklace like I had originally hoped. However, I decided to play off of the netting that existed within this “yarn” and I worked with knots and numbers instead.


For the red cord, I chose to place two knots above the spoon. Two was a number of duality in ancient Egypt, and I have come to associate two with not only creation, but balance. Harkening back to balancing my two halves and making them whole, I can no longer look at the number two and not think about this. The same way that Ptah balances chaos and stability, I balance my work with Set and Osiris, and I balance my internal self with my external life. Balance is incredibly important to me, and so I felt that having two knots suited this need well.


The blue cording was a slightly different story, though. I decided to try and make a more complicated knot for this piece, which is perhaps a reflection on the complicated nature of mine and Osiris’ relationship. I opted to look online for something that would translate well into this thicker “yarn”, and I found this. And so I decided to give it a shot. After I created the more complicated knot, I added two smaller knots to either side of the main piece. The number 4 represented completeness and totality in ancient Egyptian symbolism, and I felt that I could use some completeness and stability in my self-care. This also mirrors Osiris himself, who is known to be the djed pillar- a beacon of stability and endurance.


Although the necklaces probably look more home made than some people would prefer, I liked the informality of each of these pieces. I also like that I could take the spoons off of the current cording, and switch them out for something else. So if I decided that I wanted to change the focus of the cord, I could either untie them, and redo them in a more suitable format. Or, I could destroy the current cording, and replace it with entirely new cording that suits my needs. Either way, there is a lot of flexibility in what I could do with these pieces, and I like that.


I am super happy that I can finally take a spoon with me to work or to family gatherings or what have you. It feels nice to be able to look down and see the cording, or to rub the spoon between my fingers when I’m stressed and know that I am not alone. And because the cording ties back to my gods, it’s another way to have them in my day to day life in a not-so-obvious way. I can’t wait to be able to take these spoons with me, and see how they influence my ability to cope with day to day life, as well as how many learning opportunities they will provide when someone asks me “Why are you wearing a spoon?”.

Have you ever performed any spoon heka? If so, how did you go about it?

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Devo Magix: Impaling Magix

This technique is a byproduct of my work with Osiris last fall. As I was preparing for the Mysteries, Osiris showed me a way to help people heal through stabbing them. However, I can’t run around stabbing people here in the physical, so I created this method as an alternative for physical workings. The concept behind this practice is that you are essentially pinning down a person, problem or situation so that it can’t run away. You are forcing the issue and forcing those involved to handle the situation and fix it. Usually, fixing it will result in healing- at least in the Unseen. Results on the physical side can vary and I don’t recommend trying this technique unless you’re willing and ready to face potentially hard choices and have potentially unforeseen results (as can be the case with any magix). This method of magix is not recommended if you want a smooth and easy ride.


For this magix you will need a few supplies:

  • A container such as a bowl or dish
  • Paper
  • Writing instruments
  • Something you can pour into the dish such as sand, rice, flour or salt
  • A stabbing implement such as a needle, knife, fork, chopstick, etc.

 The Method:

As stated above, the basic idea here is that you’re going to be taking something that you want to change- a situation, a problem, whatever, and pinning it down so that it can be addressed. You can do this in a lot of different ways, but I’m going to be discussing the most basic method that I have employed over the past few months to start off with. As with any magix, feel free to experiment with your own ideas and try new things!

The first step (after you decide what you’re going to be fixing) is to get three pieces of paper that will fit inside of your dish. The dish I used in this example is a small circular dish, so I cut my pieces into circles. Essentially, the top and bottom sheets of paper will be marked with sigils that direct energy into the middle sheet of paper which is where you will write what you want to “pin down” to be changed.


In this situation, the middle sheet of paper was related to my workplace, so I stated that I wanted the workplace to improve. Both sheets of paper have directional arrows on them to push energy into the middle paper, into the petition. As you can see in the photo above, you will be stabbing these pages in this order. Make sure whatever paper you use, that your stabbing implement can actually pierce all of the sheets.

