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Proactively Irritating

I went to another session of therapy this past weekend. This time we focused on me letting go. Of lots of things. Things that bother me, things that I can’t control, things that I want to control… I guess a lot more bothers me than I give credit for. The moral of the session was:

I will be proactive in finding solutions to things that irritate me.

Or something to that effect. We talked about some of the small stuff that bugs me on a daily basis. Such as getting to bed late, getting up later, not eating in, not leaving on time… small stuff that slowly grinds on me – sometimes on a subconscious level. I was asked to talk with my other about how we could fix some of these issues and to come up with a game plan. I have done so and here is the general gist of what we’re going to do.

  • We need to get up within the first 2 alarms. No more of this snooze game stuff. Get up.
  • Be more active in packing our lunches the day before so that we aren’t wasting time in the morning.
  • Ditto for dishes- get them done the night before.
  • Think of smaller, easier things to eat for breakfast to free up time.
  • I need to work on cooking so that I can help with making food in the mornings and the evenings.
  • Get off the internet sooner in the evenings so that we get to bed sooner.
  • Stick to it.

None of this stuff is incredibly new, but she is holding me to my shit- which really makes me want to stick to it. I guess you could say she’s holding me accountable. Which I need. She also called me out on my shit in regards to cooking. Telling me that I need to do it. Which I knew. I know why I don’t cook, and it’s stupid, but I’ve been allowed to get away with it for so long, so I went with it anyways as dishonorable as that is. And really, it boils down to fear. I was scared to cook and get made fun of, or to have people hate it. It’s a weird fear that developed in my youth with my family and is now going to be broken, because it has to be broken. I figure if I can bake complex loaves of bread, I can make regular food. I just need to get over this stupid fear of mine. So that shall be interesting.

The hypnosis was something like the world bridge or dream bridge… it had a name. In it, I floated up over the Earth and visualized an identical planet next to it, a planet that was perfect. For me, the mirror planet looked like some weird iridescent ball that you could see through. I had to see a bridge connecting the two (some weird white arced light) and walk from one to the other. In that world, I was to walk down the street and see my house (heavy Japanese influence). I walked inside of my perfect house (also Japanese influenced) and sat around in it, feeling comfortable. I then had to go into a room that was my ‘purpose’. The room had white walls (makes me think of shoji screen, perhaps) and tatami floors (whole house did). In it, there were two shrines, one on each wall. I couldn’t really define anything, but I know what it was supposed to be. I think there was a desk in there, too. This is apparently my purpose. Before I could really think about it, I was pulled out of that world and put back in this one. I imagine the point is to try and bring the perfect world and this world into one over time.

We then did another blessing. Once again, as soon as she went into song, I found myself on that porch, furin ringing and the grass blowing. Slowly, my mind shifted to sitting in front of a campfire in the middle of the night. I really wish I knew what was up with that porch.

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The Mochi Project

It’s a standard tradition in Japan to have a Kagami Mochi for the new year. Normally, this is placed in front of the Kamidana and serves as a reminder for the renewal and togetherness that this time of the year brings. Last year, we got our Kagami Mochi really really late. And it didn’t come in until after the new year. This year, it at first appeared that there would be no available mochi- so we decided we were going to make our own.

The process is fairly simple, but quite messy. I decided to take pictures of the whole ordeal for all of you to look at 🙂

Ingredients for the mochi. We used a recipe featured on Cooking with Dog (on Youtube). If you ever are interested in learning more about Japanese cooking, I highly recommend their channel.

The process is fairly simple. You take the mochiko, mix it with sugar and then add water. Mix it well. You boil water in a pot, and once it reaches boiling point, you’ll put your mixture’s pot on top of it- double broiler style. You put a large towel covered lid over that, and let it go to town for 15 minutes. Apparently, if you wanted, you could microwave it instead.

Afterwards, you take your mixture out of the pot and lay it onto a pile of katakuri starch (potato starch). Depending on what you’re making, you might need to work quickly and mess with the mochi before it cools. For us, we were able to let the mochi rest before trying to form it into balls.

We had an issue with the balls wanting to melt into pancakes. However, if you keep at it, eventually the balls will hold their shape pretty well. Be prepared to go through a lot of starch. Be prepared to make a huge huge mess 😛

We let our balls rest for a while. During this time, I set up the ozen for the mochi which included trying to make shide. I was only partially successful. Afterwards we placed them onto a plate and then put the plate into the ozen. We decided to decorate our mochi with the orange and crane from last year’s mochi. It would have been better to use a real mini orange, but we couldn’t find any small enough. All of the Clementines were waaaaay too big this year. So we opted for a fake one.

After it was all said and done, we placed it up in front of the kamidana. We’ll be eating it in a few weeks. Not sure what we will make out of it yet, but we’ll figure something out.

The whole experience was pretty fun. Trying to work quickly mixed with long periods of waiting made for an interesting dynamic in the kitchen. It was quite difficult to not eat everything in sight. I love mochi ❤ I feel like the energy spent and the bonding that came from making it ourselves made it a better offering to the Kami than a store bought plastic kagami mochi (technically there are real mochi inside). Even though the shape isn’t perfect, and the technique isn’t quite correct, the energy and thought make a larger impact. And I can’t wait to make another batch next year!


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