Writing with a Purpose

08 Jan

Saturday I had another round of hypnosis. This time we talked about the pains in my throat, the source of my acid, and how I tend to punish my body when people upset/hurt me. Beyond that, we discussed the future, where things lie- and the paths I should take in order to better myself in the future.

She told me I should focus on writing. Here, to be more specific. That this would be my avenue to create the changes that I want, to make the the impact that I desire.

However, I need to be more selective in this. I need to be more aware of what I say here. My sentence structure. My message. She more or less called it my responsibility to make sure that I am coming from the right place when I write, otherwise the message and the point get lost. And I suppose I end up where I already am- with a hit and miss reputation and response from the people I interact with online.

This week’s discussion came with two assignments. First, I am to read on how to write better (specifically in the blog realm). This way I am better with my words and my message becomes clearer. The second was to find how and if Unconditional Love plays into the Kemetic religion. I am to research it and write a blog entry about it here for all of you to read.

She feels that discovering UCL in Kemeticism will help me somehow. Help me tie things together, to create a common link with the two halves of myself and the two main practices I follow. It will be interesting to see what this uncovers. I think it’s possible that UCL does exist within Kemeticism- but it’s certainly not focused on if it does.

This week’s hypnosis dealt with creativity. There wasn’t a whole lot of strong imagery. I remember sitting on the beach, staring off. Not much else. Afterwards, she did a blessing, which involved song. That was certainly a different experience. The reverb, the feelings that came from the music… very strong. It made me think of an opera singer breaking glasses and stuff with her voice. The imagery that came to me were bright colors, saturated colors, and jewel tones. I found myself back in a common place I visit in visions. It’s a porch of some kind. I look out and see waving grass- as far as the eye can see. It’s a yellow-ish color and it sways in the breeze. To my upper left is a furin ringing in the wind. Usually, I get the feeling of bitter sweet. I’ve not been able to figure out what this place is or what it means. But it came to me during her song.

This week was different and was less traumatic than last. It gave me more direction and more hope for the future. I came out of it less drained and more motivated. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.


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