May Propitiation Rubric

13 May

I was in the process of creating this rubric when I came across a line in the CT where “N” talks about being able to soothe himself by gazing upon his own beauty. This struck me, since the whole purpose of the propitiation rituals is to soothe and calm the Iyrt Re. Which then led me to wonder if we could incorporate this concept into the rubric.

I then remembered that mirrors were an offering in antiquity. I decided that I wanted to use mirrors as an offering wherein we invite the Iyrt Re to betake their own beauty, to become soothed by looking at their own beauty. If it reads a little bit like a self-care ritual, that’s because it technically is, and could be used as such.

So for this ritual, you will need a mirror, preferably two. I would recommend looking into a foldable compact mirror, which usually houses two mirrors on a hinge, which should make it easy to place on a shrine while also keeping costs low.

If you are unable to get a mirror for the rubric, I would suggest taking that section out.

Approaching the Shrine:

Exist. Be. Be with yourself in peace.
Exalted is your power, O burning Ones, O Sated Ones,
Truly, everyone knows of your power.
Your power is established throughout the Two Lands.
O you shining, golden eye of Re
May you awake in peace.

The beauty of your face glitters when you rise, O Mistress of Ma’at, come in peace.
One is drunk at your beautiful face, O Iyrt Ra, come in peace.
Truly, you are exalted
in the hair of Ra, in the hair of Ra.

See, I have come spirit-like and equipped.
I have tread the paths that only you know
So that I could approach you in peace upon this day
O Ladies of Eternity, do not repulse me upon this path.
I have looked upon your Beauty O Goddesses,
And I have come to lift up your heart so that you can behold your Splendor.

Great is your majesty when you are propitiated.
Everything that you see is yours, so long as Ra crosses the sky.
Everything that you see is yours, so long as Geb takes root in the earth.
There is no god who does what you dislike when you appear in peace and glory.

*Step forward, or open the shrine*

I open your temple. I come to you.
Your warmth and beauty surrounds me as I enter. I am not repulsed.
Behold, I have come to you to offer Ma’at,
to nurture your love for yourself.

Purification of offering space:

*Take up water bowl/pitcher*

O water, may you remove all evil,
I give you essential water, O Iyrt Re, a tide in your time.
I bring the flood waters to purify your form.
It drives away evil from your temple
So that you may be truly established on your seat.

*wet your finger and touch the four sides of your shrine, offering table or plate, etc.*

O Netjeret, your altar is cleansed by the water;
Your altar is purified by the incense;
You are cleansed by Horus;
You are purified by Thoth.
Water invigorates your body;
Bask in it and renew your youth in peace.

Presentation of Light:

*Turn on light or light candle, etc.*

May you awake in Beauty, O Glorious Eye of Heru.
Be strong and renew your youth in peace.
You shine like Ra on the double horizon.
Your word is ma’at, by reason of your Eye, whole and pure.
The Eye of Horus destroys all of the enemies of the
Two Lands in all of their places.
Nothing is hidden from the fiery sight
Of the Eye of Horus, Glorious and Complete.

Presentation of Libations:

Greetings to you, primordial water
Greetings to you, O river
Greetings to you, Great Flood,
You, the father of the gods.

*Pour the libation into a cup or bowl*

This libation is for you, O Glittering One.
I pour the libation to water your face
I give you this daily joy; It drives evil away from your heart, it gives brilliance to your ka.
I present to you that which flows from you
So that you may renew your youth in peace.

Presentation of Food Offerings:

I come near you, O Iyrt Ra, the protector of all gods.
I bring with me each and every offering that you love.
For I am Hathor, the Lady of Nourishment;
Who multiplies the cakes and gives life
to those who are faithful to her.

*place food offerings on shrine/altar*

Take the food and provisions for your subsistence.
May it restore your body and sate your hunger so that you may Thrive.
For as you Live, I Live.

Presentation of Mirrors:

Oh you Ladies of Ma’at,
Take these mirrors fashioned by Ptah,
Their disks are the sun and the moon,
Take these discs and hold them to yourself.
Contemplate your perfect silhouette, rejoice to see your beauty.
Exist with yourself. Be with yourself.
See all of your Beauty with both of your eyes.
Hear all of your music and joy with both of your ears.
Feel all of your laughter with all of your members.
Feel the exuberance of the greenness in your heart.

I give you what the right eye sees by day, what the left eye sees by night.
Your beauty, at all hours of the day. Shining throughout the Two Lands.
Softness is for your lips, your nostrils are a summer lotus;
your face is jubilant, you go out in procession and the gods rejoice to see you.
I give you joy for all of the people, for when you feel joy, the people feel joy.
Your love is great in the hearts of the people, for your love of the people is great in your heart.

Offering Ma’at:

Ma’at exists within you, in all of her radiance.
Your heart is glad when she appears within you.
Ma’at is always with you, for she is you.
Her glittering light shines forth from your jubilant face
When you are close to her, your green beauty shines through and the world rejoices.
Ma’at has taken her position within your shrine.
Thoth, the One who is Great of Magic, makes protection for you
And overthrows your enemies.
Ma’at is established throughout your Domain, truly twice established.
May you draw ever closer to your inner ma’at,
May her essence wash over you.
She resides in your heart for eternity.

Reversion of Offerings:

O Iyrt Ra, your enemies withdraw from you.
Heru has turned himself to his Eye in its name of
These your divine offerings revert;
They revert to your servants for life, stability, health and joy.
So that you may flourish for eternity.

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