FK Journal: Sparking the Potential

13 Jan

I missed a set of questions for FK at the turning of the year, so you get a two-fer 🙂

The first article can be found here. This article makes me think almost entirely of Unconditional Love. Here is a quote from it:

To help spark other people’s Flames, we must live honestly with our own. We must truly respect the Divinity of those around us, and we must respect our own. We can’t try to let other people live off our Flames. That’s no possible. Instead, we have to help people realize that they already have their own Flames, and are already Divine. There is nothing to aspire to in that. It is what already exists. What matters is what you do with it then.

Unconditional love relates to loving everyone… and loving yourself. Part of that love is respect. Respecting yourself. Respecting everyone else. And that respect, that love, much like Divinity already exists. It’s already there (and was always there). All we need to do is realize it, pay attention to it and actually put it into practice. And that is how unconditional love is, too. It was always there, it’s just that many of us choose not to use it, or have sorta lost the ability to. This article didn’t mean nearly as much to me until I was handed the task of Unconditional Love. Which really opens up whole new levels of meaning for me now.


How do you share your Flames?

I have issues sharing my Flames. I have issues with not withdrawing from people. However, I do try very hard to be a resource to people. I try to provide information to people, answer questions, share ideas, and spark thoughts. All of this brings me happiness and fulfillment- thereby stoking my flames – and others.

I also try to stoke mine and others flames with my behavior. Pushing both myself and others to grow and become prosperous. I also have a… code of ethics, for a lack of a better word. And I stick to my guns, even if it doesn’t always make me happy. I consider this a form of respect to myself and others- which goes back to that unconditional love, and therefore this.

What does it mean that everyone is already Divine and already has their own Flames? Do you let people live off their own Flames, or try to feed them off yours?

For me, it means exactly that- we’re all Divine, whether we know it or not. It also means that everyone (that means everyone) deserves respect, because they are divine. While it can be hard to do this, it is necessary- as it is the name of the game. I don’t let others live off my flames. I can’t afford it anymore. I try to help people find their own flames. To varying degrees of success.

How do you live as a FlameKeeper? How do you integrate the Flames into your everyday life?

I am mainly focusing on the whole love/respect thing. Learning to take care of myself better has been a big deal as well. If I let myself fall into disrepair, it does nobody any good. So right now, it’s about stoking and balancing my flames. And helping others to understand my flames better (while trying to understand their’s better). Hopefully this will help me in the future to be a better practicer of unconditional love and to be more balanced overall (and therefore a better FlameKeeper).

The second article can be found here. This whole article is about potential. Really, I think the questions are the most important part of this article, so I’ll jump straight to those.

What are your goals?  What are you doing to reach them?

Simply put? I don’t really know. My current short term goals are to better my health (mental and physical) and to help my SO start his therapy (preferably before the year is out). Long term, I’m not sure. I think I need to contend with the short term before I attempt the long term.

To reach them, I am going to a doctor/seeking therapy/treatment for my health. I am actively working on bettering my health and creating a time and place where I can heal. For my SO, I’m working on saving money and planning steps to follow once that starts to get under way. I don’t feel like I’m doing enough right now- but it is what it is.

What do you think you should be doing?  Are you?

I don’t know what I think I should be doing. Probably conquering the world at this point. I always feel I’m not doing enough. Currently, I think less is more. Healing takes time. If I constantly over work myself, I’ll never get better. And right now, that takes top priority. In pretty much all aspects of my life. If I can’t fix this, I will never get to the ‘next step’. For the second part, I should be saving more. I’d love to save more… but I’m less than stellar at it. All I can really do is attempt to get better at spending less money. That just takes time and practice.

What does the Divine want of you?  Do you know?  Is it what you want from yourself, or different?

Something. I’m not sure what that something is- but something. I feel like the gods are preparing me for something. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue. I personally want to help others learn. I want to be a resource for people. Hence why I started this place. I have a feeling our goals overlap.

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