And this is where it gets tricky!

You’ll want to slowly pour your sand, rice, flour, salt, etc. into the dish that you’ll be using. I recommend pouring a fair amount in before you stick your impaled papers into the bowl, that way they will stand up properly. If you put the impaled papers in too quickly, they’ll fall over, or possibly slide off of the impaling implement. After some finagling, mine looked like this:


You can technically do this method without a dish, if you prefer (images at the bottom), but I like to use the dish as a means of stabilizing out what is going on. For this particular spell, I wanted something to keep things clean and (hopefully) calm. So I went with a lot of salt and a little bit of sand. In another version of this spell that I did, I went with rice and natron because I felt it would be calming and soothing for the situation. Use your judgement with what you think will work best.


I then placed some local plants onto the sand before I covered them up entirely. I did this in an effort to get local land spirits to help my cause, since it would be to their benefit if I were able to keep a steady and stable job.


And lastly, I tied some red thread through the eye of the needle as a means of doing some knot magix. I wanted the red to be eye catching as well as help with funneling more energy into my cause. I also added a piece of paper into the end of the needle that further explained my petition to any entities that wished to help. The whole notion is that everything is funneling and propelling energy down the needle and into the situation at the base of the needle. The whole point is to drive everything and everyone to work on the issue so that it can be resolved.

But does it work?

My answer is: I think so! I wanted to test this spell out before I made it live. I made this original container at the end of last year in hopes of making my job situation better. At first, I wasn’t sure that it was working. However, by the end of December, I could definitely see changes that were starting to roll through my office. As of writing this post at the beginning of April, we’ve had at least one major shift in the personnel in our office, and I still have the bowl sitting outside doing its job. So for all I know, more changes will come in the future.


As you can see, the paper that sat on top of the needle blew away in a winter storm and the needle has sorta fallen over. However, I do believe the petition was heard and that things did get moving because of this. However, it was not a smooth ride, and I did have a lot of times where I questioned what I should do and whether I had taken the right course of action. This seems to be one of the downsides to using this method- the results aren’t always what you expect them to be, and the results getting there are not always easy.

Another example of this type of magix is this piece here, which I made for a friend who was heavily injured:

This particular dish was made to be like an imiut fetish. Many imiut have a lily at the end, and I wanted to emphasize healing and growth, so I chose a lily (typically called a lotus) for growth and a Sa for protection during the transformation. Unfortunately, this one did not seem to work and my friend lost his battle against his injuries, may he travel safely to the West.

For my last example, I wanted to show how this may work without a needle or a dish. As stated above, you can use virtually anything that can stab or impale the sheets of paper. You also don’t necessarily need a dish to contain the papers- it just depends on what type of method and result you’re aiming for.

binding fork

For this spell I chose to use a fork. That is because the sentiment behind this working was “I hope you eat your words” and the fork seemed fitting for that. Like the other spells, the intent and petition is written on the paper which I pierced through. I then wrapped red and black cording around the rest of the fork as a means to bind the person to the words that they had spoken and to prevent them from saying anything else. So again, there are many applications and methods that you can use.

Impaling magix can be used to heal, to transform, or to curse. If you try any of the methods above, please let me know how they work out for you!


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Devo Magix: Car Magix

I spend a lot of time in the car. And I mean a lot. In fact, most of us probably do- it seems you can’t live these days without a car. But despite the fact that many of us spend an hour (or more) per day in our vehicles, there is little to no tutorials out there on car magix. I’ve decided that I’d list a few of the things I do regularly to my car and hopefully you’ll be able to take some of these ideas and apply them to your own!

