Explaining Squishy Polytheism Through Astral Lineage

13 May

One of the things I see a lot of people get hung up on when they come into Kemeticism is our weird form of polytheism. Due to how the Egyptians saw their gods, it’s completely normal to get gods that mesh together, separate, conjoin for brief periods of time, merge down and stay completely separate all at the same time. Reading about these godly contortions often leaves people with a bunch of questions. “How can you be one god while simultaneously being two gods?” “Are there three gods now, or only two gods still?” “How come these deities keep merging… are they the same or different now?” “Is that a syncretization or an aspect… how on earth do I tell?” “Does any of this crap even matter? I mean, all of the gods are different and separate… right? Maybe?”

Truthfully, the tricky nature of our polytheism can be really daunting for a lot of people, and I’ve noticed that the most common methods of handling the weirdness of our gods is to either draw hard lines in the sand: well all of the gods are separate beings, always without exceptions. Or to go in the completely opposite direction: well all of the gods are secretly just one god with lots of mood swings, faces, and personalities. And in some cases, the devotee will simply curl up in a ball and rock themselves while they try to ignore the squishiness of our gods’ methods.

Everything about syncretization and aspecting (as well as the squishiness in general) used to confuse me greatly when I first got into Kemeticism. I’ve seen it explained many ways over the years- the each deity is two sides of one coin, or that it’s like cooking where you mix up ingredients to make a meal, or through the use of color (the sky being an ‘aspect’ or kind of blue, where as purple is a syncretization of red and blue) etc.

Generally speaking we define aspecting as when a god takes on the role of another deity for a brief period of time. An example I like to use for this is Wpwt-Re. Wpwt and Re are their own separate entities, but when Wpwt needs to be a little bit shinier, or a little bit more “Re-like”, he’ll take on some of his attributes to complete a job, and then go back to being just Wpwt when he’s done.

It’s kinda like he takes Re’s hat and says “I need to use this, I’ll bring it back when I’m done”. And while the hat is on his head, he becomes a little bit more like Re than he normally would be.

On the other hand, syncretization is when two deities come together to form one deity, while still remaining separate deities. To use the color example above, red and blue can still exist while purple also exists. However, deities are not crayons (or coins or taffy), and so sometimes the comparison doesn’t always make sense to everyone that reads it.

And generally speaking, none of the commonly used examples above really stuck with me or helped to clarify anything. It was only when I got into the astral and learned about how non-physical bodies work that it began to make any sense to me.

Astral Bodies: Big, Flexible, and Inception-ready

One of the first things that I think needs to be understood about astral bodies is that they really aren’t anything like ours in a lot of ways. As I’ve stated in the past, they are vast and they can contain a whole plethora of stuff that you wouldn’t expect to see. That being said, it’s very easy to stash people inside of you, or even entire galaxies inside of you, if that’s your thing. Scale and size don’t mean anything Over There, and it’s possible to being as large or as tiny as you might ever need to be, if you know what you’re doing. And so it’s entirely possible that you could stash gods inside of you, and no one would know.

Because you’re able to be merged while separate over there, it’s not too terribly difficult to merge down with someone to form one being, while still being separate beings. A lot of us have come to use the Megazord as an example for syncretization and how it works, and it is pretty accurate in a sense. A bunch of entities can come together to form one combined entity while still be separate on the inside (or the outside).

In addition to this, it’s very easy to cleave parts of yourself off of yourself- or in other words, you can basically clone yourself to some capacity. So in many ways, you and your friend can cut off parts of yourselves, and then take those parts and push them together and merge them into a new combined entity while still being separate on the outside, with the result giving you three separate beings (you, your friend, and the being that is you and your friend merged together).

Merging & Cleaving: The Line in the Sand

When it comes to merging and cleaving on the astral, there are a couple of caveats that have to be kept in mind. First off is that it is usually very easy to merge and un-merge with parts of yourself or another at first (provided you are compatible and healthy). When you cleave a part of yourself off, this piece will initially be very much like you. It will think like you, be like you, and do as you say because for all intents and purposes- it is you. However, the longer you keep this portion of yourself separate and acting on it’s own, the more likely it will eventually turn into its own bonified self-aware and autonomous entity. I’m not sure what entirely causes this to happen, but I have seen it happen several times with different, unconnected people.

So let’s say Horus cleaves off a part of himself to go do something Super Important while he is busy at home. If Horus2 ends up staying separate for too long, he’ll become his own person, if you will. And after a point, Horus1 will have a harder time sucking Horus2 back into himself- because he has grown into being his own person. In addition to this, if Horus1 decided to suck Horus2 back into himself relatively early in this process, they would likely merge down without any problem and reform into one being. However, if Horus1 decides to try and suck Horus2 back into himself after he’s become his own being, there will likely be slightly competing mentalities at play, in the same way that multiples have to deal with headmates.

