Year of Rites: January Execration Rubric

27 Jan

Since the multi-day festival for Ptah ends on the 28th, I figured I would weave him into my execration goings on. If you’d rather insert a different deity in this rite, you could, or you could generalize it to encompass all of the NTRW.

This execration involves some sort of effigy that you’d want to prepare ahead of time. I will likely be using a paper effigy, but you’re welcome to use other stuff if you’d prefer. I haven’t written specific ritual actions for destroying the effigy in this situation, because I’d rather people focus on the cathartic release than specifically following the actions that are laid out in the text of the rubric.

That being said, there are actions that are laid out in the text off the rubric, and you’re welcome to time your ritual actions with said text.

After the execration portion is done, a more succinct version of the usual offering structure follows, so you’ll need all of the usual trappings as you would in a normal ritual setting (candle, libations, offerings, ma’at.)

Now go smite that isfet.

In honor of the Heart and Tongue of the Ennead,
He, the father who made Atum, who gave birth to Atum,
Whose Heart makes the Gods and the People understand the way of ma’at.
I stand behind you as you stand behind me.
I go before you, as Wpwt goes before you,
To find and annihilate all of the enemies, seen and unseen.
I go out as Horus of Edfu, Lord of the bow and arrows,
And send my arrows out into the pupils of our enemies,
So that nobody hostile remains in your Retinue.
I give you the Nine Bows as prisoners,
O you who knows how to entrap the Nine Bows.
I ensure that your enemies are on the ground,
So that you can trample them with the soles of your sandals.

O you who knows how to make things Become,
I perform this act in your Name so that your enemies shall fall,
and ma’at may spring forth renewed in peace.
Hear me with both of your ears!
See me with both of your eyes!
Place your merciful face upon me and witness
the destruction of the foe of Ra!

For I have come to fell him, the foe of Ra.
To destroy his name, and to chastise his name and magic!
O he who is imprisoned in the arms of Aker,
Whose face is cut away because of what he has done,
and who suffers for his evil character.
He who has neither arms nor legs and is constrained to one space,
As Re and his Eye will it, for they have power over him in every respect.

*Take up your piece of paper, this is where you get to yell at it, stomp on it, tear it up, light it on fire, etc. Follow the prompts in the rubric or do what you feel. Get cathartic.*

Get back a/pep, get back you rebel of Ra
O Bowel, be destroyed before Ra, for I know the evil that you create.
Be spat upon oh enemy of ma’at!
Feel the weight of my legs as my foot crushes your body.
Your head is cut off! Your body is cut into pieces! You are powerless against my Effectiveness!
Flames cut into your face! Fire consumes your soul!
The knife of the execution-block is in your flesh!
Taste the cutting of the Great God!

Wither, wither! Languish, languish from the magic in my mouth!
Be put to the fire and be destroyed! Be fallen and crushed!
Thoth’s fingers are in your eyes and his magic has laid hold of you.
Your form is annihilated, your shape is destroyed in all of its places and forms.
You are rendered impotent, your soul does not exist.
Your seat does not exist. Your children do not exist.
You are utterly destroyed in every place.

Hail Ptah! Hail Re! Hail Atum! Hail the Company of the NTRW!
I have come and slain a/pep. I have taken away the heart of the Ill-Disposed One.
I have put rejoicing back in the Barque of Millions.
The hearts of the crew of Re are rejoicing within their shrines,
The souls of the gods are at peace on the double horizon.
Re is triumphant over his foes! As he is triumphant, I am triumphant!

O my father, Lord of the Gods, Greatest of the Ennead,
first primeval one, who created men, after whose coming into being all beings came into being.
I am truly the son of your heart. Divine is my heart, which issued forth from you.
The world rejoices when you appear, and magic is your protection.
Come O Ra, Come O Ptah, Come you NTRW,
Come in peace and look upon what I have done to a/pep.
His house is destroyed, his wall is ruined, his body destroyed.
Your heavens are established and your cities are firmly rooted.
The Two Lands are in joy, and the hearts of all of the NTRW are glad
for a/pep has fallen into the fire.
All of the foes of all of the NTRW are fallen.
All of the NTRW are triumphant over their enemies.
I stand behind the NTRW and make their arms strong
so that their enemies may be destroyed, as I have on this day.

Presentation of Light:

*Turn on light or light candle, etc.*

As disorder is removed and Order restored,
the Glorious Eye of Horus awakes in peace.
Be strong and renew your youth in peace.
You shine like Ra on the double horizon.
Your word is ma’at, by reason of your Eye, whole and pure.
The Eye of Horus destroys all of the enemies of the
Two Lands in all of their places.
The beauty of the Eye of Horus shines Glorious and Complete.

Presentation of Libations:

Greetings to you, primordial water
You, the father of the gods.

*Pour the libation into a cup or bowl*

This libation is for you, O Lords of Ma’at, come drink it.
Take the vase filled with the emanations of your ka; it is what comes out of you
I pour for you the primordial water to satisfy your statue;
your heart is revived by the waters of youth
I have brought you this Eye of Horus and placed it at your feet.
So that you may renew your youth in peace.

Presentation of Offerings to the Gods:

The slaughterhouse of the NTRW is full.
I have acted on behalf of my lord,
Lord of the Slaughter, who-sits-upon-his-oil-barque,
To provide you with the hearts of your enemies.

*place offerings on shrine/altar*

Their bones are beneath your feet.
Their voices are silences.
Their names are unknown.
They do not exist.

Offering Ma’at:

I have removed falsehood in your time,
Ma’at triumphs in your space.
I have delivered to you the Four Pillars of your Domain.
May the NTRW be satisfied with what I have done.
I have brought Order out of Chaos.
I have made your Domain flourish like Zep Tepi
through the precepts of ma’at.
I have established you within your Domain.
I raise the sky for you,
the horizon is high,
the sky is firm on its four pillars.

Your ma’at is for you, O Great Gods,
She is in front of you, She emerges from your lips, She cuts your tongue.
Your heart lives when she rises before you.
Ma’at comes to you, in all of her radiance.
Your heart is glad when she appears before you.
She has come so that she may be with you.
Ma’at is in every place that is yours,
So that you may rest upon her.
Ma’at has taken her position within your shrine.
Thoth, the One who is Great of Magic, makes protection for you
And overthrows your enemies.
Ma’at is established throughout your Domain, truly twice established.
She resides in your heart for eternity.
Have peace and flourish through Her for all eternity.

Reverting the Offerings:

O NTRW, your enemies withdraw from you.
Heru has turned himself to his Eye in its name of
These your divine offerings revert;
They revert to your servants for life, stability, health and joy.
So that you may flourish for eternity.



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