Protective Items and Amulets

One of the easiest things to do is to create a protective item for your car (or purchase one, such as a driving omamori). These items can be stashed in a variety of places in your car such as:

  • Glove box
  • Car remote/garage remote
  • Under your visor
  • Key ring
  • Console (usually btwn the seats)
  • Trunk/spare tire pit
  • Undercarriage of your car (be careful what you put down there!)
  • Underside of your hood
  • Rear view mirror
  • The pouches on the back of your front seats
  • Underneath the front seats

These items can be in just about any form. They can be sigils scrawled on paper, or on the backs of keychains, hub caps, and car jars. They can be enchanted pennies and other change that lives in your cup holder. You could charge your bottle of emergency water that you keep in the trunk to help keep you safe. You could easily take any stone or other talisman that calls to you, charge it up for protection, and place it in a location that works well for you. It doesn’t have to be fancy or flashy to get the job done. Remember that sometimes the best magix hides in plain sight.

Using the Exterior of Your Car

One of the methods I like to use for protecting my car is through drawing sigils on the exterior. I often will physically draw sigils in the dust on my car (or you could use some type of writing utensil that is suitable for the exterior.. or just draw with your finger). Once I’ve got the sigils plastered all over it, I will wash the dust away. The sigils remain in tact, though invisible to the naked eye, and the car has been cleansed- removing any bad stuff from it.

You can also anoint your car with oils or special waters to help cleanse, consecrate or protect it. You could even do the sigil work above (with your fingers, or with an oil/water), cleanse the car, and then anoint with oils or special water.

And for some slightly more crack induced ideas:

One of the more obscure things that I do is magix while driving. I don’t really know how it started or why I started doing it, but one day I noticed that I saw another me standing on the roof of the car. This part of me would do random things while I would drive, and eventually it began to be something I’d slightly do consciously. Many times, this version of me will do magix stuff while I am driving if the need arises.

If I suddenly see a cop, or I am worrying about getting pulled over, ‘magix me’ will often throw a ‘sheet’ over my car. In this case, it’s black, to match the car and pavement color. This sheet is essentially an invisibility cloak. As the sheet settles over my vehicle, I visualize my car becoming invisible- blending into the road and traffic.

Another thing I have done is while driving on slippery roads, I will visualize yellow/gold energy (I don’t know why) around each of my tires that can lead up to my hands/arms. This energy is geared to help grip the road. To keep my car steady, and to help me brake faster if needed.

I have no clue if anyone else does anything like this, but I’m placing them here for consideration all the same.

More mundane solutions:

I feel like a post on car magix and car protections wouldn’t be complete without a section on mundane stuff. For those of us who spend a lot of time on the road, I think its important that you consider having some essentials in your car as well. These items could be magixed in their own right, if you wanted:

  • Things that keep your car running well such as jumper cables and tire gauges
  • Things that keep you safe when your car breaks down such as blankets, emergency water and food and reflectors
  • Things that help keep you alive in emergency situations such as fire starters, window breaking tools and multi-tool knives

As with all things regarding cars, I advise you to keep your car in good working order, as magix will only take you so far. Please be sure to drive safely and responsibly.



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Devo Magix: A Sa for Protection

The Sa was a commonly used amulet in the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt and literally represented “protection”. We’re not entirely sure what the Sa was exactly- some people think it was a life-preserver of sorts, others think that it was a rolled up herdsman’s shelter (Wilkinson, Reading Egyptian Art, 197). Regardless of what the Sa actually was, it became a symbol used largely for protective purposes- and that protection could range from childbirth to traveling and was often held by deities such as Tawaret and Bes.

For this project, we’re going to create a Sa out of fabric that you can use to protect yourself, your family, or whatever you want. The supplies you’ll need are:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric (I chose red)
  • Cordage or yarn in whatever color you’d like
  • Markers (I chose black)

Sa supplies

You will want to start by cutting your fabric into a rectangular shape. Make sure that you have enough space to write your petition onto the fabric and keep in mind how tall you’ll want your Sa to be- because you’ll want to cut the fabric to about double that length.

