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09 Jun

I will admit, I love boxes. It’s a common saying on Tumblr that witches love jars, but I honestly love boxes. They are awesome. One of the forms of magix I have really perfected over the years is box magix. However, box magix, satchet/bag magix and jar/bottle magix are all very similar, really. And for this post, I have combined them into something I call Container Magix.

How does Container Magix work?

Container magix is a lot like making an amulet. You use a variety of items that are associated with your need, and you combine them together in a certain way in your container to create the change you desire. Like always, you will start with what you want to get done. Most of the times, I create a container piece with someone in mind. I often will consider what that person likes or doesn’t like when I choose my container- which is always where I start.


Container Ideas:

  • Boxes (fancy, paper, wooden, glass, large, small, etc)
  • Jars (clear, opaque, colored, patterned, etc)
  • Shaped containers (jewelry boxes, pyramids, animal shapes, you name it)

When picking a container, you will want to try and pick something that works well for your particular cause. If you want something that no one else can see or penetrate, you will want a box that is opaque in color. If you’re creating some type of box for the fae (as an example) you will likely want a box that is not made of metal. If you need something that is very secure, you might want a box that has a lock. Clear jars for transparency of a situation. Air tight containers for trapping someone or something – etc.

In everything that you do, try to make sure that everything is an aspect of what you’re trying to achieve or create. This will help to make the magix stronger.

Filling Your Container:

This is the fun part! You can fill a container with just about anything, though as stated above, I prefer to tailor my contents to the person I’m working for.

For example- if I make a box for someone who hates mint, and I’m trying to help them become happier with the aid of magix- I’m not going to put mint in their container- even if every correspondence chart on the planet says mint = happy. Conversely, if I’ve got a friend who loves spicy things- I might add spicy things in their job jar- to help them be in their element, even though spicy things are generally reserved for curse jars.

I also make sure that when I create a container I take all of my senses into account. If I want to create a jar for happy things- I want to make sure that the colors and scent are appealing to whoever it is being made for. If I want to curse or piss someone off- I want the scent to be bitter or painful on the nose, and the colors will likely clash (if the appearance is even taken into consideration. aka make it ugly).

Don’t be limited in what you can put in a container. Here are some basic ideas:

  • Rocks and stones
  • Paper sigils and writings
  • Pictures of items, people, scenes, etc.
  • Plants, leaves, sticks, shells, dirt
  • beads, glitter, crafty items
  • liquids such as beer, water, lemon juice, tabasco
  • tea mixes, herbs, spices, salt, pepper
  • fabrics, lace, ribbons
  • trinkets, coins, pendants, jewelry
  • ground up incense
  • pretty much anything you can fit inside the container

With that in mind, here are some generalized ideas to get you going:

Curses/Execration Jars/Containers:

  • Spicy things
  • Items the subject is allergic to
  • Nails, needles, pointy things
  • Thorns
  • Blacks, reds
  • Broken glass
  • Citrus or bitter/corrosive liquids
  • Usually sealed with wax or placed in an airtight container.

Happiness Jars/Containers:

  • Things the recipient likes
  • Soft items
  • Items that are mellow and pleasant smelling (to the recipient!)
  • A container that is warm and inviting
  • Images that evoke happiness

Money/Work Jars/Containers:

  • Coins or currency
  • Semi precious stones
  • Expensive (or expensive looking) items
  • Greens and reds
  • Water
  • Mirrors

Okay, so now I’ve got my container and my items. What now?

That entirely depends on what you want to do. You can easily cleanse the container and the items, and possibly anoint them with oils, perfumes or special waters/liquids. You can charge up any of the items that go inside (see the amulets magix post for examples) along with charging the container itself.

How you place the items inside is entirely your call. Sometimes I throw everything in and give it a good shake. Other times I am very specific in my placement of the items. Use your judgement during the creation and filling process 🙂

To better illustrate how this works, let me show you some examples of container magix that I’ve done.

Nakama/To Feel Loved Container:

Nakama is a Japanese word that more or less means friends or allies. It has connotations that generally relate to people who are not related being as close as family (at least, in the forms that I’ve seen it used). I created this for someone as a means to create stability of mind and calmness/soundness of heart during a troubled time. I chose the pyramid because the recipient really really liked it. The pyramid contained images of nakama, mint tea, natron, sand, a teakwood box, slabs of stone and tumbled gems to represent the various nakama that were called upon for the task at hand.

The pyramid was surrounded by deities for protection, an owl which is close to the person I created it for, stones for various protective elements and a spire to collect and draw positive energy into the situation.

Better Health and Chill Out Containers:

This was two fold- the box is for one person, and the pouch for another.

The box was created for someone who needed some assistance with their health. I chose a tea box because the recipient loves tea. Inside of the box is a short letter I wrote, reminding them of their value and that others loved them. I filled the box with various tea blends that make the person calm and happy, stones that represent happiness, stability and close friends, and some various feathers. I also included a small metal pig- to symbolize their ability to gain weight and health.

The pouch was created for someone who desperately needed to calm down during a difficult time. The pouch contains a paper with their name on it and multiple grounding stones.

Both are surrounded by deities and protective items to help solidify and stabilize the situations that both were experiencing.

Homesick Containers:

These containers were made for someone who is currently overseas and doesn’t seem to be doing so well in the location that they’re at. They’re currently residing in a desert, and its sorta sucking the life out of them. I know exactly how this feels, so I made a container to be sent to the person, and another container which will stay here with me. I did it this way so that I could keep the container on this end charged and stable- which will travel through magix to the other container- and hopefully help the person. The hope was that one would help keep the other working properly.

Each container is made to be more or less the same. The tin was sent off to the recipient. I chose something that was small and portable, and the fact that it was once used for calming lozenges was a metaphorical bonus for this purpose. The container that is glass will stay with me. I chose something transparent so that we would be able to ensure that the recipient stayed safe and kept us all up to date on their condition while away.

The base is filled with two sigils and two pictures of the couple that this was effecting. I filled the bulk of each container with a mixture of calming herbs, petals and teas. I also added stones that represented both members of the situation and stones that evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility, as well as stones that were associated with water and forests.

Finally, I added some desert plant material to the containers to help reinforce durability while in the desert. The plants in the desert have spent thousands of years learning how to survive here. My hope was that they would be able to transfer there ability to the recipient of the container.

As you can see- you can place a wide variety of items in your containers. Each of the above containers was made specifically for the person and situation at hand with each person’s likes and dislikes in mind.

I hope that this guide helps you in creating your own magixed containers! If you have any questions, or make any containers based off of this guide, I’d love to see them!

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