Propitiation of Sekhmet Rubric

15 Jan

Here is the first rubric for this year’s propitiations. For January, I’ll be focusing on Sekhmet. This rite is written with the possibility of dancing for Sekhmet, or potentially playing music for Sekhmet. While I don’t think it’s necessary to do so, I have left room in the verbiage to accommodate it, since it seems to have been a big “thing” in antiquity with propitiation rites. Feel free to dance or not dance as you see fit.

Approaching the Shrine:

Come. Rise. Come to me in peace.
Come to me so that I may make Jubilation at twilight for you
with music in the evening.
Exalted is your power, O burning One, O Sated One,
O Mighty One, Powerful, Skillful of Flames,
Lady of the Sky, Mistress of the Two Lands,
O Eye of Horus, and his guide,
Lady of Eternity, Fiery One,
O Red One, whose Flame burns,
Divine Protectress, who guides the people,
O Lady of Fire, O Searing One,
O Devourer, O Scorching One,
May you awake in peace.

The beauty of your face glitters when you rise. O come in peace.
One is drunk at your beautiful face, O Sekhmet, come in peace.
O Sekhmet, you are exalted
in the hair of Ra, in the hair of Ra.
Do not repulse me upon your path, O Sekhmet.
My feet are not impeded, I am not turned back from the god’s place.
I have looked upon your Beauty, O Sekhmet. I have come to you,
and you two uraei have enclosed me.
I have entered this place with ma’at in my heart
In order that I may sate your thirst and ease you into a state of Greenness.
Great is your majesty when you are propitiated.
Everything that you see is yours, so long as Ra crosses the sky.
Everything that you see is yours, so long as Geb takes root in the earth.
There is no god who does what you dislike when you appear in peace and glory.

*Step forward, or open the shrine, depending on your setup*

I open your temple. I come to you.
Your warmth and beauty surrounds me as I enter. I am not repulsed.
Behold, I have come to you to offer Ma’at,
to make beautiful jubilation for my goddess.

Presentation of Light:

*Turn on light or light candle, etc.*

May you awake in Beauty, O Glorious Eye of Heru.
Be strong and renew your youth in peace.
You shine like Ra on the double horizon.
Your word is ma’at, by reason of your Eye, whole and pure.
The Eye of Horus destroys all of the enemies of the
Two Lands in all of their places.
Nothing is hidden from the fiery sight
Of the Eye of Horus, Glorious and Complete.

Purification of offering space:

*Take up water bowl/pitcher*

O water, may you remove all evil,
I give you essential water, O Sekhmet, a tide in your time.
I bring the flood waters to purify your sanctuary.
I bring you the flood waters to purify your temple
and your statue in your place.

*wet your finger and touch the four sides of your shrine, offering table or plate, etc.*

O Sekhmet, your altar is cleansed by the water;
Your altar is purified by the incense;
You are cleansed by Horus;
You are purified by Thoth.
Water invigorates your body;
It is I, your servant,
who comes to you in the palace where you reside.

Presentation of Libations:

Greetings to you, primordial water
Greetings to you, O river
Greetings to you, Great Flood,
You, the father of the gods.

*Pour the libation into a cup or bowl*

This libation is for you, O Glittering One.
This libation is for you, O Sekhmet, come drink it.
I give you this daily joy; It drives away the evil in your heart.
I give you drunkenness without unpleasantness; It gives brilliance to your ka.
I have brought you this Eye of Horus and placed it at your feet.
I present to you that which flows from you
So that you may renew your youth in peace.

Presentation of Offerings:

I come near you, O Sekhmet,
the uraeus of Ra, the protector of all gods.
Cattle and geese are slaughtered for you,
the pieces of your enemies are on the flame.
You inhale their aroma. The haunches dissipate your violence.
Take the pieces of your enemies who are on the flame;
The entire retinue of the NTRW rejoices over their fat.
Take the food and provisions for your subsistence.
Your altars are piled high with offerings of all sorts and forms.
Every follower, every servant, every devotee has come
To bring you the bounty of their hearts.

*place offerings on shrine/altar*

I am Hathor, the Lady of Nourishment;
Who multiplies the cakes and gives life
to the one who is faithful to her.
I have brought you nourishment
so that you may Thrive.
For as you Live, I Live.

O Sekhmet, turn yourself about and see
me, your servant, this sun, this Lord of Light
See me as my body speaks out to you, O Lady of Fire
As my lips repeat pure Ihy-music for you, O Lady of Eternity.
May your merciful face be towards me
As you see the dancing, O Eye of Ra
As you see the skipping, O Devourer.
Turn about and see that there is no darkness in my chest.
O Glorious Sekhmet, let the music into your heart
So that your face becomes green. As green as a living reed.

O Good Eye who gives Life to the Two Lands
Contentment be what is gotten for you
O Lady of the Bread Offerings
contentment be what you see,
O Lady whose joy is in her papyrus-wand
contentment be what you hear,
O Beautiful Sekhmet on her mountain
contentment be before you,
O Powerful Goddess who presides over the desert
contentment be behind you,
O Heart of Ptah
contentment be your lot.

Offering Ma’at:

Ma’at comes to you, in all of her radiance.
Your heart is glad when she appears before you.
Ma’at has come so that she may be with you.
Ma’at is in every place that is yours,
So that you may rest upon her.
Ma’at has taken her position within your shrine.
Thoth, the One who is Great of Magic, makes protection for you
And overthrows your enemies.
Ma’at is established throughout your Domain, truly twice established.
May your contentment with her wash over you.
She resides in your heart for eternity.

Reversion of Offerings:

O NTRW, your enemies withdraw from you.
Heru has turned himself to his Eye in its name of
These your divine offerings revert;
They revert to your servants for life, stability, health and joy.
So that you may flourish for eternity.


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7 responses to “Propitiation of Sekhmet Rubric

  1. Setjataset

    January 15, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    Reblogged this on Setjataset and commented:
    Love this devotion…

  2. Masquerade

    January 17, 2019 at 7:26 am

    This isn’t my system but I LOVE that you’re doing this. It’s the kind of inspiration that we all need.

    • DevoTTR

      January 20, 2019 at 3:29 pm

      I honestly am still like “is this worth it” so it’s good to hear that some people are getting some uses out of these rubrics XDD cuz yeah, they underperform compared to most posts 😛 But, hey, Osiris gets wat Osiris wants! XD

  3. Louise Pare-Lobinske

    January 20, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    Do you think the lunar eclipse will have any implications for us this month? If so, how should we work to accommodate those?

    • DevoTTR

      January 20, 2019 at 3:28 pm

      I’m honestly not sure. I know some people were considering honoring Iah or Khonsu today as a means of propitiating them, but I’ve already got Ptah on the docket for today, so its’ just gonna have to do XDDD


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