Once the fabric is cut, decide what you’d like protection over or from. The fabric will serve as a vehicle of protection- so you’ll want to imbue it with your needs. You could anoint your fabric with oils, cleanse it with salt or natron, leave it outside to soak up solar or lunar juju, or you could leave it in your shrine case for a predetermined amount of time- whatever will help your situation and needs.


For my particular situation, I chose to write a series of sigils onto the fabric. Like with any amuletic practices, I mentally focused while writing and made sure to keep my mind on the task at hand.

The cordage is the next step. You can choose whatever colors or numbers you prefer. I would recommend not making your braids too thick, or it could cause problems with rolling up the Sa later. If braiding isn’t your thing, you could easily take a few cords and tie a series of knots into the threads with numbers that correspond to your needs.

In this case, I chose colors and numbers that corresponded to various members of my family. I braided up the the cords and knotted each end. Like with the fabric, you could choose to anoint each cord with oil or allow them to soak up energies as you see fit. Feel free to get creative with preparing the materials that you’ll be using to make your Sa.

Then, you will want to lay your braid/cordage onto the edge of the fabric like so:


And you will slowly wrap the braid up into the fabric like this:



It can take a few tries to get the fabric tightly wound around the braid inside. Once the fabric is fully wrapped around the braid, I held it like this:


You will take another section of cordage and tightly wrap it around the joint of the Sa. You can use whatever colors you like, tie as many knots as you like, or create bows if that works best for you. In the end, I ended up with this:


You could also wrap the cordage around the body of the Sa, if you wanted. Many traditional representations do have multiple knots tied around the loop of the amulet. Alternatively, you could tie another loop at the top of your Sa so that you could wear it on a necklace.

Place the Sa wherever you will feel its benefits. If it’s for protection while traveling- place it in the car. If its for your child, perhaps placing it in their pocket or backpack would work well. If its for your house, you could place it on the hearth, or a central location where the family gathers and mingles.

If anyone out there makes their own Sa, I’d love to hear how it turns out!

Other examples of this in action:

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Devo Magix: Sex Magix

Please note: This post does discuss sex and masturbation. For the purposes of this article, I will be using the word sex for both “unisex” (aka masturbation) and sex with one or multiple partners. So depending on whichever you intend to do- swap in whichever word works best for you. As with all sexual acts- please use your own discretion and keep safety in mind. Do not engage in sexual acts without your partner’s consent.

Summon Oragasm

I love using sexy sexy fun time in my magix because sex brings forth a lot of energy and juju with (for me) minimal effort and fuss. However, it seems that a lot of people don’t know about this awesome form of magix, and most of the posts and articles I read on sex magix just… don’t sit well with me. So hopefully this post will help get your mind going with some ideas on how you could utilize sex magix in your own practice.

Sex magix can be done solo (aka masturbation), with one or more physical partners, or with one or more astral/non-physical partners. Don’t let your current situation hold you back from experimenting. Sex magix works well solo and with friends.

The whole premise of the use of sex magix is very simple. Almost every form of sex magix will follow along the following lines of process:

  • Decide what it is you want to do (consecrate an item, form wards, raise energy to be put into an object or person, etc).
  • Determine if this will be done solo or with partner/s- if with other people, ask for consent and make sure that they are okay with it.
  • Determine where and how you’d like to go about it. Pick your location, set it up in a way that is pleasing for you and your partner/s.
  • Go to town, focusing on the task at hand.
  • At the very end as everyone is feeling their release, drive and focus the energy were it needs to do.
  • Bask in the afterglow.

Very very simple, yet very flexible and effective for many many things.

Because there are so many layers to sex magix, I’m going to break this down into a few categories:

  • Sex and physical vs. non-physical partners (and combining both)
  • Using toys
  • Using what you’ve got: fluids and body parts
  • Applying the concepts with a few examples

Please be aware that this guide is only a drop in the bucket for possibilities. If anything, this guide is here to serve as a primer to get your wheels turning. There are countless other ways that sex magix can be applied.

