KRT: Mixing Paths & Dual Practices

10 Jul

For this round of KRT we are discussing mixing and practicing various paths and rituals within our practice, and whether it is permissible or not.

The prompt read as follows:

Can I work with other pantheons? Can I perform rituals that aren’t Kemetic based?

The short answer for both of these questions is yes.

Working two paths, or mixing elements of two paths isn’t entirely new, really. Ancient Egypt was known for mixing elements from nearby cultures into their religious pantheon and circle, and the Netjer have been known to send people to different gods or religious paths because said gods or paths will help us to learn things we might not learn otherwise. So it was popular then, and it is still pretty common now.

When it comes to participating in two religious practices at once- I always try to stick to the notion that they are kept separate and true to one another. For example, I practice both Shinto and Kemeticism at once. However, I would never place an ofuda inside of a Kemetic kar shrine. Conversely, I’d never stick a Kemetic icon inside of a kamidana. I wouldn’t give offerings to Netjer in the same fashion as I do Shinto offerings and vice versa.

Each religion has its own guidelines and setups and I keep those guidelines and setups for each religion. I don’t cross them over out of respect for the gods I’m working with and the cultures that surround these gods.

So for anyone who is considering practicing two faiths/religions/paths at once- I say go for it. Just make sure you’re being respectful to the cultures and gods you are interacting with or learning from.

However, there is the capacity to utilize ideas, rites and concepts that are foreign to Kemeticism within a Kemetic practice. For instance, Shinto does have a lot of cleansing rites and mixtures (such as kiyomesune, a type of sacred black sand used for cleansings) and so I’ll use things like that for cleansing before a Kemetic rite. Or I might use natron in my bath for cleansing before going in front of the kamidana.

So long as you’re not being disrespectful to the original concept, or the religious framework you’re adopting the idea into (Kemeticism already has a concept of sand being purifying, and both Shinto and Kemeticism place heavy emphasis on cleanliness and purity, for example), the cross over should be okay.

If you were wanting to participate in a ritual that isn’t Kemetic- this is allowable, too. Many Kemetics I’ve met have been invited to participate in rites that aren’t even remotely tied to Kemetic practice. Once again, being respectful and courteous during these rites is key. But most of the time, Netjer doesn’t seem to mind if you’re participating in rites and festivals from other cultures. As stated above, its entirely possible that a Netjeru will push you to participate in something new or different as a lot of other cultures and religious paths have great ideas and values that we can learn from.

So if another pantheon is calling your name, or someone that you associate with invites you to a local religious shin dig and you want to go- never fear! Netjer are open to new and different things, as should we all. Just be sure to be respectful to the gods and cultures you are rubbing elbows with and things should go just fine.

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