Fish in the River and a Wedding

05 Aug

Dream entry from LJ posted: Feb 23, 2011


I’m recalling two dreams I had this week, as I’ve been too lazy to update my journal.

The first dream was Monday night. Or maybe Sunday night. Anyways. In the dream, it was nighttime. I was with a diving crew. We were diving into a river- to look for a body. Or something equivalent to that. In the dream, one of our team members had gone against protocol, and had managed to block up/drain the river. So there was almost no water in it. As I looked around, I saw lots of normal ‘flat fish’ flopping around in the water, gasping for air. However, as I looked around, there were tons of small goldfish (of all makes and models) sitting on the bottom of the river, just chilling. Somehow, they managed to be in the water enough to survive, and be happy. Or something.

Not 100% sure what the dream means. Other than, be a goldfish, and you’ll survive. Or something.

The second dream I had last night. It was of my wedding. In this dream, I had gone to LV first… for something. Then, we showed up at a building, for the wedding. In the dream, I had longer hair. My stylistics made me think more of my cousins, than myself. The room was large, but dull. No real amount of color. Lots of chairs, of which we were only going to use a fraction. There was a minister walking around, and a photographer. I remember having my and my so’s picture taken in front of the doors of the building. Then we grabbed our stuff, and headed to the back of the building, where there was a restroom. I had people coming in, who I needed to change. I handed out a bunch of red clothes. Everyone was supposed to be wearing red. People were complaining that my wedding sucked, or that the clothing choices sucked… etc. My only response was ‘fuck you’. Every time. That’s really all I remember.

This is the second wedding dream I’ve had. I don’t remember when the last one was, but at that time, it was in a darker, round room. Things had gone wrong, the ceremony was interrupted by people who didn’t want us to wed, etc. Then at our reception, the catering ppl were slacking off, and we ended up walking around, servicing our ppl. It was weird. So I’m not sure waht the wedding motif means. But it seems like it means something.

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