Sex and Partners

Partners (or lack thereof) is very important when doing sex magix. You need to make sure that the people you are sexing it up with are okay with using any sort of magix while getting it on, and you want to ensure that you’re comfortable with whomever you’re working with.

Sex with physical partners is pretty straight forward- I don’t think I have to explain much there (other than an emphasis on consent). But working with non-physical partners such as deities or astral entities can be a little tricky. Sex with non-physical partners can vary from person to person. Some people experience their partners as though they are here in the physical realms- when sex gets going on the non-physical side, they find that their physical body reacts exactly as it would to a physical partner being there. However, this isn’t the case for everyone- and that’s okay.

When you first start out with any sort of sexual venture with non-physical partners, remember that the same rules apply as physical relationships. Make sure that they aren’t moving too quickly for you and that you’re okay with whatever is going on. For myself personally, sex with a non-physical partner is enhanced by physical stimulation out here. So it’s not entirely uncommon for me to have a combination of physical and non-physical partners, or to be masturbating on one end, and having sex with a partner of mine (or multiple partners) on the other end. The more you experiment with this, the easier it’ll get to figure out what works best for you.

What delineates who I use as a partner/s for my sex magix depends partially on the intent of the work. If I’m trying to raise energy for a person in particular- I will usually try to get it on with them directly (where applicable) because it is essentially for them. If my workings have nothing to do with my non-physical partners, but are entirely centered around my physical life, I will opt to ask my physical partner for assistance over my non-physical partners. Other things to consider will be connection- if you need something with a lot of OOMPH, you’ll likely want to pick partners that you have particularly strong experiences and connection with, etc.

Using Toys

Toys, garments and other accessories can be helpful with sex magix. They can help to make your magix more potent or they can help to get you into the right mindset when getting started. When choosing toys, pick things that you or your partner/s will like and be sure to be aware of your comfort levels when choosing items.


Sigil in a safe location on a bullet vibrator

You can easily dedicate a certain toy or item to sex magix use in a similar fashion to how you might create an amulet or talisman. You can easily write sigils or protective/charged symbols on your items and/or anoint them with special oils of your choosing. However, be aware that many oils and markers don’t work well with your sensitive bits- so if you’re going to mark up a vibrator (for instance) make sure to only write on areas that will be safe to touch and won’t degrade the materials of the toy.

If you’re concerned about your item being safe for your skin, perhaps consider charging up a bottle of your favorite lube and using that to anoint your toy before use. That way, you’re only putting skin safe items into your more sensitive places.


An example of sigils on lubes.

You can also choose to keep your sex magix items in a protective box or bag– this way, your items will soak up all of your magix juju just be being stored away in their special place.

This concept doesn’t have to stop with toys or garments either. You could very easily charge up the sheets you do your sex magix on, or even the bed posts of your bed. There are lots of possibilities here.

Using What You’ve Got: Fluids and Body Parts

While I know this might not be for everyone, one of my favorite uses of sex magix is sealing and charging items. For me, this is primarily done through the use of fluids that come from the act of sex. Don’t discount the possible uses of fluids in your practice- you can easily use them to charge items that are tied to you and the partner/s that are performing the sexual acts. Fluids can be used to mark items as yours or can be used to consecrate an item that might symbolize the relationship btwn you and your deity (if that is the type of relationship that you have). I have also found that sexual fluids are good for warding and protection items as well. Just be aware of whether other people could be touching an item that you’ve literally marked up with body fluids- that might not be welcome in some households.

Additionally, you can easily utilize sigils and body art as a means to charge up your sex magix. Drawing a sigil on your hand before masturbating might give your sex magix an extra desired push. You can also cleanse your hands, or dip them into a special charged mixture or lotion in order to give your sex magix more direction.

