Book Review: The Egyptians

05 Aug

Originally posted on LJ on Aug 31, 2010

I finished reading “The Egyptians” edited by Sergio Donadoni. It’s a collection of short essays by a variety of authors on various social groups of AE. For example, they talk about peasants, bureaucrats, priests, craftsmen, pharaoh, the dead, women, etc.

In short. I hated this book.

It was all that I could do to actually finish the book. I didn’t care for the way things were written. It was a challenge to get used to one writing style, just to switch to another writing style 20 pages later. I also didn’t like that each piece pretty much covered the same pieces of literature- so I had to read about Sinuhe 10 times, I had to read about the Satire of the Trades 10 times, etc. That, and due to the length of the articles, none of them went in depth enough to actually teach me anything new. It really was a waste of my money *sigh*.

The only chapters I enjoyed from this book was the chapter on Foreigners, Priests and the Pharaoh. That’s about it. The rest was super duper boring. I really wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re at the 101 level, and don’t know a whole lot about AE social structure in general.

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