Devo Magix: Energy Manipulation & Movement

01 Jun

One of the biggest tools you can have for magix is knowing how to sense and move energy around. Even if you can’t visualize very well, or you don’t have a lot of tools or supplies- you can accomplish just about anything with the ability to sense energy and move it however you want it to go.

So how does one sense or move energy?

In order to sense or manipulate energy, we need to decide what exactly is meant by the term energy. Google isn’t much assistance as it only defines energy as:

  1. The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.
  2. A feeling of possessing such strength and vitality.

And Tess Dawson makes a great point in her post here that energy is used to mean just about anything and everything.

So in order to clarify what it is I’m referring to, I’m going to pull something that I’ve worked with since I was a kid, and that is the concept of qi (often called “chi” in English). Qi isn’t very easily translated in English, but it more or less relates to life force. In Shinto, it’s often said that the sun’s rays give us solar qi. This qi surrounds our planet and helps things to grow and flourish (or if you get too much, things can die). Qi is everywhere around you. It’s always flowing through you, your house, your body- everywhere. And when I’m discussing “energy” or “juju” I am discussing this concept- this qi that flows through your body and the world around you.

It’s the unseen web that connects us all and sustains us.

So now that I’ve attempted to sort out what I mean by “energy”, let’s discuss how to start working with it.

The first step is to realize that it’s all around you- always. All. The. Time. If you’ve ever been in a place that makes you feel really calm and happy- that means that the energy flow and balance there is really nice. If you’ve ever realized that one room in your house makes you feel like crap- that means that the energy flow or qi in that room is not balanced very well, or is stagnant (and in Feng Shui, if the qi is going south, it’s usually called Sha). When you’re trying to harness your energy, you have to realize that it’s not just in your body. It floats around your body (usually called an aura in English) and surrounds you and your environment. So when you’re trying to soak up energy and move it around, you’ve got to get out of the idea that energy is purely inside of you- because it’s not. It’s like the new Dolby Digital intro– “all around you”.

In realizing that this energy flow is all around you, I think it helps to realize that energy can come in many forms. When you listen to the radio- the music is a form of energy. When you move, you release energy as heat. Water contains its own form of energy.

Energy is in everything. There isn’t a single thing that you can lay your eyes on that doesn’t contain its own form of energetic signature.

A simple exercise for learning to feel energy:

  1. Find a room (I recommend starting with a small room) where you won’t be disturbed for a while.
  2. Go to the center of this room and lie down or sit down. Calm yourself down by breathing slowly.
  3. Once you’re calm (try to keep your mind fairly passive during this), look around the room. Notice where your eyes drift and wander. Do they stick places? Do some places feel nice and bright and happy, while other corners feel really dingy and stagnant? That is energy as it moves and sticks in locations.
  4. You can also try this with closing your eyes- note where areas might feel warm or cold, where certain areas may call out to you. This is energy movement and flow. It’s drawing your attention to areas that are active or stagnant.
  5. You can also do this on yourself (I recommend lying down for this). Focus on your body and your body alone- and notice where energy sticks or pulls. Notice any tension, hot spots, tingling- any of that. That is the energy flowing through your body and sticking in areas- much like it does a room.
  6. Once you are more comfortable with sensing the energy, you can try moving things around in the room and seeing how the energy shifts and changes, or try another room, or someplace outdoors and see how things feel there.

The more you practice, the easier it’ll be to tell where the qi is flowing around you. Knowing how things flow and move and being able to feel them is key to being able to effectively move energy.

Starting to move the energy.

I started working with energy as a kid. My grandmother was into all sorts of Asian based stuff- including things like tai chi, so working with energy was something I was raised around. Something that I was taught when I was younger was to breath into your gut. As you breathe, imagine a ball rotating in your stomach. When you breathe in, it will rotate one way, as you exhale, it will rotate the other way. This is building the energy in your stomach.

Once your breathing is under control, take your hands and rub them together slowly. They will slowly start to tingle, which (as described to me) is the buildup of energy on your hands. Once the tingle is going strong, you move your hands back and forth slowly and try to feel the energy btwn them. Usually, as your hands get closer, you’ll feel a sort of resistance between them- which is the energy that exists between them. The goal is to form a “ball” of energy between your hands. To explain it a bit better, here is a video representation:

Once you’ve hit this state, you’re officially messing with your own energy.

You can also take the example I listed above and lie on the ground with your limbs apart, and try to focus your energy on one foot and move it to another foot, or drag it up your torso to your hands, etc.

Getting someone else in on the action.