You can also use your hands to charge up an item by holding onto the item during the act. If your hands are not available, you could wear the item on your person (such as a necklace) or leave it close to where you’re having sex (such as a night stand or under your pillow, etc) to allow it to soak up the juju that is created from the act.

Some Examples and Applications of Sex Magix:

From here I will discuss some basic applications of sex magix, or go through some of the basic motions of using sex magix. As stated above, this is in no way a complete list- just a few ideas to get you started.

Using Sex as an Offering

Sexual energies can easily be offered up to a deity (or other non-physical entity) and some of you may already have this occurring with or without your knowledge. You’ll likely know if this is occurring by whether you’ve got a voyeur type deity who loves to hang around during your sexy fun times and watches (or participates). If you wanted to make this happen on purpose- you could very easily let your deity know before you get started and welcome them into the space and allow them to soak up the energies that are raised during the process. Additionally, you could set aside a certain item that you will use only when you want to invite the deity or entity into your space for sexy fun times.

So, using a Kemetic ritual as an example, you might call the deity into the space, light the incense or candles (if you do so) and give them their offerings. In between leaving out offerings and reverting them- you could “perform” your sexual part of the rite, and after you’re done, revert any offerings you’ve given back, and close up your ritual space. If you were going to us a more Wiccan ritual structure, you might want to call your quarters and set up your circle. Ask in or summon your entities of choice, set out offerings, perform your sex, and then thank your deities and release the space. Obviously, you don’t have to be this formal if you don’t wish to be. I’ve often found that, like children, gods know when sex is occurring and they’ll just show up on their own and soak up the energy as it is being raised.

Conversely, if you don’t want non-physical entities watching while you get it on- warding yourself or your room up before you get started should help with this problem.

I’m sure some will ask why a god might want sexual energy dedicated to them, and I can’t entirely explain why they would. I only know that some gods seem to enjoy it as an offering and there seems to be an awful lot of gods who love to watch. So regardless of the reasons behind it- that would be the method I would use to go about making it happen.

Using Sex to Ward up a Location

I love using sex to charge up wards. There is very little else that can really mark a spot as ‘yours’ as much as sexual juju. And there is usually so much energy that gets raised during the process of sex- it makes for a great mixture. However, depending on your situation, I would opt to use this method for warding up a room, as opposed to an entire house. When using sex to ward, I’d urge you to be careful as to which rooms you’re spilling such energy into- be sure that the people who will be using the rooms you’re warding in this method are going to be okay with those types of energies floating around them (if they are sensitive to such things).

I’ve found that sexual activity, especially when you set out with the intent to ward, tends to fill a room and the process of warding sort of happens automatically. As the release occurs, the energy fills the room, and if you’re even remotely thinking about it protecting you- its going to. However, if you wish to make this more potent, I recommend trying to direct the energy during and/or afterwards- either through movement, intent, or possibly by touching the structure of the room itself (walls, floor) during the peak of your activities will get the job done.

Warding is highly personal, so I recommend experimenting with things to see what works best for you.

Using Sex to Heal

This is a technique that I use mostly on the astral, though I imagine if you’re good with manipulating energy here in the physical, or possibly had reiki training- maybe you could make it work here, too. Astrally, sometimes we get banged up, or things get hurt, and you can utilize sex magix to heal certain things. The most common thing I use sex magix for (in regards to healing) is for repairing a bond between two people, though it could be used for other ailments as well (such as removing energetic blockages or healing a specific injury).

The purpose of this method is to drive energy into a wound or a spot that needs healing. Considering that wounded folks can’t usually move around a lot- this might not be the most practical application for certain types of healing. However, the healing of bonds and connections between people don’t usually have such physical limitations.

In order for sex to heal, you’ve got to be comfortable with your partner- that is probably the most important thing I can emphasize for this. Especially if you’re wanting to heal bonds or threads. In order for the energy to do what it needs to do, you have to be okay enough with your partner to not keep a lot of walls up- otherwise, the energy isn’t going to get to where it needs to be.