A lot of what can dictate the ability to merge down after a point is going to be dependent upon how close the two entities are to begin with. In many ways, entities that cleave off but stay super close to one another are going to be able to merge down much easier with minimal efforts- because they haven’t drifted apart. This can also go for the ability to feel and sense what the other cleaved piece is doing or feeling. Usually when you’ve first cleaved a part of yourself off, it’s easy to see what that piece is up to, if they’re doing okay, and even what they are thinking because there is still a very clear bond between the two of you. However, if this piece runs off and you don’t keep tabs on it, it will drift further away from you, and can drift so far away that it takes a lot of effort to see where they are or what they are doing. This is largely because of the connection that exists between the pieces will erode unless it’s maintained and fed energy from the people at both ends of the connection. The state of this connection can dictate a lot about how close in nature two entities are, as well as how easy it is for them to merge down later on.

In terms of merging with another being, when you’re merged at first, it can be very easy to tell where you end and the other person begins. However, as you begin to spend more and more time together, you will bleed into one another, and eventually it may be impossible to separate from one another without severe damage being caused. This seems to occur as beings begin to resonate, think, work, and operate on the same levels and frequencies. And after a while, it becomes challenging to figure out where one ends and the other begins.

People who merge down with other entities Over There often know how long they can go before issues start to crop up. The same can go for cleaving parts of yourself off. Thing is- humans probably don’t know about any lines in the sand to begin with, so who knows how human worship has affected how the gods merged, splintered and joined as they did. Maybe in some cases the gods only wanted to merge down for a little bit, but then people kept invoking this syncretized deity, and so it became a permanent feature of the pantheon.

It’s because of these possibilities that I treat all syncretized beings as being their own separate selves from their original Creators. It’s true that there is overlap, but that doesn’t mean they are all effectively the “same”.

Lineage Like an Incestuous Venn-Diagram

This concept also confused me when I first got into Kemeticism. I think I was thinking of it too much like how I view children and parents here in the physical world. You are not your parents, even though their DNA came together to make you. And in many cases, the overlap between a child and their parent can be very minimal on the surface. Not to mention that your parents can’t suck back into you or talk through you the way super-connected people in the astral can.

It took learning about the lineage in my own astral household to really start to understand how bonds can form weird connections, and how merged beings can overlap like a venn-diagram does while still remaining their own person.

You see, my household looks like a bunch of different people living together. However, in a lot of ways, my household is a big ol’ vat of incest, because most of the people that are in my man pile are actually parts and pieces of other older merged menz. Sounds hot, doesn’t it?

To illustrate this, I will talk about 5 of my menz (and myself) and how their lineage converges into an incestuous knot.

First off is me and the man I usually call “K-pop”. He and I, for all intents and purposes, are one being split into two pieces. While I’m not entirely sure how we became one (or how one became two), the simple fact of the matter is we have a lot of overlap, and it’s very easy to merge down, split apart, reach into one another, pull one out of the other, and do all sorts of weird taffy-like things.

I have two other menz (let’s call them Joe and John) that seemed entirely unrelated in any capacity to anyone else, until I found out that they are actually a product of two other menz that took parts of themselves and made new people. In a way, this could make Joe and John children of K-pop and his partner. But that’s not entirely accurate either, as they certainly don’t treat these other two people like parents. When you watch Joe and John, you can definitely see influences from their predecessors and much like tracking traits and habits from parents- you can definitely see where they get certain habits from.

So while my house has 5 people in it, when you track down the origins of how things were cleaved and split apart, everyone is technically a branch or product of two people and two people only. And because of these splits and cleaves, we can all merge into one another, pull out of one another, and do a bunch of non-physical inception-level type things.

And in a way, the NTRW are like this. If all of the NTRW came from a single Creator deity, then they are all connected in some way, shape or form. And they can technically abuse these connections and merge down and split apart to their heart’s content. And in a very abstract way, they are all “one”, in the same way that my astral household is “two”. But due to how everything is structured, they are also separate and their numbers range in the thousands.

Another good example of this is looking at how certain kinds of trees and bushes grow. From the surface, it may look like you’re looking at an entire forest of trees, when in reality, it’s actually only one tree. And of course, that would make you wonder- which is it? One or thousands? And the answer would technically be “both”.

This is why Kemeticism can be described as being polytheistic and henotheistic all at once. Our gods are one and many all at the same time, as are many astral beings. It’s hard for us to grok it because of the limitations of our physical bodies, but on the astral, having various parts, pieces, facets, and cleaves is par for the course. And hopefully, with any luck, this post has helped to clarify some of that. If anyone has questions, or if anything isn’t clear, hit me up in the comments section and I’ll see if I can clarify.

