Book Review: Magic in Ancient Egypt

05 Aug

I finished “Magic in AE” by Geraldine Pinch.
The book was interesting, overall. I will admit I didn’t read most of the last chapter, because it was all about Greek and Roman hoobily ha, and I honestly didn’t care. I found the book to be a good primer on various Egyptian magics, and that it had ample amounts of pictures to supplement the data given. However, I don’t like that not everything had a viable source, and that she used “first Millenium BC” and other formats of dating that I’m not used to. I would have preferred mentions of which Dynasty, so that I could keep better context as to when things were going on.

I also didn’t like that I was never sure (because of the dating) whether these things were Egyptian based, or Greco-Egyptian based. Makes for a challenging read, in that regard. From what I can gather, most things are Greco-Egyptian, which means most of it doesn’t matter to me, mainly because I don’t like the blended stuff. Pre 20th dynasty, if you please 😛

I’d recommend the book all the same, because she gives a fairly unbiased analysis of various magical practices, and how they fit into the Egyptian mind set. It was interesting for me to find that I wasn’t too far off of how I would have performed rituals/magic, and that many of the modern Wiccan styled magics would have/could have fit in with Egyptian whatnot. But that’s just my own opinion. I also enjoyed that she covered non-temple magic, which is tres important to me, and is often overlooked.

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