The basic layout for healing through sex is pretty simple- I utilize the application of hands to a location in order to pass the energy that is being raised into the person. If you’re healing bonds or threads, this normally involves both parties touching one another around the chest area (where a lot of bonds, threads and cores are held). If you’re healing a particular wound, I would advise the hands to be placed on or around the wound so that it can be channeled into the injury. The hands don’t necessarily need to be touching the whole time- but I’ve found that, like with most of these methods, the energy is most potent around and leading up to the orgasm- so I’d recommend being in contact during those times the most and as you go at it, to focus on pushing the energy into the person or wound.

As stated above, you could make this more potent with sigils on your hands, or with unlocking certain energy points within your body (if you know how to).

Where from here?

Hopefully this guide helps you to get some ideas flowing for how you can utilize sex magix in your practice. As always, if you’ve got any questions or need any assistance, feel free to ask in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment to find out what works best for you!

To see more topics and discussion about sex magix, take a look at the “sex magick” tag on my Tumblr.


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Devo Magix: Container Magix

I will admit, I love boxes. It’s a common saying on Tumblr that witches love jars, but I honestly love boxes. They are awesome. One of the forms of magix I have really perfected over the years is box magix. However, box magix, satchet/bag magix and jar/bottle magix are all very similar, really. And for this post, I have combined them into something I call Container Magix.

How does Container Magix work?

Container magix is a lot like making an amulet. You use a variety of items that are associated with your need, and you combine them together in a certain way in your container to create the change you desire. Like always, you will start with what you want to get done. Most of the times, I create a container piece with someone in mind. I often will consider what that person likes or doesn’t like when I choose my container- which is always where I start.


Container Ideas:

  • Boxes (fancy, paper, wooden, glass, large, small, etc)
  • Jars (clear, opaque, colored, patterned, etc)
  • Shaped containers (jewelry boxes, pyramids, animal shapes, you name it)

When picking a container, you will want to try and pick something that works well for your particular cause. If you want something that no one else can see or penetrate, you will want a box that is opaque in color. If you’re creating some type of box for the fae (as an example) you will likely want a box that is not made of metal. If you need something that is very secure, you might want a box that has a lock. Clear jars for transparency of a situation. Air tight containers for trapping someone or something – etc.

In everything that you do, try to make sure that everything is an aspect of what you’re trying to achieve or create. This will help to make the magix stronger.

Filling Your Container:

This is the fun part! You can fill a container with just about anything, though as stated above, I prefer to tailor my contents to the person I’m working for.

For example- if I make a box for someone who hates mint, and I’m trying to help them become happier with the aid of magix- I’m not going to put mint in their container- even if every correspondence chart on the planet says mint = happy. Conversely, if I’ve got a friend who loves spicy things- I might add spicy things in their job jar- to help them be in their element, even though spicy things are generally reserved for curse jars.

I also make sure that when I create a container I take all of my senses into account. If I want to create a jar for happy things- I want to make sure that the colors and scent are appealing to whoever it is being made for. If I want to curse or piss someone off- I want the scent to be bitter or painful on the nose, and the colors will likely clash (if the appearance is even taken into consideration. aka make it ugly).

Don’t be limited in what you can put in a container. Here are some basic ideas:

  • Rocks and stones
  • Paper sigils and writings
  • Pictures of items, people, scenes, etc.
  • Plants, leaves, sticks, shells, dirt
  • beads, glitter, crafty items
  • liquids such as beer, water, lemon juice, tabasco
  • tea mixes, herbs, spices, salt, pepper
  • fabrics, lace, ribbons
  • trinkets, coins, pendants, jewelry
  • ground up incense
  • pretty much anything you can fit inside the container

With that in mind, here are some generalized ideas to get you going:

Curses/Execration Jars/Containers:

  • Spicy things
  • Items the subject is allergic to
  • Nails, needles, pointy things
  • Thorns
  • Blacks, reds
  • Broken glass
  • Citrus or bitter/corrosive liquids
  • Usually sealed with wax or placed in an airtight container.