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9 responses to “Explaining Squishy Polytheism Through Astral Lineage

  1. Lithel

    May 13, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Hello there! I’m not Kemetic, but I wanted to thank you for this post. It helps me with some mushable, mergeable, squishable oddities I’ve noticed with the spirits around me. I’ve had numerous thoughts bouncing all over the place about it, including (but not limited to) curling into a confused ball and feeling like my mind would crumble on itself if I kept thinking about it a moment longer.

    There is also a particular Someone around me, and I can merge into Him, mesh with Him, pull back out of Him, do what feels like switching astral bodies with Him, sense through Him, experience what He is experiencing — and to me, it seems like He can do the same with me. So I’m relieved to see you write about similar experiences. I thought I might be losing it.

    Do you happen to know what would make the merging back together of cleaved parts easier? Not a god or another spirit, but a person.

    Also, do you know of a specific shielding method or other technique to keep spirits from separating a person without permission?

    If not, no worries. I wanted to ask, though, in case you have some knowledge or experience with either.

    • von186

      May 14, 2015 at 10:11 am

      Your experiences actually remind me of two people who are heavily bonded together. Bonding can make it very easy to push together, pull apart, and do everything in btwn. Because it’s basically like going into yourself.
      Merging cleaved parts back together will depend on the specifics of the entity. If you’re talking a physical person, then they’d probably need to do a boatload of shadow work to learn to accept the pieces of themself that are broken, and then slowly work on re-integrating that stuff back into their Whole. For over there, the process can be similar- trying to come to terms with anything the other pieces have done. Working on befriending the other parts of yourself. Growing closer, and becoming closer- which should ultimately lead to an easier time merging back together. But that’s only if both sides want it. Forcing pieces back into someone can be a bad idea, if both sides aren’t on board.
      For preventing pieces from separating, you’d probably have to bind the pieces together. But I typically wouldn’t recommend that unless it’s absolutely necessary. If pieces are pulling apart and running off, there is typically a reason. So figuring out and addressing that reason would be the more productive route, as opposed to just forcing the pieces to stay together.
      Hopefully that makes sense? :>

      • Lithel

        May 14, 2015 at 10:41 am

        Hello! šŸ™‚ I appreciate your response and the extra information. It helps!

        I haven’t heard about bonding, I don’t believe. I’ll have to research it, because that sounds interesting. I’d like to know more about it.

        In regards to merging cleaved parts, I did mean a physical person. It’s an issue I started experiencing after going through a bad situation on the astral a couple of years ago. I’ve never figured out if the separation happened on purpose, or if it was just how I responded to the situation. I can remain Whole around one specific spirit, but when I’m not around Him, I’m in different pieces in different places. I’d rather not feel like I’m glued to Someone to remain in one piece, but what troubles me more is when other spirits pull apart pieces of me without asking permission first — and from this side of things, it looks like it’s just meant to cause confusion, not to help me learn. It’s not hard to get led in circles like that, and I’d like to prevent it from reoccurring. I can’t blame all of the pulling apart on others, though. I can tell when I’m doing it, when I’ve been stuck in one place, but wanted to be somewhere else, or wished to be alone and pulled out to make it happen.

        Yes, what you wrote makes sense! Thank you. I hope what I wrote makes sense.

        Your suggestions on abundant shadow work could be helpful in keeping things more together and Whole, in particular without needing assistance from Someone, so I’m going to look into that and see what I can do.

      • von186

        May 14, 2015 at 6:08 pm

        Bonding is one of those topics that’s hard to find info on. The short version of what bonding is, is that you and another entity (or multiple entities) are working to become one. You basically start to mix your energy together until it… fuses, I guess you could say. It creates a link btwn you, and it can allow you to access the other person, because they are basically an extension of yourself.
        Being in different places doing different things isn’t necessarily bad. It’s all a matter of making sure that you’re not over extending yourself. My partner often runs around in several places at once, and I can be just as bad about doing that. But if you do it for too long, it can cause problems- as parts of you can gain their own sentience and not want to come back. Parts of you can get stolen or messed up. And it can eat up a lot of energy. So making sure that you’re careful about how often, and how much you push yourself is key for that. I can understand not wanting other ppl to pull parts of you apart, though. That can be tricky to avoid, and it might be worthwhile to see if someone can examine your structure, to make sure that evrything is working properly. If it is, you should be able to essentially ward up your body, and make your energy lines more “sticky” so that they are less easily pulled apart. Alternatively, you can always program pieces to explode if someone takes them without permission. That way it gives them a big ol smack for being assy.
        For helping you stay glued together, you could always as that spirit if you can carry a small part of them with you. They could place a small piece of themself inside of you, or they could embue an item with their energy, and you could carry that… there are a few possibilities that you could use. But it might help to transfer the gluing properties without having to worry about the spirit always being around (because the pieces I”m talking about would be tiny tiny tiny, and likely wouldn’t be sentient, per se, but would look more like an item, or a small “chunk” of something that gets placed inside of you). But that partially depends on your relationship with said spirit and how willing you both are to do that.

