The Disheveled Case

05 Aug

Dream entry from LJ posted: Feb 18, 2011


I’ve had a few dreams lately featuring a while fish. The fish is in the shape of a portly goldfish, with long flowing fins. He’s about the size of my palm, or slightly larger. In a store, he would run upwards of $30. In the last dream where this fish was featured, I walked into a room, and saw a fishtank. It was probably 50gal, it was short, and wide- made for goldfish. In this tank, there were my goldfish, and a ton of guppies. These guppies were laying on the bottom. They looked as though they were near death. I started to freak out, and began pulling out test strips to test the water, so that I could keep these guppies from dieing. I pull the strips out, dunk them in, and examine their colors. The colors were nothing like what is on normal test strips. And they were testing for things that you wouldn’t test for in water (i.e. hexavalent chromium?). I freak out, and decide we need to go to the pet store to get things to keep the fish alive.

My s.o. and I head to the pet store. An associate walks up to me, and asks if  I need anything. Suddenly my s.o. says that we would like to purchase a tank that he’s pulled out, and points to an aquarium on the wall, where there is a white goldfish inside. The associate says okay, and begins to get the fish, and I start to freak out and ask “what about the aquarium at home? We need to fix that first! Not buy more fish!” The dream suddenly cuts, and I’m standing in another room, with an aquarium set up. There is a store associate with me. We’re watching two fish in a tank. The tank struck me as being a “hospital tank”, though she said we were waiting to see if the two fish would get along. Inside, there is my main goldfish (which I actually own in real life), and the white goldfish. The two would swim away from one another, turn and swim towards eachother, and then sorta… rub past one another. Mine would raise his dorsal when getting close- which the associate noted. Not sure what was going on, but that was the end of the dream.

Both dreams with this white goldfish have my s.o. giving me the fish. Or trying to buy the fish. I’ve never seen a fully white goldfish before, so I don’t even know that they exist, or what they mean. Yet, it seems the dream is relevant, or at least, the symbolism is.

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