Motivation Through Foveation

27 Feb

A couple of months ago, I was filming a continuing education course for my company on endodontics, of all things. In this course, the speaker spent a lot of time talking about properly diagnosing x-rays, panorexes, and 3D renderings of teeth and all that. While going over this, he brought up the concept of foveation. For those of you who have never heard this term, wiki defines it as:

  1. (transitive) To angle one’s eyes such that the foveae are directed at (an object in one’s field of view), the fovea being the portion of the retina responsible for sharp central vision.

Which basically means that your eyes have a very small window where your vision is the sharpest, and it’s usually in the center of your vision. And while he was bringing up this subject in relation to quickly diagnosing x-rays properly, I could see the gods plastered all over the concept.

Have you ever had a dream that made no sense? Or a vision that left you scratching your head? How about a phrase that repeated incessantly in your mind? I think it happens to all of us- we get weird bits and pieces sent our brains that make no sense. At least- they don’t make sense right now.

Sometimes, I think this is the gods way of helping us to foveate on something that is important – even if we don’t realize it at first. It could be that perhaps your dream about picking oranges in your bathing suit while a rubber ducky stares at you could get you talking to your friend about the 5 C’s of your state- which leads into the discussion of where each of you live, and the fall backs of your state- which reminds you about your akhu and gets you going to actually work with your akhu. Sometimes you need something catchy and random, that you talk to someone else about- which helps you to move to a place where you actually need to be. Who is to say you would have even gotten onto discussing your location had it not been for that random dream?

In many ways, I consider weird dreams or messages to be like a scavenger hunt. Something that you have to work at and follow clues on to really find. I touched on this in my Layers post, but I think it bears repeating that many times what seems really arbitrary (or straightforward) can often be something more than what it appears at first glance. And in the case above, for all you know, you could learn or discover two or three things that are important via one weird dream of picking oranges with a rubber ducky.

Much like our eyes- our minds take in a whole lot of information at any given time. Sometimes, we need help bringing something important to the center- so that our minds can ‘foveate’ on it. And what is most likely to catch your attention? Something crazy and bizarre. So the next time you get some crazy dreams or visions- take a moment to see if there could be some other seemingly irrelevant thing that is trying to be brought to your attention!

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