The Procession in the Warehouse

05 Aug

Dream entry from LJ posted: March 10, 2011


Last night I had a dream. In this dream, I was apparently in Japan. Throughout the beginning of the dream (which I don’t remember), I was told many times that I should look into getting a job with a Japanese magazine company- that they were hiring tons of people (even though the most common job that I get recommended is to teach English). So I guess I set out to do some of my own exploring, and left the group of people I was with. I was in an industrial area. As  I walked towards this warehouse, I noticed these HUGE holes in the ground. They were the size of an average room (12-14 feet), and were quite deep- maybe 2-3 stories. They were square. In my mind, I thought that they put the magazines in there. Heh.

I then worked my way into the warehouse itself. After a bit of walking around, I noticed that I was getting lost. I then noticed this procession of people walking through the warehouse. It was led by a guy who I would assume to be a Shinto priest. He wore hakama (which I Believe were white) and a darker kimono. As he walked around, he had his arms crossed over his chest (think of a mummy sarcophagus), and in his hands were these two wedge shaped things…. like fans when they’re closed. \ / kind of shape. I thnk they were lighter in color… possibly pine. And I can’t remember if there was writing on them.

Behind this guy, were a bunch of people in traditional Japanese clothes. As he walked to a small table (like an altar), the people following him sorta encircled him and watched. After a moment, they moved to a different room. I decided to join up with them, and see what happens. We went through a few rooms, and at the last room, the main guy seemed to need 3 people for whatever reason. Someone else in the group told me I should go up there. I replied ‘no, I’m good here”. He kept pressuring me, and I kept telling him no. I eventually moved back into the group a bit more. As I did, the wind caught up my kimono, and I noticed there was a pattern on it. Curves of amber and orange on a white background. It’s not a kimono I own, or have ever seen. It was quite pretty.

I remember talking to a guy in the group. He wore a dark grey kimono. Seemed more like a yukata or haori, though. I remember his hair was styled in a youthful, modern sense. Like someone out of a j-pop group.

And that as it. I’m not sure if what I saw was a type rite that I don’t know about. If the wedge shaped things are real, or mean something… etc. But it stuck out.

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