Book Review: The Life of Meresamun

05 Aug

Originally posted on LJ on Dec 7, 2010


Today I’m reviewing “The Life of Meresamun, a Temple Singer in Ancient Egypt” which can be found for free on the OI Egypt page. I was excited to see this book. Despite being about a temple singer in the Later Period, I was hopeful that it could shed some light on the roles of temple singers in AE (as I have a specific interest in them). However, I was very let down.

You could pretty much call this a watered down version of Robins “Women in AE”. There was almost no talk about Meresamun. They knew almost nothing about her- the only thing that made her “special” was that they had her coffin/mummy. So in the end, I wasted a lot of time. They talked about various things women did in AE, they discussed womens role in AE, etc. They talked a little about fashion, cosmetics, and magic. But it really offered nothing of major interest. Even when they showed CT scans of the mummy, they pretty much said nothing other than “this is the best quality scans taken of a mummy EVAR”.

There were a few minor minor pieces of information I found interesting (such as- people in AE gauged their ears- I was unaware). But I feel that much of the information could have been expanded upon with better diagrams, or more explaining/examples (for example- discussing how thread was made/woven together).

All in all, I think that looking at the pictures of different artifacts is nice, but as a whole, the book is useless.

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