The Only Choice

11 Nov

This week has been a long, hard week.

Like many of you, I spent Tuesday night pensively watching the election results flow in. Like many of you, I spent Tuesday night feeling worse and worse as more and more of the US map was painted red. Like many of you, I woke up Wednesday morning concerned and afraid about what the future would bring.

Like many of you, I am still concerned and afraid about what the future will bring.

At first I found myself in shock. I’m not surprised that Trump won, but I was holding out the possibility that he wouldn’t (hint: there is still hope that he won’t, however faint it might be.) And so when the news came in that he was officially our elect, the shock set in that this was really going to be something I had to live through. Something that we all have to live through. I won’t try and tell you that things will be okay, because they won’t be for many of us. Many of the people in our country have a hard road ahead, and I know that some of those people won’t make it.

Some people do believe that this sort of response is overreacting, but I’m going to assure you that it isn’t. This isn’t a petty case of “oh no, we didn’t win and now I’m upset.” This is bigger than that. This is a case of someone who built their entire campaign upon hurting others and spewing fascist rhetoric left and right now having the loudest voice in the country (with a VP pick that is almost worse, if you can believe it.) This is a case of someone whose follower base is going and committing hate crime after hate crime after hate crime after hate crime. All within the first 72 hours after the announcement was made.


For many people in our country, this is just a small taste of what we can expect to come in the future.

As my shock gave way to wanting to take action, I realized that I should probably be saying something, even if it wasn’t much. I know that sometimes people will look to others for comfort or direction, and all things considered, it probably would make sense to at least attempt to offer one or the other. I feel that trying to comfort people at this point would be disingenuous. As I mentioned above, there will be people in our country, and possibly even our community, that don’t make it through the next four years. To tell people that “we’ve made it through worse” is a lie, and I won’t disrespect you with such things.

Since I can’t really offer comfort, I’ll opt for direction instead.

In the final hours of the election, posts began to roll in about what we should be doing if Trump actually wins. What would the NTRW do? What is the correct action in regards to ma’at? What does Kemeticism say about moments like this?

If I had to sum it up succinctly, I’d say that it’s this: Don’t give up. Don’t stop trying. And look after one another.

We all know that the gods fight isfet every single day. Every night, they climb onto the barque to drive back a/pep so that Creation can be renewed and start the next day over again. The gods continue to fight even when they are tired, even when they want to give up. They never stop, and they never back down. If we are to emulate their actions, then that means that we, too, should not give up or stop.

building a new boat(source)




There was once a time when I was feeling particularly beat down. I asked Osiris where he found the urge to continue to push back isfet day after day. He returned my question with a question. He asked me “what choice do we have?” To him, the only choice forward was to fight. To give in and to give up was to die or stop existing. He knew that it was hard, but that he had no other options that were worth considering. I believe that this is the same for us. We have to keep moving forward, we have to keep fighting, and we have to take care of one another. It is a core tenet of ma’at to take care of those who are oppressed. Those who are without. Those who need assistance.

As we move forward into this uncertain territory, I ask that each of us do what we can to assist those who need help. Particularly those who belong to marginalized groups.

In the spirit of helping with this, I’ve gathered a bunch of links and other resources to try and help us to push forward. If you happen to have good resources to add to this list, please let me know.

How to be an ally, things you can do to help moving forward:

Charities that have pledged to fight the loss of rights, healthcare, etc. and/or need donations to continue to do so:

Resources for people who are at risk:

Protest Organization and Attendance Resources:

Other posts about this topic from other Pagans/Polytheists:



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6 responses to “The Only Choice

  1. hocuspocus13

    November 11, 2016 at 11:51 am

    The “hate crimes” you speak of that are today as well as yesterday alive and still going on was created and began during Obama’s America

    The same group that has been burning down cities in America ~ looting ~ rioting ~ bloodied others

    All began while Obama was/is President

    The riots are paid for and planned by George Soros

    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign top money man

    Trump will be handed Obama’s mess to clean up

    Including Obamacare that has become unaffordable to middle class America

    You may not think it today

    You might not say it tomorrow

    But the day will come when you will realize that Donald Trump was the right person for the job

    Thank the American people that fought and won against globalism

    Which was the real battle in the election

    • DevoTTR

      November 11, 2016 at 1:48 pm

      There have always been hate crimes because America has always been filled with hate. BUt they’ve increased since Tuesday, and they’ve been enabled by Trump’s success. You can try to pin it on Obama, but you’re missing the point in doing so. And it doesn’t change the fact that many of the hate crimes that have been committed this week have been done so under Trump’s banner. Your mental gymnastics don’t change this fact.
      You should read this, btw, if you’re really so concerned for the Middle Class:
      Trump doesn’t even meet the basic credentials for the job. He can’t even run a hotel chain let alone a country. Further, Trump is going to get people killed (f’ex, by repealing ACA, by pushing to overturn Roe vs. Wade, by pushing to remove LGBTQ+ rights, by enabling hate crimes). His VP wants people like me dead. Pretty sure I will never agree that Trump was the right person for the job.
      Like srsly. How the hell could you read my post and think you were going to change my mind.

    • WitchOnABudget

      November 16, 2016 at 11:56 pm

      The fact that you put hate crimes in quotes only speaks to how ignorant about the situation you truly are.

      Donald Trump was literally endorsed by the KKK, what job is he the right person for exactly?

      Promoting fear, ignorance, and blatant bigotry throughout the U.S.? Forcing all Muslims to sign a registry? Stripping trans and queer folx of any and all rights we have and driving our youth (and some adults) to suicide?

      How distanced from reality do you have to be to say Donald Trump is qualified to do anything more than he already has?

  2. G. B. Marian

    November 11, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    Reblogged this on In The Desert Of Seth and commented:
    Boosting the signal.


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