A Cornucopia of Crack

22 May


For this post, I present to you a cornucopia of crack. I hope that it’s bouquet is light enough for those who haven’t entirely acquired the taste for this sort of thing, but that the flavor is also robust enough for those who partake in crack regularly.

Stories have been shortened or modified in some cases for entertainment purposes and for the sake of simplicity.If you are curious to learn more about a particular story, feel free to email me, comment below, PM me, etc.


It’s 1am and I still can’t sleep. The room is dark and I’m floating somewhere between awake and not. I roll over onto my side and see that my night stand- a mini shrine that I keep next to my bed, is on fire. I find myself telling my astral companion “Hey look, everything is on fire. Huh.”

And what does any good Kemetic do when things are on fire?

They execrate.

The scene is set, somehow I’m not quite watching myself in first person view, but I’m not entirely in third person view, either. I can no longer tell if I’m in my room or not anymore, but it doesn’t really matter. I see Set and Osiris’ statues looking on as I begin to throw things into this fire which has consumed everything next to my bed. The words that escape my mouth are forceful and stern. I still don’t know where they came from, but they remind me of something that you would read out of a formal execration. To this day, I can’t recollect the exact words, either.

I guess you could say I got caught up in the moment.

I told the foes to run, for I and my companions were with Ra, and nothing could stand against us. In my half awake state, I managed to say the names of multiple friends and companions who were in need of some assistance. I guess my brain was still with me, somehow.

And then I rolled over and fell asleep and forgot about it for about a week or two- when I realized that “Oh yeah, my room was on fire and I totally execrated the hell out of everything for everyone”. Two weeks is my incubation time for most standard magix, and lo! most of the people I had mentioned in my execration had seen some form of improvement between then and the two week waiting period.

Crack execration mission: Accomplished.


I’m kneeling down in front of a tray of offerings. Everything has a Japanese flair to it- the offering tray, the offerings themselves, the incense that I’m lighting. Normally, on any given day, my clothing would have a Japanese slant, too, but today is different.

My companion stands behind me, half hidden in the darkness. This is his first trip here, he’s never met Set before- at least not to my knowledge. Set slowly enters from the darkness on the other side of the offering tray. My companion stiffens slightly, hoping to go unnoticed by Set. Set comes in, clothing as fancy and extravagant as normal – deep purples, shining golds, thick heavy fabrics that trail the ground. He sits down and stares at me briefly- something he is apt to do.

“You’re wearing a new dress,” he says to me, finally.
I respond with a drawn out, unsure “….yeah? … is there something wrong with that?”
“Where did you get it?” he asks me sharply.
“It was made for me to wear, why do you care?” I shoot back.
Set looks at me, then looks up at the man standing behind me, “did you make this?” he says, pointing at me. He almost seems annoyed.
You can’t hear or see the response, but you can feel it, my companion nods slightly.

Set sits there quietly for a moment, thinking. He suddenly cuts the silence with “You will make more of these! I like this dress. It makes your breasts look good!”

I’m taken back by this statement. “What is wrong with what I normally wear, huh?!” I yell back at him. “And why are you looking at my chest?!”

All he does is laugh at me and tell me to wear this dress more often.


“You were never meant to have this piece,” Osiris says, as he thrusts his hand into my torso.

It’s nighttime, and I’m floating in the river. I’ve come to give up something that is not mine. Something that was given to me to keep safe, but something that I’m no longer meant to have. His hand reaches into me and pulls out the piece. I don’t ever get to see what it looks like- I’m too deep in the water by that point, and all I can see is the blood that fills the water above me.

I will continue to sink into the never ending water until there is nothing but darkness around me. When the time is right, O will give the nod to Set and they will slowly draw me up out of the abyss. I’m dragged out of the water and left on the shoreline where I lay lifeless. I’ve a friend with me tonight, and he is extremely concerned. He asks the two deities what is going on, why I’m not moving.

“That’s because she’s dead,” says Set bluntly.
“She needs to find herself,” O says quietly.

Neither of these responses please him.

As I float in the darkness, looking for what I need to find, Osiris tells me that there is still more work to be done. He isn’t kidding.


My companion and I had just entered the Pit- the location where I usually meet up with Set when I’m actively working on things. Tonight is to be a fun night- Set is to remove a bit of nastiness from my ribcage. It should prove to be a painful and exciting evening. I knelt down and began to light the incense when I hear Set’s voice tell me that it isn’t necessary. I’m confused by this, as we always have incense, but before I can say anything about it, I find myself pinned against a wall and a knife at my throat. He asks me if I’m ready to begin, and I ask Set what the hell he’s doing when I realize –

This isn’t Set.