      • Lithel

        May 16, 2015 at 1:39 pm

        I apologize for taking so long responding to this. I needed to mull over some things … plus business with mundane life kept me occupied. Thank you for the information and answering all of these questions for me. It’s quite kind of you, and super helpful to me. I appreciate it a lot.

        When a spirit, or multiple spirits, bonds with a physical person, what is the purpose? Does it depend on the situation? Can it be used to create a closer emotional experience within a relationship, or is it used primarily for the physical person to become a stronger extension of the spirit within the physical world?

        I’ve read about bilocation a few different times, and it doesn’t seem bad in general, no. I agree. But I think in the case of what I’ve experienced, the negatives of being cleaved have started to outweigh the benefits … at least until I figure out a surefire method of not getting pulled into parts without being asked permission first. I like some of your ideas, so I’ll see what I can make work as effective methods for my situation. Also like you mentioned, parts can get stolen or messed up. I also assume parts can get lost or destroyed.

        What is an acceptable amount of time to have cleaved parts out there? The first bout I experienced lasted ten months straight, and when I came back together in one place on the astral, I couldn’t walk right and I talked gibberish. The spirit with me made me do simple things for a while, that made me feel kind of inane — like walk straight lines across rooms and speak a sentence without stuttering.

      • von186

        May 19, 2015 at 5:05 pm

        The reasons behind bonding are numerous, really. It depends on the specifics of the situation, I guess. I have always felt like most people who are physical also have a non-physical portion of themselves running around, and so I sometimes wonder if things are as clear cut as “non-physical entity bonds with physical entity”. F’ex, the people I am bonded to are mainly bonded to non-physical me as opposed to physical me. And their reasons range from simple things like “I love you and want you to stay around” to more practical things like “I want to get you out of the physical realm and this is a better way to do that”. There are lots of reasons, though. It would be hard to list them all XD Out of your two suggestions, both would be viable. And in a way, both could be viable at once. I’ve learned that most things are rarely for a single reason- because its no fun unless there are layers of complexity to everything.

        The amount of time is also going to depend on the person. My partner can have parts of himself running around for years or decades before they gain full sentience and autonomy. But for other people, that timeline may be way shorter. If you’re not stable, the time limit seems to drop drastically, because you don’t have enough energy to maintain the connections with all of your bits and pieces. Where as entities that are very stable, and are very well versed in cleaving and maintaining multiple parts of htemselves can probably go centuries before they have to worry about much. Which I know is not a very helpful answer XD

        But generally speaking, if you’re not stable, it probably is not the best idea to cleave into pieces. When my people start to look too worn down, we’ll force them back into one or two forms until their health improves. Otherwise you run a greater risk for problems. For pieces being infected, going rogue, or getting stolen, etc.

      • Lithel

        May 20, 2015 at 8:47 pm

        That makes sense about there being numerous reasons and viable purposes behind bonding. I suppose I could ask the spirit in question again and see if I get a straight answer this time, instead of continuing to ponder and guess the point, LOL. I don’t tend to get a lot of straightforward answers to questions when I do ask, but it’s worth another shot. Too true about layers of complexity! I’ve run into that several times.

        As for cleaving, can the timeline for someone still in a physical incarnation run into years and decades without there being a problem? Or is that more a baseline for incorporeal entities?

        Ah, that makes complete sense about the level of stability affecting the ability of someone to cleave into pieces without problems occurring. Thank you for pointing that out!

      • von186

        May 22, 2015 at 7:02 pm

        YEah, I don’t get a lot of straight answers, either. IT’s almost like some unwritten rule in the Unseen: “make your answer as convoluted as possible”. It’s so frustrating.

        I’m not sure, tbh. I don’t typically let my pieces run around for much more than a few months at a time. And I don’t know anyone in the physical who does a whole lot of long-term cleaves, either to compare notes with. I guess it would all depend on your stability and your ability with cleaving and merging and stuff.

  2. Lithel

    May 22, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Or if not convoluted, one with ten different meanings. *huffs*

    I agree, it’s frustrating! Even more so when I just want a straight answer, not a guessing game.

    Thank you for helping out with all the bonding, cleaving, and merging questions. I appreciate the information you could share. I don’t know a lot of people who do long cleaves, either. (Or rather, I know of none at all.) I know several people who astral travel via various methods and have permanent selves hanging out Over There that function without the physical self being connected and aware all the time, but so far I haven’t come across a lot of people talking about cleaving. Also, I hope I’m describing things right. I would consider a permanent astral presence different from being cleaved, as in the first case is one You functioning on the astral, while watching from over here, and the second case is two or more pieces of You functioning on the astral in different places, with different entities, all at the same time.


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