Happiness Jars/Containers:

  • Things the recipient likes
  • Soft items
  • Items that are mellow and pleasant smelling (to the recipient!)
  • A container that is warm and inviting
  • Images that evoke happiness

Money/Work Jars/Containers:

  • Coins or currency
  • Semi precious stones
  • Expensive (or expensive looking) items
  • Greens and reds
  • Water
  • Mirrors

Okay, so now I’ve got my container and my items. What now?

That entirely depends on what you want to do. You can easily cleanse the container and the items, and possibly anoint them with oils, perfumes or special waters/liquids. You can charge up any of the items that go inside (see the amulets magix post for examples) along with charging the container itself.

How you place the items inside is entirely your call. Sometimes I throw everything in and give it a good shake. Other times I am very specific in my placement of the items. Use your judgement during the creation and filling process 🙂

To better illustrate how this works, let me show you some examples of container magix that I’ve done.

Nakama/To Feel Loved Container:

Nakama is a Japanese word that more or less means friends or allies. It has connotations that generally relate to people who are not related being as close as family (at least, in the forms that I’ve seen it used). I created this for someone as a means to create stability of mind and calmness/soundness of heart during a troubled time. I chose the pyramid because the recipient really really liked it. The pyramid contained images of nakama, mint tea, natron, sand, a teakwood box, slabs of stone and tumbled gems to represent the various nakama that were called upon for the task at hand.

The pyramid was surrounded by deities for protection, an owl which is close to the person I created it for, stones for various protective elements and a spire to collect and draw positive energy into the situation.

Better Health and Chill Out Containers:

This was two fold- the box is for one person, and the pouch for another.

The box was created for someone who needed some assistance with their health. I chose a tea box because the recipient loves tea. Inside of the box is a short letter I wrote, reminding them of their value and that others loved them. I filled the box with various tea blends that make the person calm and happy, stones that represent happiness, stability and close friends, and some various feathers. I also included a small metal pig- to symbolize their ability to gain weight and health.

The pouch was created for someone who desperately needed to calm down during a difficult time. The pouch contains a paper with their name on it and multiple grounding stones.

Both are surrounded by deities and protective items to help solidify and stabilize the situations that both were experiencing.

Homesick Containers:

These containers were made for someone who is currently overseas and doesn’t seem to be doing so well in the location that they’re at. They’re currently residing in a desert, and its sorta sucking the life out of them. I know exactly how this feels, so I made a container to be sent to the person, and another container which will stay here with me. I did it this way so that I could keep the container on this end charged and stable- which will travel through magix to the other container- and hopefully help the person. The hope was that one would help keep the other working properly.

Each container is made to be more or less the same. The tin was sent off to the recipient. I chose something that was small and portable, and the fact that it was once used for calming lozenges was a metaphorical bonus for this purpose. The container that is glass will stay with me. I chose something transparent so that we would be able to ensure that the recipient stayed safe and kept us all up to date on their condition while away.

The base is filled with two sigils and two pictures of the couple that this was effecting. I filled the bulk of each container with a mixture of calming herbs, petals and teas. I also added stones that represented both members of the situation and stones that evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility, as well as stones that were associated with water and forests.

Finally, I added some desert plant material to the containers to help reinforce durability while in the desert. The plants in the desert have spent thousands of years learning how to survive here. My hope was that they would be able to transfer there ability to the recipient of the container.

As you can see- you can place a wide variety of items in your containers. Each of the above containers was made specifically for the person and situation at hand with each person’s likes and dislikes in mind.

I hope that this guide helps you in creating your own magixed containers! If you have any questions, or make any containers based off of this guide, I’d love to see them!

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