You know all of those times when we harp about discernment? Here is one of those times.

Set has had to do some invasive stuff to me in my day. He’s cut things out of me, he’s ripped off limbs that were decaying. I’ve had a lot of work done- but it has never been without some level of warning. I ask this entity who they are and what they want. I get a sly grin in return.

“Perceptive, aren’t we?” the man responds.
“I’ve spent too much time staring at Set to not know when its not him,” I quip back.

And then we spar. Astral fights are always a mixed bag. You can never tell what the person will bring to the table- magix, weapons, both. Forms change and lights flare as we play this cat and mouse game in the dark- as the Pit is as dark as the darkest night. However, I am no stranger to the dark- I have lived in the Pit. I’ve become part of the Pit.

To a degree, I am the Pit.

This entity must realize that he is at a tactical disadvantage and decides to try and take a psychological approach to beating me. He picks at a recent bit of shadow work that I’ve been tackling. He taunts me about being a Nobody, just like him. That we are both Nobodies, and no one cares or misses Nobodies like us.

Rule number one to fights like this- never show your weak side.

We banter back and forth as the sparring continues. Eventually, the entity is sent packing and the real Set shows up and the whole shebang can get started.

He will give me flack for the next few weeks because every time I show up I double check that it’s actually him.


I am troubled. My mind runs a million miles per second. In my mental flurry, I find myself at the river. O brings me close to him and we step into the water. I’m mumbling and spewing all sorts of worries and concerns; the contents of my brain exploding out of my mouth. O pays no mind. He brings my hands up to his face while I continue on.

And then I’m falling through the water. O had shoved me under while I was mid-sentence. The view is different, and everything appears to be surreal. I can’t tell if I’m actually under the water, or watching a vision of myself under the water.

My hand reaches up for the surface, my hair circles around my face- but no matter how I try, I can’t find a way to move up. That must mean that the answer to my problems lies down at the bottom of the river. I release all of the air in my lungs and slowly sink into the darkness. As the darkness consumes me, I see an image of a statue. The statue is obscured in darkness, but you can make out a few details- there are two sets of multi-colored wings, a was scepter, and the skin is brass or gold.

I contemplate this statue for a bit, wondering what it could mean. When I come to, I find that I am resting in O’s lap on the banks of the river. I look up at him as he kisses my forehead and proceeds to pick me up, taking me back to the river to send me home.

“That’s it?! That’s your magical advice?!” I yell at him as we fall back into the water.

Yes. That’s it.


I’ve recently found myself going to a river in my visions and meditations. Often times while there, a man will join me- a man I’d later come to find out is Osiris. On this particular night, I find myself floating in the water, close to the banks of the river. As I lay there, I find that a vision takes over. In this vision, I am watching two people off in the distance. To the right is a tall man. To my left there is a woman on the ground- she is burned to the point that you can’t even recognize most of her features. There is panic and anger in the air.

I scream at the man “What did you do to her?!” I am not me, but watching these events through someone else’s eyes.
He looks down at me an coldly responds “I taught her a lesson.” before he walks off into the distance.

Panic sets in. I find that I am thinking to myself “what can I do to save her? What can be done? Why did this happen? What do I do?!”

I find myself back in the river. I contemplate the meaning of this vision, what its trying to tell me. Before I get very far, I find that I have been dragged into a different location. This place is very dark and warm. There is an orange and red flicker to the walls- I assume from fire. On the ground is a woman. She is charred and emaciated. Looking at her, she reminds me of the woman in the vision sequence prior- the woman who was burned by the man. Instinctively, I grab her up and hold her in my arms. As I hold onto her, I feel these emotions overtake me. Sadness, pain, suffering. I try not to panic, but I don’t know what to do. I try to pump as much love into her as I can muster, but I’m still mentally flailing.

In a moment of desperation, I decide to take her to the river. I mean, it can’t hurt, right? I run out into the water, her still in my arms. We get into the deeper portions and then we sink down into the water- falling and sinking until there is nothing but blackness around us.

And in that very moment, I figure out what it is that the river does.

When we surface, I find that the woman’s skin is no longer charred and burned, but instead looks as though it has healed. She still looks emaciated, but she is at least whole and certainly more healed than when I found her. As I sing softly to her, a man watches from the opposite bank.

It was the first of many many times that I would bring things to the river to be drowned.


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One response to “A Cornucopia of Crack

  1. Sarduriur

    May 22, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    “Set sits there quietly for a moment, thinking. He suddenly cuts the silence with “You will make more of these! I like this dress. It makes your breasts look good!” ”

    Haha, yes. :DF


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