Year of Rites: April

06 May

This month’s rites passed with few hitches. I had managed to find a sort of rhythm and peace throughout the month that is a rarity for me. While the month was not without its challenges, I found that things were much improved over March.

Monthly Ma’at

This day was a complete roller coaster ride. From migraines to getting windshields replaced to arguments, this day kinda featured everything. The rite was squeezed in at the end of the day after I was able to get home from everything that had gone on. It wasn’t ideal.

I felt compelled to do a second Monthly Ma’at rite on the following Monday. I realized that I could technically do a ma’at ritual whenever I felt inclined and it could easily stand in for a daily rite if I wanted.


There is very little to report for this one. The ritual went as it usually does. My body wasn’t cooperating with me that day, so I was more into resting than anything else. I didn’t bother trying to figure out how to make the offerings be the same for both akhu and O, so I decided to just let the shape of the bowl make it “equivalent” as though the offerings were the same.


This month’s propitiation fell right in the middle of a huge depressive streak. The day that I was supposed to do my rites, my schedule got messed up partway through the day, and so I ran out of time and energy by the end of the day. As such, I did my ritual on Saturday morning, which works in my favor in that I can give her fresh meat to eat instead of leftovers.

I have been slowly adding to the image every month, so this is a close up of what it’s looking like now. I kinda want to make a more-green one.


This month’s execration was a completely new idea for me.

So I had been thinking about how I felt like I was being blocked on all sides for quite a while now. And since the monthly execration was coming up, I felt like it might make sense to do something to help cut down anything binding me in place. I come up with the idea of creating a physical representation of myself being held back. I’d put an item that I associate with myself in the middle, wrap a paper with all of my hurdles written on it around said item, and then tie all of that up with string. I’d then throw it into the fire and let all of my bindings get burned away from me.

Thing is, I didn’t want the item I associate with myself to be destroyed in the fire, so I created a sort of “package” to put around it.

So the item is on the inside. I then wrapped parchment paper around that, and then aluminum foil around that. Then to be extra extra sure, I made a homemade “dough” that I then wrapped outside of the tin foil. That way, I knew the heat of the fire wouldn’t damage the item inside. I then wrote the things I wanted to be removed on the piece of paper and tied that around the outside of my parchment-foil-dough package.

It barely fit in the pot, but I made it work.

And then I set it all on fire and did my usual ritual rubric.

I offered grapes, because hearts, and grape tomatoes that we recently harvested.

He Goes Forth

This was another example of my schedule getting too busy for my own good, and having to shove my ritual off by a day. I was in the process of starting a job when this ritual came up on the calendar, and I was so overwhelmed by it all that I completely spaced doing it until it was too late at night to be able to give offerings, so I decided not to bother.

So I did my ritual the next morning, which has become my sort of “mistake MO” as it were. Just like with the propitiation above, shifting it to the next morning meant that I could give him fresh meat, which is good. Since my job will be potentially going on until the end of June, I may start doing all of my rituals first thing in the morning to make sure that offerings are readily available.

Final Thoughts

This month was hectic in a way that was different from March. I managed to get all of my rites done, and was able to try some new stuff with the execration, which I appreciated. I have created a new set of rubrics for May, and will be releasing them in the next two weeks. The only ritual I haven’t made a new rubric for is He Goes Forth, and I’m not sure if you guys want a modified/updated rubric for him? I will continue to give Wpwt a monthly rite for the rest of the year (at the very least), but I’m not sure how public I will be making the rites, so I guess give me some feedback in the comments as to whether you’d want me to publish another rubric for him or not?

I’ve found that as life continues to get more hectic, I find it harder and harder to want to make time for rituals, and I’m not sure why I don’t seem to be getting quite the same fulfillment out of doing them as I was initially (although all of my “fulfillment” has purely been this lowkey drive to want to do more rituals, which is only lukewarm in terms of enthusiasm in my books.) As we move closer to the heavier ritual season for our religion (aka Wep Ronpet Season,) part of me can’t help but be nervous about how I’m going to manage to get everything done, since O hasn’t been particularly clear about what he expects from this year’s Wep Ronpet.

I guess time will tell.

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