Weddings and a Bast

05 Aug

Dream entry from LJ posted: Aug 24, 2010


Last week I had two dreams about weddings. The first dream was of me and my s.o. getting married. The ceremony was about to start, and I came down this spiral staircase, and the lady who was leading the ceremony freaked out, screamed and left. So we just continued on to the reception without the ceremony (I guess). Everyone was eating, and I decided I needed to give them cake… like the waiters who had served the food decided to leave or something. I was also supposed to give them juice… but there wasn’t enough juice (two bottles for, like, 100 ppl) or glasses… it was bizaar. Yet despite all of the setbacks, we still had a good time.

The second wedding dream, I don’t remember a lot about. It was held in a place with horses… like a barn or breezeway. I don’t know the two who got married, but my family was there all the same. It was odd.

Then I had a flash- a vision while asleep. A bronze statue of Aset. She was standing, wearing the standard sheath gown. She had the sundisk and horns upon her head. Everything was the same color except for a red ribbon around her hips. I thought “I should do that to my statue!” Only to wake up later and go “what? My statue is kneeling, that won’t work.” I have yet to figure out what it means.

I asked Aset for help with this last night. She gave me a dream this morning that didn’t help… I was working for an auction house meets a pawn shop. Some Asian kid was coming in, and giving up almost everything he owned. He was really distraught over giving up some rock cut jewelry of his- done in an Asian style, I think out of Jade. He kept going on about it being Bast- that she would be upset of him giving her stuff away… etc. On and ON about Bast… oy. The two pieces I remember of her was a purple bast with silver accents, and a pinky colored mala/rosary that has an Asian styled cat as Bast, and some really interesting beads as well.

As always, I ask for help, and get something else that seems totally unrelated. *sigh*

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