FK Journal: The Flame

06 Aug

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Initial Thoughts:

I think the most important thing to take from this is that we are all divine. And that, in order to make the world a better place, we should honor eachother, and build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. Even without the concept of all of us being divine, I think this is a goal that everyone should strive for. What is ever achieved when we constantly tear people down? Usually, people who are big into doing that seem to be unhappy with their own lives, and seek to make themselves feel better by putting other down.

I think that, perhaps, the biggest struggle for people to deal with when it comes to ‘everything is divine’ is exactly that- it’s all divine. From the rock on the ground, to that person you can’t stand, to the fecal matter that comes out of your bum. It’s all divine. It’s all part of the messy creation that is life. It all has its place, and that’s part of the beauty of it all.

We are an interdependent species, reliant upon one another for our very survival. However, we are also separate individuals, with our own desires and needs. We must learn to nurture our own Flame while constricting others as little as possible, to let each Flame burn brightly without inhibiting another. We can, if we so choose, help everyone achieve their goals.

I think this is ever important. It rings closely with my Shinto learnings- that we all need eachother. That we should all strive to help one another. That it is the will of Kami to do this. The Kannagara that Shinto teaches- to live by the path of Kami. In Kemetic terms, I associate this with Ma’at (though Ma’at isn’t always so fluffy happy, in my experience).

When we can truly accept our mistakes, learn from them, and take responsibility for them, then and only then can we grow beyond them and cease to make the same mistakes again and again.

This is something Set had worked with me on last year. Or the last two years, really. He took me, and showed me his dark side. And then, more or less, showed me my own. And said ‘deal with it’. In order to be balanced, the darkness must be addressed. You have to get to know it. If you ignore it, it will only continue to stew and grow in the depths of yourself. And although you won’t notice it, it will taint your actions, your speech- everything. I whole heartedly agree that people need to deal with their inner darkness.


What are your flaws?

I have many flaws. I am angered quickly, and I constantly have to keep it in check. My red hair rules me. I am also quick to judge myself. I always say that I have blackness in my heart. I have dark thoughts and feelings that aren’t productive to myself, or others. I also have to keep that in check. I have other flaws, but let’s start with these 😛

What are your virtues?

I am loyal. I’m hardworking. I can be affable, and a good friend- if you take the time to get to know me. I can’t really think of much else right now lol.

Which question was harder to answer and why?

I think the virtues is harder to answer. The only reason the flaws are hard is because I can think of so many at once that I get overloaded, and I can’t find the right words anymore. I think flaws for many people are easier to answer because our society likes to point out our flaws, not our strengths. If you believe in yourself, or are confident in yourself, many people like to say that you are egotistical. It seems our nation thrives on putting everyone down.

What feeds your Flame?

Dancing. Music. Happiness. Learning. Growing. Being around people I enjoy. Good conversation. Good food.

What stifles it?

Anger. Hostility. Negativity (that is unneeded, unwarranted, unproductive and/or unnecessary). Debbie downers. Fear.

Which do you court in your life?

I try to feed my flame. The more I branch into Shinto and FK practices, the lower my tolerance for stifling traits is. And that is from myself, and from others. I try to keep away from people that push my down, that bring down the mood of the area I’m in. I try to focus on the good, and less on the bad. Life is to short to be miserable all the time.

How do you nurture other people’s Flames?

I try to help people realize their goals. I try to help others learn, and to be a resource to those who need my assistance. A goal for me in the future is to become more involved in charity work, which I think would help to nurture my and others’ flames. I could probably work harder on nurturing others, which I think could be started by trying to keep in mind that everyone is divine.

Allow your own to be nurtured?

I try to include activities in my life that make me happy, and build up my flame. That’s about all I can say on that.

Do you live in a nurturing environment?

Yes and no. My home is nurturing. I’m in a good relationship, and I can practice my faith freely at home. I’m also able to do things I enjoy at home. However, my work environment is toxic, and full of people who hate being there. Yet, due to the economy, can’t go anywhere else. My job environment, at best, is crap. I’m currently working on finding solutions to this, but it takes time.

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