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05 Aug

Dream entry from LJ posted: June 22, 2011


I had a dream last night that I was in a thrift shop. I was walking around, and I noticed this small little…. dresser type thing sitting on a shelf. A nice red wood, something close to cherry. I look at it, thinking it looks really nice. It had some drawers in it, and as I opened them, you could see Oriental motif that was painting on the insides of the drawers. Slowly, as the dream progressed, the dresser looked more and more asian in nature (this thing was only, probably a foot wide, maybe 8 inches tall. Quite small). I remember at the end of inspecting this piece, I saw a feng shui disc inside of one of the drawers.

Deciding I wasn’t going to get that piece, I set it down, and as I went to turn away, I saw another item on the shelf that was of interest. There was this box that opened up, and it looked like a daruma meets a taiko drum meets a kokeshi. There were three wooden ‘dolls’ inside of it (I use dolls because I don’t know what else to call them- figures perhaps). The one on the left looked almost like a taiko drum- as though the black hair was created by stretching a black leather over the top, and nailing it into place. The figure on the far right looked kinda like a kokeshi, or maybe one of those Russian stacking dolls. At least, the shape did. They were all natural wood color- a creamy brown honey color. As I inspect these dolls, I find out that they have ofuda inside of them. And I remember that each one had a small tidbit about who the figure was, and what they oversaw (which is common on a lot of pagan statuary). I can’t remember the names for the life of me now. The only thing I remember is something like “Irainagi”, which I’m pretty sure is not a legit name D: As the dream progressed, the box warped, and also included tiny little offerings- almost like offerings in Kemetic faith that never spoil. Little replicas of what you should offer them. I more or less thought of it as a “get started now!” kit. That you had the ofuda, the offerings, the statues, good to go! lol.

I set that down, and the last thing I picked up is the… hardest to pin down. I don’t remember what it looked like originally, I just remember by the end, I had many different items laying around- almost like I took them about of a chest or box or something. I remember two things of importance. One was an omamori. In the style of a keychain or cell phone strap. It was a bright neon green. Almost to the point of being teal. And the other items of importance were blades- knives, swords and the like. There were tons of them by the time I was done. I remember saying that one blade was a replica of something out of a manga- Sheishirou’s blade (a character from Tokyo Babylon and X/1999). Now that I’m awake, I don’t know what that could mean- since Sheishirou didn’t have any particular weapons in the manga. He preferred to kill people with more indirect means. I do, however, remember the details on the blade being white (handle, scabbard, etc).

And by that point I lost my dream, and it started to shift into a manga sequence of some randomness. Which I assume is irrelevant to the prior portions of the dream. I’m not sure what to make of the dream. The pieces are Shinto in nature, but the elements in some ways are very Kemetic. I’ve never seen a Shinto shrine or kamidama with actual icons in it, only the ofuda. Combining the ofuda and the statue reminds me of an open statue, more than anything. And mix that with the never dying offerings- it’s very Kemetic in nature. So why the Shinto stylistics? I just don’t get it. For me, the dresser type thing at the beginning reminded me of a place to set a deity shrine/statue. Which plays into the figures I found afterwards. What the feng shui disc inside of the dresser could mean- I don’t know. And the last bit with the omamori and knives? Makes me even more lost. Omamori are meant for good luck, AFAIK. My s.o. keeps one on his cell phone. So I’m not sure if my brain is telling me to obtain one, or that I’ll be lucky in the future, or how that relates. And the blade is the most confusing of all. Esp. how it might be related to the manga character that I thought it was related to.



I’ve been thinking about last week’s dream, and what it could mean. With this, I’ve also been contemplating Set’s recent pushes to begin performing ritual again. I wonder if the two aren’t connected.

With performing ritual, I feel from him that it’s important- but it’s also important that I take my time. That I get it done right, that I don’t rush into it, and make it worse for myself in the end. Steady, slow planning seems to be the idea. So I’ve been sitting back, letting it mull around.

There are a few snags I’m hitting- and this is where the dream may come in.

I’ve been trying to blend two paths (I use blend loosely- incorporate may be a better word). However, I don’t seem to feel the same urges for one, as I do the other. Kemetic practice calls to me. I want to (or am driven to, or being asked to) perform rites for the Kemetic side. I want to have daily connection with the god/s of Kemet. However, with Shinto- I have little to no desire to sit in front of the kamidana. The Kami don’t seem to want to have me sit in front of the kamidana either (at least, I don’t feel a pull for this in my waking life- why the symbols show up in my dreams, I’m not sure). Now, every night, before I pass out, I generally run through the motions mentally- thanking them for watching over, for being there, etc. And it works for me. However, I question if it’s enough.

My biggest issue is trying to make a balance btwn the two. That’s been my largest hurdle. Once I get past that (and just focus on the Kemetic side), I see that my first issue is a case. I want a case. Right now, Set sits out on a makeshift table with some of his items. It’s not very special, there is nothing there that gets me in the mood to perform ritual. So I think that’s what I need first- ironically, it was the first item in my dream. If I use the dream’s symbols, I could guess that finding the right case will help to send me in the right direction (which is why I found the Feng Shui compass inside). Then, I’d need to figure out the statue/icon issue. I have a Set statue, and I doubt that he wants me to open the statue. However,  I will need to decide what to do about the Kami, and whether I want to get ofuda for them, use the kamidana, etc. The next thing in my dream was offerings. This past weekend I went to a local Japanese grocery. They had the tiny food shaped erasers there. They looked almost exactly like the mini food offerings in my dreams. So I wonder if perhaps I will take from a friend of mine- and use ‘everlasting offerings’ to help garnish my practice. I didn’t purchase any yet because I felt it wasn’t the time.

So if anything, I’m thinking the dream is a sign of two things- one is east meets west. The dream was full of blended concepts- nothing being 100% one way or the other. I feel it’s trying to tell me to figure out how to bring the two halves together- as this is what Set told me this path would do for me- make the two halves whole. So that is probably the first message. The second would perhaps be a general order of things- finding the case, ironing out what to do about icons and offerings, and then perhaps purchasing things from the Shrine, or making a shrine visit, or donating to the shrine (symbolized by the omamori and blade).

So far, that’s what I’m thinking. Now I have to do the actual work.

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