The ultimate “point” to focusing your energy into a ball and into your hands (from the example above) is that you can transfer that energy into someone else or something else. Of course, in order to practice this, you’ll need a willing partner in order to give this a shot.

You can start with your hands on or off of the person, but ultimately, you will place your hands on the person and more or less focus your energy into your hands and then see the energy flowing from your hands into the person. My family used to do this in attempts to help with healing or calming people down. I used to do this with a friend who was getting horrible headaches from her attempts to stop smoking, so I’d attempt to lessen those headaches via touch.

For those who are into reiki based healing, I imagine that the transfer of energy from one person to another is very similar for healing purposes.

If your friend is interested in trying, it’s possible to sit down and place your hands on one another and circulate energy between one another. Now, if you’re going to do this, I urge you to be careful about what energy you’re passing out and taking in with other people. You will not want to give out a bunch of energy if you’re sick and you won’t want to pass out negative energy to people either (nor take it into yourself). Qi is tied to health and happiness, so please be conscious about what types of energy you are swapping with others.

Think of it like this:

Have you ever walked into a room where a fight has just occurred? The air feels heavy and nasty, and if it was bad enough, you might leave the room wanting to go shower or feeling like crap- that’s because there was icky qi hanging in the air that is now stuck on you.

Energy is everywhere. It’s in everything. And you can pick up bad energy- so always keep this in mind.

So I’m getting to where I can move some energy around. What now?

Once you can start to feel and move energy in your direct vicinity, I urge you to branch out and try new things. Try listening to music and see how your personal energy fluxes and changes. Try dancing or yoga to see how your energy flows and moves. Slowly try to move and sense bigger and bigger amounts of energy.

Then, you can start to apply that to warding or other magix. Ward up a room or a house. Try to cram a bunch of your juju into an item, etc. Experiment and test new things to see just what you are capable of.

Keeping energy clean.

Because our energy rubs elbows with other people daily, and because surrounding areas can affect the energy in our houses and living spaces- it’s important to try and keep the energy in those locations clean and happy.

For keeping your house or office happy and clean, I recommend taking a look at the Cleansing post that I created a while back.

For keeping your personal energy clean, I recommend some of the following:

  • Move around! Try something like yoga, taking a walk or dancing to shake your energy up and get rid of any bad stuff still hanging around you.
  • Take a shower or bath. I’ve found water to be very purifying (you could marry these two ideas and try something like Misogi Shuho).
  • Get the dirt off your shoulders. You can cleanse via the use of spraying a cleansing solution (such as natron and water, Florida water or Rose water) around you, or by using something like a charged broom to cleanse your energy via sweeping (in Shinto we have the haraigushi for this).
  • Get your mind on something else entirely. Sometimes the garbage we carry in our minds pollutes the energy around us. Sometimes all we need to do is get our minds off of the issues at hand in order for our energy to feel better.

Even if you’re not doing much with energy manipulation, I suggest up-keeping the cleanliness of your personal energy and the energy of your surroundings because it tends to lead to healthier, happier people.

When it comes to energy work, I highly recommend experimenting and trying new things because there are a million ways to do this sort of thing. I also feel that there are lots of untapped ideas and potential with energy manipulation and the only way we’ll figure some of those methods out is to test them out!

As always, if you’ve got questions or feedback, post them in the comments below.

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3 responses to “Devo Magix: Energy Manipulation & Movement

  1. roamingjaguar

    June 3, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    This might sound ridiculous, but my friend and I used to mess around with energy in high school. We didn’t have a clue that what we were doing was actually energy manipulation, but I remember we would spin our hands in the air and create a “cosmic energy ball” (I will admit we first did this while high). We’d roll our hands around it, constantly moving, and throw it between each other, and if we didn’t catch it properly, it would dissipate. I don’t know about my friend but I could feel the energy as an almost solid ball between my hands.

  2. Rae

    September 17, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    I definitely thought about the Circle of Magic quartet by Tamora Pierce reading this, especially when you were talking about energy rubbing up against other people’s energies. In that quartet as part of their magical training they practiced pulling all their magic into a little ball, cramming it into a visualized object; and then letting it spill out to run just under their skin. Do you think it could relate to this practice, possibly as a way of protecting yourself from foreign energies?

    • von186

      September 18, 2013 at 7:47 am

      I could definitely see the application for charging an item- whether that item is a trinket or a body doesn’t matter XD I think you could use that visualization process for protecting yourself – almost like a personal ward. I mean, technically, the space btwn “just above the skin ” and “just below the skin” is marginal- so I think it could be used. However, if you are storing energy within yourself, you’ll want to make sure that its energy that syncs well with you and won’t cause you any sort of repercussions. :3


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